Thursday, November 24, 2016

11/23/16 Virtues Session 68: Gillespie and The Contract Devil

Day 185. We begin this week’s session flying three miles high and over a hastily descending landmass that was the flying Citadel. Gone was the Dragon of Lust and in her place were agents of Hell. Taking stock of our suddenly changed situation our characters become aware that our enemies Gillespie, a mythic contract devil, a bone devil, barbed devil, a pit hag, and a fallen angel had used a time stop to enhance themselves before bringing Hell upon our characters. Devils rained down hellfire and spittle down upon the area as many of our opponents, who had us suddenly surrounded, used their extra time to study us for the first time.

We learned some things as well: devils are immune to fire and poison; they are resistant to cold and acid; they can see in the dark, some here could have enhanced perceptions; they can summon more of their kind, and some here have the ability to gate; they communicate telepathically and know many languages; and their natural weaponry is mythic, lawful and evil.

We start off with a tactical teleport away thanks to Dramen for five rounds to regroup before Syrendross teleports us to Captain Farkus’ ship Fortune. Unfortunately for it and the Adventure Galley these two ships would not survive the battle.

After dispatching Gillespie, the contract devil, bone devil and the fallen angle opponent, many of our characters went into rescue mode trying to save as many sky sailors as our characters could before heading down to recover bodies and items.

Several hours later, after recovering several items, our characters are met by Benevolentia who comes with news. Her and the King’s forces defeated the other flying tower over Trusk and the King has rallied the other duchies to take up the fight. With the flying citadel destroyed and the battle won, the tide of war has turned in the Evening Isles favor.

She also comes with news that the giant drow in Trusk are actively searching for Keltischer Sanger’s soul, a most troubling turn. The dragon asks us to take the fight to them on the Cloud Continent and stop them from finding the Architect’s soul, or find it before Tiamat does. When we start back up we begin on the Cloud Continent.

We are awarded 38,970 xp and another mythic trial which gives our characters thirteen character levels and six mythic tiers. Among the gathered items are- Amulet of Natural Armor +3, Belt of Mighty Constitution +2, Brooch of Shielding 101, Cloak of Resistance +3, Headband of Alluring Charisma +4, Potion CSW, Amulet of Might Fists +3, (2) Winged Boots, Ring of Protection +3, +3 flame burst composite longbow, +3 keen adamantine long sword.

Carry over items from ‘the Battle Continues II’ Unclaimed items: quarterstaff of vaulting (sheds light), pauldrons of the watchful lion, +1 armor/shield with a +1 ability, ring of jumping improved, +1 armor with a +1 ability, ring of the troglodyte, juggernaut pauldrons.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

11/16/16 Virtues Session 67: The Last Battle of Barit Coinmail

We begin this weeks session just as the followers of the Heroes of Virtue ascend to the flying citadel. The flying tower, once it leveled out with the citadel, unfolded in geometric fashion whereby it also narrowed a bit in the direction of where the mythic Guardians at the Gate stood perplexed.  Garsaul, Barlie, Ainu Triskellion, Barit and Lapis, as well as a new comer; a ship mage by the name Emilio Banderas, led the other sky sailors, giants, and giant kin onto the citadel; each fought with bravery and ferocity in the face of such monstrous threats. With teamwork feats such as Out Flank, Paired Opportunists, and Precise Strike, the cohorts and followers won the battle, and disembarked just as the dragon of Lust appeared, but unfortunately lost a great dwarven hero.

Participants gained 1 mythic trial. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Guardians at the Gate

The docking ritual complete, it was a shock for the avatar's friends to discover that the field of entry into the Citadel grounds was narrow and despite appearing wide open could not simply be flown into. Had they attempted to fly the ships into the citadel the flying sloops would have needed to disembark several minutes earlier. Ainau Triskellion quickly gathered a team to secure the rest of their army's entry, knowing that their virtuous avatar leaders were already launching a surprise attack.  Staring across the narrow field of sponge like cloud the fated Ainau paused a moment in awe at the enemies that await her...

Mythic Jotund Troll 10 Headed

Greater Mythic ETTINCLOPS!

Friday, November 11, 2016

11/09/16 Virtues Session 66: The Flying Citadel and The Consort of Lust

We begin this week’s session as the flying citadel reveals itself to our characters. The Citadel, while higher than previously seen, lacked the swarm like presence of the flying minotaur as well as the second flying tower which we know is somewhere above and or around Trusk.

Our characters finalized a plan that included the half-black dragon Kuir joining us, but when our characters used the magical crystal to transport us to the flying citadel, Kuir was left behind. Before that we agree to Ainau’s plan and time our arrival just before the ‘docking’ of the flying tower and the follower’s attack on the bridge.

Arriving in what seemed like a place of worship, our character’s find a wonder. Situated at the center of an open chamber where numerous automated humanoids (robots) toiled about the egg-shaped heartstone that was used to manipulate the flying citadel. Meanwhile, gnomes decided to get gone from the area when we arrive.

