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Five Tower Keep Session 22: 01/17/2019 A Dragon Emissary, Three Named Dragons, and Travel to Dock Port

Sa'di Abd Al-Aziz the Ifrit
We start this week’s session at the Banana Tree Embassy and our social gathering. The gathering is small but soon enough an exotic Egyptian gentleman walks in, tall and strong, he appears to be flame-touched and is handsome in a rugged way dressed in reds with a fire motif. He introduces himself as Sa’di Abd Al-Aziz and comes as emissary to King Kazzurog. His name translates to 'lucky' and 'servant of the powerful'. He is decked out in magic some of which, Melderon ascertains are tainted in such a way that they are attuned to him. Al-Aziz comes in response to Mesha's letter of personal introduction to the Lowport embassy that is in service to King Kazzurog.

When asked about his resources and does he come with an offer? Al-Aziz laughs and says he comes with the questions of similar nature. The rumors, Al-Aziz says are that our characters trade in hides and raw alchemical ingredients. In fact our trade has enriched those markets. There is also word that we fight the ‘dragons’ of the swamp. Mesha emphasizes to him our fight against the Hags and asks him if he comes here for merchant opportunity or something greater?

Mesha mentions the half-dragons (owlbears and Minotaurs) encounters on the road. Mesha believes the Hags are inciting general disfavor against half-dragons (and by extension Kazzurog) thereby expanding the Hag's influence. At this Al-Aziz begins a series of questions where some of us pick up on that he’s really uninterested about the Hags.

He mentions Dragon Hill and was asking if our characters would be interested in establishing business relations. Mesha says that she would be interested, the rest of our characters say that we will consider the offer.

We ask if Al-Aziz is aware of the uprising in the swamp? He has only heard of reduced river traffic. Has he heard of Gyronna? And yes he has. He inform him that there are those who believe Gyronna itself is in Horcton. Al-Aziz does confirm Kazzurog awaits a dignitary from Stormhaven to court. Our characters ask if he has heard of our battles against the half-dragons on the road and/or if there have been attacks from half-dragons? Not to his knowledge, however the road from Five Tower Keep is not a well-traveled road.

Our final question is will Al-Aziz be reporting back to Kazzurog directly? He says he will report to the Ambassador but will include some personal notes when he sees Kazzurog. He seems keen to be the one to introduce us to King Kazzurog.
Arnil Garrod

Later Arnil Garrod or A.G. is introduced to our characters by Thethmommon, this attracts the attention of Jamal Riverwalker who is pleased to see Arnil, Jamal joins us after introductions.

Arnil, grim and defeated, comes with news of the destruction of Dock Port. He describes a massive dragon laying waste to what was Dock Port five days ago. The attack was made all the more terrifying as the creature announced his name as Alibarum Klamphus as he defiled and destroyed Dock Port. Klamphus was a scaled draconic terror who’s gaze turned villagers to stone. He doesn’t recall Alibarum using a breath weapon. Arnil also mentions a second dragon terrorizing the elves of Elf Lake (Elfhome) a black dragon and declared a hunter of a family of wild elves (the family of elves that raised Melderon). Its name is Saturim Crueldruentherruurr and it is spoken of as having acid as a breath weapon. Arnil is gravely concerned about dragons on the rise.

At the end of the social night Jamal sates that he plans on traveling up the river to Dock Port; it is our character’s agreement to travel with him.

The next morning we meet up with Jamal who has six long flat boats that will take us five days up the river.

On the morning of the fifth day our characters will come into view of the destruction Dock Port and eventually our characters see several petrified humanoids. Eventually our characters identify four tails in the water and the approach of drakes. We dispatch them in short order and return our attention to the devastated Dock Port. In places our characters discover evidence of people returning to the village scavenging for supplies.

Stoutwood looks for clues and finds the dragon in question was a large size and confirms a dracolisk which soon reveals itself.

