Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Calling

Dr. Ballard, Bigard and Valiant are the three scientists behind the Atomic Energy of Canada. They came together in Columbia College in Vancouver BC as paranormal enthusiasts; convinced there was untapped potential in every human being. With college funding they performed field investigations, personality tests and IQ experiments to locate perfect subjects to test their theories.

In early 1981, facing losing their college facilities and their funding, they were approached by David Rockefeller Jr. with a compelling offer: Study and test a new energy reactor and examine any and all possible applications. The Rockefeller Prototype Device went through many iterations- copies, if you will- before trials began on the actual Device itself. Finally in 1985 the Prototype (The Therac Series 25 radiation therapy machine) was brought online. The machine was used only six times in the past two years, the first time brought discovery and validated the three scientists beliefs that the radiation wrought by the device brought about evolutionary change in the physiological makeup of humans.

And so the call came only a few days ago when David Rockefellar Jr. requested the assistance from you all individually; bring and end to Al Capone III's 'project mayhem'. At last! Field work and a chance to prove and test your new super-human capabilities out side of the physical therapy and radiation sessions.