Syrendross decides to rise up and get the lay of the land to find a crystalline dragon coiled around the flying citadel’s hillock. Nearby storm giants roamed the terrain in blissful ignorance to our imminent attack.

After some brief exploration of our immediate surroundings, and realizing that the flying citadel is laid out exactly like the flying tower’s inner fortress, we eventually teleport inside to a hollowed out resting place to the consort of Lust. Battle ensued, we are awarded 30,000 xp, and when the dragon was defeated a dark rift opened swallowing the dragon leaving behind a magic Ring and a dragon bone the consistency of adamantine. "She's not going to like this." Indeed. 

Next week our followers battle the mythic ettin for the bridge. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Outflank them !

Kotri drank deeply from a flagon filled with beer given her by the giant Rydin had befriended. That's how powerful the infectious enthusiasm of Rydin's Friendship was. She was drinking giant beer. She shook her head ruefully, and looked around her at the people who had chosen to follow these mythic heroes as she had. Already she had developed a fast close relationship with Barlie, the Ring of Fire cabalist. Kotri understood well her overwhelming reaction to discovering the saving grace of friendship, as it was only weeks ago in a seemingly ageless lifetime that friendship rescued her from a soldiers life stuck in hell. Between studying the opened spell books of the Heroes and practicing linking with the magical crystals, she had been devoted to practicing and training at the behest of Anu. As had Kotri and the rest of the followers. Of the newest ones, Emilio Banderas had caught her eye. Kotri immediately identified his high intelligence, and she kind of adored his Sommenhiem accent. The ship mage proved to be a quick study of the spells in the Heroes' collection, and she knew arcana well enough to be hugely impressed that he could prepare spells with no book and shape his will into spell effects he had never studied before. (These reflect his mythic tier 1 choices).  Her own specialty, the ability to flank opponents to devastating ends, had been the focus of training of late, and she felt good about how well the training took. Essentially she taught her friends how to wait a bit longer in a flank to take maximum advantage of your allies manouvers to increase your advantage in striking (the teamwork feat "outflank").

She liked Anu's approach and hoped the Heroes adopted it into their battle plans. She smiled in Dwarven anticipation of a good old-fashioned Giant fight.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Followers Plan

Ainau Triskellion

Ainau Triskellion was sharing her meal and thoughts with Barit, “Listen, I need your support, you said yourself it’s a good plan, help me present it.” 
“Aye, it’s a good plan, that is with what we know, it’s a lot of responsibility too.  Have you ever lead any men…anyone to their death?” Barit asked, keeping his keen eye on the brash young woman.
“I would rather lead them to die than to cower before these skydogs!” she growled, “The Isles must answer their aggression.”
Barit smiled, grabbed some bread from Ainau’s plate responding, “Alright then, lets go try to convince them to infiltrate the flying citadel before we land.  I’m sure Dolgrin will love having something to argue about.” 
Barit Coinmail
One hour later Ainau presented her idea to the avatars

“It was when Barit said told me just how destructive and powerful you are when you have the element of surprise.   Strategically, if you can infiltrate the Citadel before we dock, we should be able to maximize your surprise.  Let us handle the attack forces with the Sky Captains while you take it to whatever leadership you can locate inside.” 
1.       You use your magics to work your way inside the citadel, gaining vital information
2.       Try to time your surprise strike with our docking with the citadel
3.       As our attack erupts outside, we should draw a number of enemies to us.
4.       Based upon whatever you find, you make the best use of your situation
5.       Sky Captains are the air authority
6.      Myself (Ainau), Barit and any other followers you designate have ground authority

“This assumes that you have a means of maintaining communications with us and that you can convince the Ring of Fire & Giants to follow our orders.” 

11/02/16 Virtues Session 65: Four Days Away

This week we catch up with our characters on Day 181 when we unite with the skyfleet from Kriet Oppenshire, albeit ten miles slightly off course. We inter the five flying ships into the flying tower where Dramen and Syrendross had changed to cliff-docks. We are four days out from the flying citadel.

We speak with the five new captains and quickly begin making plans after some study into the mechanics and magic behind the flying ships; breakthroughs by Keltischer Sanger.

Meeting with the Captains and first mates we learn these ships were grounded after the Sundering and the captains are doing the best they can with controlling the flying ships using two people and old world maps. A map that is purported to reveal the original location of the Evening Isles.

Syrendross barters with Captain Karvos on the Adventure Galley for the map in return for magical eyes, a magic weapon and a 'corrected' replacement map.

In the ‘magic room’ our characters investigate the device that operates the flying ships. The Sanger device allows for an individual to become one with the vessel allowing non-mythic individuals to operate the ship (like the suits the drow used to control the flying tower).

Each of our characters come up with various ways to control the flying ships; Kyras, using elemental air to control and to defend the ship; while Dolgrin, identifying Dwarven runes attempts to control the Delight, and Lapis explore other elemental options- Lapis leaving for further research into this. Dramen realizes there is a truename aspect to the ship’s control and later it was Kotri who discovered there is a way for literally anyone to control the ship. Positive/negative energy, ley line magic, even souls could be used; the spellcasters of the ships, unbeknownst to them were expending spell slots to get them this far in the flying ships.