We begin next session with two rounds to prepare for the dracolisk.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Five Tower Keep Session 21: 01/03/2019 The Camel Named Black Crocodile

We begin after ten days of downtime and pick back up with our characters during Immewrath’s full moon fights. The club, close to the Applesnooks (and not in Immewrath’s territory), is an old abandoned church (built by dwarves) are where the contests take place; the matches are non-lethal against his stable of monsters.

Weston, a fighter from Gibraltar, came to Lowport to make enough money to start a mercenary company. Fights with a pole-axe and wears a magical mithril breast plate. He comes to Alaric as his hireling.
After these ten days word is still about that the Dragon-king remains in the harbor and because so, he must be waiting for something. Word is that it’s a large convoy of trading vessels from Stormhaven.

The old church is a sturdily built dwarven built one story construction with vaulted ceilings and is surrounded by a rail fence. Two towers lead to the fighting area; one for Immewrath’s favored monsters and one tower for challengers to enter by. By the end of the night we correctly guess that Immewrath rents the temple from Bushwood Applesnook.

The night starts with minor fights between challengers (humanoid vs humanoid). In the stands, rat folk jeer and jape at the combatants. Dwarves represent the brokers here. Some of our characters gamble for the first hour before the first combatant from Immewrath’s stable. All around us are what seem like a hundred and a score of smokers, gamblers and party-goers.

Jamal Riverwalker
The first fighter from Immewrath’s stable looks like an ogre-crossed rat folk who comes in with much fanfare. The fight lasts for nearly 15 minutes where a human beats the barbarian rat folk to a pulp.

Next was Drake against his combatant and after a heated battle, Drake defeats his opponent earning gold for himself. Also during this time Alaric invests in training and gym fees for a group of fighters.
The next item on our character’s agenda is our social gathering at the Banana Tree Embassy with hopes to attract investors; create a staff here in embassy for upkeep in our absence; as well as continuing recruiting efforts to expand the Black Parrot Mercenary company. We focus on the possibility of lost mines, lost magic from souls who have been turned to stone, and a variety of treasures from previously undiscovered ruins and the promise of old world treasure.

A sponsor named Jamal Riverwalker offers his services in two ways having heard of our intentions, he could pilot a vessel to Dock Port or sail to said port and wait for us at Dock Port for our character's eventual return to Low Port. It was an offer to the company for his services. He is our first investor.

Garnered Devotion

Fen stood in silence as he watched Father Borone strap the silver bracers around Mesha’s wrist. A mixture of celestial imagery and Yahweh symbology they were a gleaming representation of both her heritage and her faith. Fen could feel her aura of goodness strengthen as the last clasp was securely fastened. Her hands began to glow with a warm light as she laid her hands upon the bloodstained book titled Reborn.

As Father Borone began his sermon Mesha started pushing her life-giving energy into the book. With every passage, the resolve in Father Borone’s voice strengthened. With every passage, the holy energy emanating through Mesha’s hands into the book intensified. As the sermon reached its climax the edges of the book had already begun to curl, straining to contain the powerful energy being forced into it. The tree embossed on the cover was barely visible as the integrity of the book began to break down. Mesha and the high priest joined hands as the last line of the sermon was spoken in unison. Suddenly the book burst into flame consumed in a matter of seconds.

Fen was first to admit his utter lack of magical knowledge. Some of his gear functioned in ways that he could not comprehend or even explain. It was only recently that he stumbled across Father Borone and began to accept the teachings of Yahweh. Before today his religious experiences were limited to feeding rabbits and tending the gardens. As he worked he would listen to Father Borone make comparisons between life today and the historical events from his bible. He had never read or heard about anything like the events he just witnessed. He didn’t even know how to describe what he had seen. All he knew was he felt better than he had in years. The holy energy released had completely alleviated all his aches and pains. Beyond that, he felt a calmness of mind for the first time since his dismissal. After being falsely accused of making advances towards the daughter of Lowports Minister, he was removed from his position as sergeant at arms for the trade council. His dishonorable discharge had disgraced not only his reputation but left what he felt was to be an everlasting mark on his soul. Just his presence during this ceremony of divine cleansing had eased this burden and given him a clear conscience.

