Sunday, December 8, 2013

Return on Investment

Uvrok, Nerith Alia, and The Unnamed stood in the humid chamber admiring their work.  The first 4 rows of eggs had matured and would birth within the week.  Four hatchlings would be ready for sale within weeks of their birthing; Uvrok’s time cultivating the red whelps had trained him well on the process. The Unamed was certain that each generation refined here would eventually provide the appropriate information to deduce greed’s true name.  Nerith Alia was responsible for the cloning process while The Unnamed had arranged trade with various Underdark agents.

Nerith could feel Uvrok’s hatred and fear of the children of greed every time Uvrok argued for their delivery to the Warden.  The Derro had lost the most out of their secret trinity and the angry little creature rarely let them forget.  The Unnamed sided with Nerith’s arguments against an attempt to deliver the dragon’s brood to the prison.  She and the Unnamed still needed Uvrok, although at times it felt like a race between the two women to learn what they needed from the Derro and then be rid of him.

The Unnamed

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