In the following days Rydin and Syrendross work with the captains as well as continue to meet with the giants of the valley. Our characters are treated as Admirals among the fleet as the spellcasters of the five ships offer their services as liaisons between us and the skysailors in training and a vote is held to establish a chain of command.

Later, during meditations, Syrendross realizes when the dragon Concupi La Filia was killed her soul was sucked away as well as her intellect and memories. He breaks from his thoughts with knowing that dragon would become a dracolich.

Rydin, Kyras, and Syrendross meet with Garsaul and the half dragon about the upcoming battle. Garsaul expresses distrust towards the winged minotaurs “they cannot be trusted, only used”. Rydin gives him authority to do something about it, which unsettles the skysailors the next day. Kuir leaves a note behind and asks for help in leaving the flying tower (because he can’t).  

Our character’s followers each earn three teamwork feats during these four days of downtime as Dramen and Syrendross activated the return function of the flying tower as to not have to pilot the flying tower back to the flying citadel.

Four of the Captains, save for Captain Kayla Spriggs (feminist at large), allow themselves to be truenamed and made one with their flying ship (also giving the truenamers control as well).

Drills of off loading of giants and sailors are performed and target practice places cannon range at 1,000 yards and does 100 points of damage as walls of stone are erected only to be demolished into throwing rocks for the giants.

In the final days we find ourselves over a great battlefield over Tier Ne Somenhiem; giants set upon by elves. Kyras hides our passage with an elemental during our last leg of travel.

We pick up next game session with the flying citadel in our sight.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Tiamat's Court in Babylonia: Māt Akkadī

Theophrastus awoke, his thirteenth day of waiting in the Courtyard of Māt Akkadī.  The cool night air had given way to early morning humidity covering the wizard in a sheen of sweat and dust due to his tent flap having blown open.  Despite his long wait, Theophrastus used his cantrips to quickly clean himself knowing he needed to be ready whenever the “Queen of Earth” granted his audience. 

Theophrastus had thought the cost to gain access to Māt Akkadī had been expensive before learning from the vast numbers of petitioners living in the courtyard how long the wait could be.  

The Courtyard’s economy mixed with the largess of the dragon blooded nobility had created an outlandish system of social mores designed to show off wealth along with a skill of trade.  Alcippus’ most recent message had assured the wizard that this economy’s cost had been anticipated though Theophrastus noticed that Alcippus no longer referred to him as Theo.  
The Eye wizard Theophrastus stepped out of his tent making his regular trek to the Magnificent Mausoleum to see if his name had been added to the Queen’s daily schedule.  The cost in bribes to see the “publically displayed” schedule was steep enough that some petitioners would run out of money or try to find others with similar problems to share in time and cost.  After paying his daily bribes and viewing the schedule board, the wizard smiled and suspected that he would see a return to the friendlier tones of Theo after his next message, for he was the first petitioner on the schedule, a position that would see him before the Queen shortly after her lunch.  A well sated Queen was certainly a comforting thought to Theophrastus whose magical protections against fear did nothing to assuage his mind.
Māt Akkadī

The Wizard was guided into opulent gardens where the immense dragon lay within a massive spring fed pool of water that was said to be enchanted by its physical contact with the god-queen.  It was difficult for Theophrastus to focus on anything other than the great wyrm however his senses told him of several of the Queen’s half dragon guardians.   The Queen was obviously used to the effect her presence had upon petitioners; there wasn’t a discomfort to Theo’s initial silence.  To the wizard’s great chagrin his meeting was interrupted before a word was uttered and he could offer the organization’s solution to Tiamat’s conundrum.  Another great presence was felt and Theophrastus was overcome with irrational desire, a part of his consciousness screaming in terror, a mortal caught between Tiamat and her daughter, Concupiscentia.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Airships of Kriet Oppenshire

The Sloops that made up the previously grounded airships could hold up to 90 men comfortably and had modified eight cannons to the sky environment.    Ship 1 is the only ship of the five that isn’t a Sloop.  The Adventure Galley as it was known was a Frigate that could easily hold 160 men and carried 12 Cannons. Each ship has seventy skilled soldiers all of whom are learning their new assignment on the “fly” so to speak.

Karvos Kidd, Kayla Spriggs, Farkus Low, Cooper T. Clerk, and Howell Bartholomew
Ship 1: The Adventure Galley      Captain: Karvos Kidd Human Male
The Adventure Galley

Captain Karvos Kidd Human Male

Ship 2: Delight   Captain: Kayla Spriggs ½ Elven Female
Captain Kayla Spriggs ½ Elven Female

Ship 3: Fortune    Captain: Farkus Lowe Human Male
Captain Farkus Low Human Male

Ship 4: Night Rambler      Captain Cooper T. Clerk Human Male
Captain Cooper T. Clerk Human Male

Ship 5: Rover      Captain Howell Bartholomew  1/2 Elven Male

Captain Howell Bartholomew