He watched as Mesha counted out 500 coins the bulk of her remaining funds. As she hugged Father Borone goodbye she handed him the sack gold. Admiring his recently enhanced bow, another gift from Mesha, Fen knew he was finally back on the right path. He looked forward to the swamps, to be back in action and to serve the greater good. He was humbled by the opportunity Yahweh had presented. He would prove his faith by honoring his patron and in the process bring honor back his family name.  

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Five Tower Keep Session 20: 12/27/2018 We are Bushwood Applesnook and Word of Kazzurog In The Harbor

It was late afternoon when we catch up with our characters in Lowport on their way to the dwarf merchant Bushwood Applesnook.

Once our characters arrive to the large complex that is Bushwood Applesnook’s; there is a guard tower that overlooks the businesses and stalls where all manner of dwarves are employed. Founded a few hundred years ago by an adventurer of Rappan Athuk- an old dwarf that established the mercantile. At Bushwood Applesnooks each dwarf dresses, speaks and acts like Bushwood Applesnook from old. 

We make our way to the Adventuring Gear Emporium and are greeted by Bushwood Applesnook who invites us to a beautiful upstairs parlor room to broker the sale for items.

Our characters present:
A stone basin made of coldstone. (500 gp)
4 tanned Sythehorn pelts worth 100 gp. (400)
40 croc skins worth 25 gp. (1,000 gp)
20 tusks/horns worth 100 gp (2,000 gp)
30 lbs of young dragon skin (two 15 lbs. pieces) 500 gp
30 lbs. of giant frilled lizard skin 500 gp.
Total: 4,900 gp./ 5 = 980 gp each

50 pearls worth 50 gp. (2,500 gp) bought by troy
50 silver bars worth 25 gp. (1,250 gp) bought by troy
937 gp each

This completes our group transaction.

Stoutwood asks for a referral to an armorer and is referred to Bushwood Applesnook at the Armory Emporium. Alaric expresses interest about a brand new weapon and is referred to the Melee Weapon Forge Emporium and Bushwood Applesnook. However all our characters have weapons and magic to part with towards new weapons and magic; we are all in on the negotiations. Some of our characters hold off on trades, preferring to deal directly with Bushwood Applesnook.

Next our characters head to Bushwood Weaponsnook where Alaric, Drake and Stoutwood conduct their business in weapon trade and with purchases. After fielding a retelling of our adventuring Melderon invites each and every Applenooks we encounter back to the Banana Tree Embassy for a complete retelling of our character's story by Bosley.

Next we head to Bushwood Armorsnook at the Armor Emporium who at first mistakes Ginger for a half dragon. Eventually a deal is made to craft Ginger a magical mithril shirt of light fortification (half-down is collected 2,600 gp to be ready in 3 weeks). After each transaction our characters are each given a free meal token at Bushwood Applesnook’s Pub and Grub.

Next we head to Bushwood Wizardsnook and the Magic Emporium. Here magic lights up the store. Here we find an Elder Applesnook that sets up downtime sessions for Mesha (who is having bracers made) and Melderon (for his mythic display).

It was late night when our characters arrive, along with all our hirelings, to Bushwood Applesnook’s Pub and Grub to find a mix of 30 dwarves and 30 others plus Bushwood Wenchsnooks working tables in a raucous night. Bosley takes the opportunity to retell the Black Parrot Company adventuring stories and earns 18 gold.

One thing dominates the talk around the bar- Kazzurog is on a ship in the harbor of Lowport on a trading mission! In fact there is a trading fleet here as well. The night goes on with incident.

During the night those of us who do not sleep in a rope trick are visited with horrible dreams of death from hags and giants.
Drake wakes first and eventually sees a procession of Egyptians carrying aloft a young adult bald man in a fine sedan chair outside the Banana Tree Embassy. It is here Drake encounters Thethmommon ‘the vizier’ who comes across haughty and entitled. He comes to Drake seeking details of his travels. Thethmommon explains his is a cousin of a wealthy Egyptian trader- his royal bloodline was displaced by dragon usurpers in Egypt, quite frankly feels that he has been expelled from paradise and seeks to join Drake's cause. 

Meanwhile Alaric makes use of his bridge pass, gets a rickshaw and heads to the Warrior’s Guild and meets a recruiter and is delighted to learn Alaric is looking for a capable sword. The woman spends time with Alaric and eventually they come up with the idea to organize a tournament (50 gp) for Alaric to choose a hireling. The tournament will be in ten days just before the full moon Immewrath fight club.

Next we enter into Downtime where Mesha plans on spending much of this fantasy time at the church going missionary style. Alaric retrains three feats. Drake looks forward to fight in the ring of Immewrath and gains his mythic feat. Stoutwood retrains a spells known, retrains with Mesha with the Greatsword and works with Ginger in swimming thereby giving her a 30 swim speed (Stoutwood gains his mythic feat). Melderon uses each day to his advantage crafting scrolls and exercising his metamagic abilities as well as building relationships toward our Company.

Bosley drops the bomb on us that the Applesnook’s are (also) a thieves guild and that the half-dragons seem to give them a wide breadth. We end the session with this news and character up keep. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Five Tower Keep Session 19: 12/20/2018 B3at that Pu$$y, Meeting Immewrath, and Heroes of the Market

We start the session deciding what to do with the dead rat folk who had given us the short foot chase through an alley. The creature had no identifying marks bur it had average quality equipment and thieves tools and was infested with ticks. We prop up the dead rat folk body and meander on our way.

We wander for a few hours before discovering a market where we split up looking at the different wares. It was not long when the market took on a stillness alerting us just before spell-enhanced rat folk descend on us. After a few moments of combat our characters notice a hunkered figure in the tallest building watching the battle. Then a short time later many of the rat folk withdraw from combat when the hunkered watcher dropped from his perch and begins speaking with Melderon. The watcher, a half-ogre/half-dragon, claimed to be guarding over his warehouse. Melderon introduces us as merchants of the Black Parrot. The large creature introduces himself as Immewrath. Talk wanes to a fight guild Immewrath is associated with- Attitude Adjustment (aka AA Meetings). We find out the next fight is at the full moon (a few weeks from now).
Mesha gathers the injured around her in order to benefit from channeled healing. Meanwhile, other characters, including Bosley, are searching for magic on the fallen rat folk:

From the deceased:
Magic short sword (3 @ 2,310 gp)
Masterwork hand cross bow (3 @ 400 gp) and 60 bolts (6 gp)
Parcel of potions: 4 CLW, 3 Invisibility, 5 potions of choice for our characters (remove curse- Stoutwood)
Masterwork studded leather (3 @ 175 gp)
Masterwork thieves tools- small sized (3 @ 100 gp)
(Gear total w/o potions: 8,961 gp. Sold to Gammon for 4,480 gp below)
1,000 gp worth of assorted gems

Our characters manage to capture a rat folk thief who claims to not have a boss, he works for the rats! After questions about the mirror image, the creature claims it to be rat magic. He targeted us because we are obviously wealthy. The creature maintains he works for the rats and becomes increasingly irritating. It was Alaric who runs out of patience and kills the rat folk. (His gear is added to the total above)

Drake speaks with Immewrath and wishes to know the most powerful around- Immewrath asks if Drake speaks of the legend of Norae’Rashi? But when it comes to the rat folk, they don’t have a leader and seem to possess rat magic.

From here our characters moved to an area that is dark, dirty and gloomy. An odor emanates from a well-built structure and a sign indicating the supply shop of Gannom Pone. Here finished products of baubles, alchemical supply and a rick-rack of all types. Gannom, a rat folk, leans on a cane and speaks as eloquently as any humanoid.

Melderon inquiries about a miniature gold and mithril shield and we inform him we have things for trade or sale. He tells Melderon to commission his work with an armorer.

The urn filled with powdered dragon and giant bones.
A masterwork crystal flask with black dragon blood (flask is 150 gp)  
A leather pouch filled with basilisk eyes.
Five steel urns filled with black dragon scales.
An urn with powered ivory
5 pots filled with alchemist glue (50 gp)
10 alchemical troll oils (250 gp total)
A plethora of quarts stones- geodes
Gammon agrees to buy the rat folk gear for half price. (4,480 gp)

As we present our items, Gammon becomes increasingly curious about where these items. In the end he offers us 500 gp each and one amulet of protection of petrification. We don’t like that idea, he then offers our characters 2,000 gp of gems (EACH!) and a potion of our character’s choice. We take that offer.

Rat equipment 4.480 + 1,000 gems = 5480 / 5 = 1096 then add Gammon's offer 2000 is 3,096 gp per character plus a potion. 

Furthermore he has a wish list of alchemical components he informs our characters that he will always buy.

The night eventually stretches before us as we decide to head to the dwarf Applesnook.

Remaining: (possibly for the dwarf)
A stone basin made of coldstone. (500 gp)
4 tanned Sythehorn pelts worth 100 gp. (400)
50 silver bars worth 25 gp. (1,250 gp)
40 croc skins worth 25 gp. (1,000 gp)
20 tusks/horns worth 100 gp (2,000 gp)
50 pearls worth 50 gp. (2,500 gp)
Total: 7,650 gp.

Other skins tanned: 30 lbs of young dragon skin (two 15 lbs. pieces), 30 lbs. of giant frilled lizard skin both of unknown value. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Five Tower Keep Session 18: 12/13/2018 Banana Tree Embassy and The Black Parrot Mercenary Company

After getting a general layout of Lowport our characters come to find out that the Lowport side has a large community of rat folk but opposite the sink holes, on the other side of the river- Newport, is a solidly built affair upon a wide flat on rock. Half-dragons, in the Lowport side, have evolved into mob-like competition between fierce of crime syndicates.
Holden Torn

We head straight for the junior dock master; Holden Boothe Torn who has heard of our swampy exploits in advance of our arrival. We tell him most of our tale except the parts where the Hags reincarnate victims into giant husbands and the magic of the hags. We intend to establish ourselves as a company out of Lowport to open a charter and to take on hirelings.

Holden expresses concerned about the rise in half-dragons in the swamp but wishes to distance Lowport’s Navy from any involvement. To keep up appearances. He offers our characters 8,000 gold each and an embassy building in the military area as well as badges to cover all tolls and fees. Finally, he has a means of communication with Inskip at Five Tower Keep and leads us to a case of Boots of the Mire which our characters discover, it was Holden who was originally responsible for supplying the boots. 

Holden gives us the name of a dwarf: Bushwood Applesnook who is a merchant in Old Port when it comes to trading the magic our characters are laden down with.
Black Parrot Mercenary Co. 

Next our characters travel to the embassy designated to us: Banana Tree Embasy. Here our characters meet Blake Buffet the major-domo of the manor house. Our characters settle in after meeting the ground's staff and during the night- some of who don’t seek refuge in a rope trick is visited with a nightmare. These characters experience a uniquely different hag night-messenger.

The next morning we encounter Blake receiving a message from an island off the coast that he relays to Holden.

Drake speaks with Lazlo about an adventurer’s warrior guild and is told of a woman named Marta an embittered ex-navy soldier and finds out she attracts martial types who don’t enroll in the Navy- the guildhall in question is located in New Port.

Mesha and Melderon first head to meet Garland Milkwish while the rest of our characters find a nearby pub. Here, Melderon and Mesha tell Garland everything we have encountered thus far (excluding the reincarnation magic exercised by the hags) with the intention of selling or at least appraising our goods. In a display Melderon brings forth the mythic and brings a spell to this world: Anywhere But Here.
Fen Thunderwood

Bosley is introduced to Melderon- Bosley is a causation half-elf diplomat and singer, orator and bard and Melderon's hireling. From there our characters head to Old Port to visit the rat-folk alchemist Gannom Pone then Bushwood the dwarf.

Along the way Mesha comes across a human duo a benevolent rabbit farmer as well as a human fighter and soon feels a connection to a man named Fen Thunderwood (Mesha's hireling).

Meanwhile a trio of rat-folk succeed in picking a coin purse from Drake provoking a short chase through the streets. We defeat the rat-folk and end the session. 

Monday, December 10, 2018

Five Tower Keep Session 17: 12/06/2018 Getting to Know The Ranger, Sonayo Joins The Team, and Arrival to Lowport

The Coast Road
We pick up this week's session getting to know Lazlo the Ferration ranger as our characters perform an autopsy on the worm to find undigested magic items. The early twenty’s human ranger is well equipped, impressive by Stoutwood’s estimation including a masterwork fannypack. From the worm Alaric finds an amulet of natural armor +2, Drake: +2 lucern hammer, Mesha: +1 greyflame greatsword, Stoutwood: Shirt of immolation, Melderon: Amulet of protection from petrification; finally Lazlo ends up finding a +1 flaming long sword.

During this, Lazlo laments to us his wolf was cursed by a group hags and ogres (giants?) who attacked his Bravo Company, out of Lowport, on an elephant hunt. Upon further knowledge nature checks Stoutwood discovers the wolf seems to be under a continual fear effect. Mesha works some magic to give the wolf a second chance at a failed saving throw before the ranger resigns to put the animal down. The magic is ineffective against what is now confirmed a curse; however before the animal is lost, Maderon uses mythic power and is able to remove the curse.

This has a positive effect on the wolf and creates a lighthearted moment for all. It was Lazlo’s suggestion to travel together which we eagerly agree to. Lazlo asks several questions, but avoids answering details about himself. Talk moves on to draconic creatures that have been encountered by us and Ferration’s along the river. Mesha confirms the ranger is an evil man. 
"Horrible death to you jerks!"

The travel for the rest of the day is uneventful. We come up on another Pavillion; to this Lazlo has a superstitious reaction and distances himself from any and all agents of the dragon-king. At the end of the day, our characters camp along the road and not in a rope-trick. All throughout the night our characters suffer nightmares of giants and hags in vile ritualistic spell-casting charms. It’s a message of death and promise of a horrible end. In the morning we keep the dreams to ourselves and do not share details with the ranger.

The next day (Day 39) moves at a swift pace and our discourse goes back to the half-dragon influence in the area. There is an old dwarf named Afrum Marblebelt who represents Kazzurog as an Emmisary to Kazzurog in Lowport. There are many embassies in Lowport including one for a race of wizardly minotaurs.

When pressed Lazlo says he was personally looking for whip tail lizards for an alchelmist who will pay for them. We travel throughout the day and eventually get to an intersection where a large militaristic castle guarded by huge half-dragon ogres. Also here is where the Kings road meets with the Coast road and where the Corner Road Stop is located; from here it is only 3 days to Lowport. The Corner Road Stop is like a rest area/swap-meet area of Ferrations and Cat-Folk.  

As we settle in our characters learn that its trade season and word of piracy and banditry along the road is in the air. Eventually we learn that Bravo company will hire just about anyone; and also Stoudwood meets the Cat-Folk female Sonayo- a hireling. Stoutwood learns Sonayo has friends in Lowport, as most Catfolk know each other in town; this is when Stoutwood gives her a mithril chain shirt.

Draco attempts steer talk to dragonic monsters from the swamp; but folk here mostly know of half-dragons in the slums of Lowport and don’t have any other reference to half-dragon monsters.

Meanwhile our characters meander one at a time into the a well-hidden rope trick free from Lazlo’s attention.

The next day we find ourselves traveling with groups of others also on the road heading to Lowport; here along the way we find small communities to finish our day of travel. Day 44 we arrive to Lowport around 1 in the afternoon.