Wednesday, February 22, 2017

02/15/17 Zhents 1 & 2: Events Up To Now

The game begins with the character’s separated but soon brought together before a sickened Dorsha who says she has set plans in motion that involve your five characters; the first will be to retrieve masterwork weapons she has arranged for everyone from Brisbane, one half of the Brothers of the Forge in Bridgeton.

Meeting with Brisbane, your characters find a restored Cambolton who has promised his healer a suit of masterwork armor forged from Silverell (a heavily regulated elven mithril ‘grown’ by the elves of Hillsfar). After issuing your characters weapons you were asked to secretly retrieve the elven mithril from Grafton, the Citadel’s grand mason.

Sometime in the afternoon, your characters enter the mines and meet Grafton, a man well to do for his station, and learn that to obtain the metal he must have the Urdunnir dwarves retrieved, stone adepts who have unfortunately wandered to close to the deep druids territory for Grafton.

After some bartering your characters agreed to the task and eventually rescued the woman Glinda from a shambling mound and certain death, evaded other unseen threats, and eventually came upon Dameron the reclusive deep druid who was using the Urdunnir to carve out new areas for his thriving colony of myconids. Dameron released the dwarves and gave your characters raw fungus components for personal use and some as a delivery to Ampherd Nanther.

Delivering the Urdunnir to Grafton was easy as was the dwarves’ retrieval of the Silverell from the stone and into your character’s possession. Your characters emerge from the mines late in the afternoon and return to Bridgeton to find Cambolton busy measuring the human specimen Braidwood  who was accompanied by Arton Delmis and Audry Lanchester. Brisbane thanked your characters and promised oils for your weapons on the morrow.

After, your characters spent some time in Bridgeton watching as Guthbert Golthammer and his entourage arrive from the long road, spending a portion of the evening at the Copper Calf, and even identifying Tinderbox as both Glinda’s rapist and a spy.

560 xp. The next morning your characters travel to Greyskull where the Magisters of the Citadel reside along with their slaves and apprentices. Here your characters meet with Ampherd Nanther who lkes your moxie and your methods for getting things done and offers your characters a task. His plans for his father’s nameday have fallen through and asks you to find the presumed peryton nest in the area and retrieve all eggs in exchange for potions and the possibility of more work. While Ampherd does not know where the nest is, he does advise that Velmarius has a small observatory and could be used to scan the surrounding peaks.

Traveling from Greyskull to Oracodel’s Tower your characters meet Velmarius who is working on a new calendar and tracking new movements in the solar system. After a time your characters believe you have found the nest, a watchtower a couple of hours away. Troys character is able to consult his books on the perytons to some degree and learn that the only way to harm the perytons are with magical weapons.

With magical oils promised for the new weapons your characters travel to Bridgeton and Brisbane for magical oils which is where we pick up next game session. Note: obviously there is a lot of character interaction that was omitted to save time, but this is the general review of how you got where you are now.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Two Weeks Ago

The sack of leaves was at least two feet long, a foot wide and bulging with content. Trebek slumped at his workbench realizing the enormity of the task that had been assigned to him by his angry superiors.   Trebek’s punishment was to process the rare tea leaves into a fine powder, a precise process that would consume the young wizard’s time for several days. Spellcasters in Hawkehelm could use the powder in place of the very fine sands required for casting of the Sleep spell, a spell Trebek had used just yesterday.   “Pennance really,” thought Trebek, smiling at the memory of the bully guardsman collapsing face first into the piss pit, “How was I to realize he was Rutledge’s brother?”

Nash Guardsman, Brother of Rutledge

Monday, February 20, 2017

Kascar the Hunter

The Hunter sat up suddenly awake; another nightmare accompanied by a cold breeze had once again limited his sleep to a few hours.  Staying quiet, the Hunter allowed his senses to probe the cave he was resting in.  Not finding an active threat he got to his feet and struck the small campsite inside the cliff cave.  

The ranger formerly known as Kascar was once again in the midst of a panic attack, brought on by the memories of his nightmare.  The Hunter’s problem was his nightmare had actually happened, his nightmarish dreams replaying the events that had occurred several weeks ago. 

The Hunter struggled to the mouth of the cave, trying to fight off a wave of nervous shivering and focus on the beachhead below the cliff-side cave.  His thoughts would not let him, the memory of the skeletal hand and its horrible touch upon his forehead had changed his life forever.   Upon receiving the Master’s touch, Kascar was risen the Hunter.   As the torments of sleep left the Hunter his focus returned his thoughts to his mission.  He would locate this “wizard” Trebek Vason and hopefully end the master’s grip upon his will. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Copper Calf

The Copper Calf Tavern and Skewers
Situated at the midpoint of Bridgeton overlooking Whitefield Valley is one of Mazlow’s earliest endeavors- an ivy covered, multi-storied building of rich aromas, warm tones and beautiful maidens. The Copper Calf originally started as a clockwork brewery and distillery for Bridgeton; crafting such libations as Hunter’s Call, a stout bitter brew, the Counterspell, and the titular Copper Calf which is a tarnished syrupy liquor with actual copper shavings in the drink; the Copper Calf gets its name from the clockwork calf that stands at the entrance and has grown into one of the most popular establishments in Bridgeton. 

The main floor is the Copper Calf Tavern and Skewers where off duty Zhentish soldiers can drink and eat grilled skewered beef and gourds served on a long wooden skewer. Glinda, along with six other comely waitresses each dressed in lederhosen, maintain a tradition of dipping the tips of their braids in molten copper before their shift of tending to the drinking needs of grim warriors and strange alchemists. Games of chance are often to be had among patrons as well as a warm place to catch news from area castles, some coming as far away as Burmstone. Allerton Bendatio is the no nonsense Brewmaster and bouncer who hold two brawler titles and is rumored to have mysterious ties to the Zhentarim.

On the second level, a small hunting lodge called the Heartsmen because of their reputation of their admired heart-shot made with each kill from their deadly crossbows, hold regular meetings with their new huntsmaster Ozland. The Heartsmen are currently celebrating its ten year anniversary with a weekend long hunt for the vile trolls. A tin suit of armor was made by Cambolton across the street of Bridgeton to commemorate the anniversary. Over the years the lodge has supplied the copper calf with its supply of foodstuffs and has collected many trophies including a brown bear's head and rack, a winter wolf, and a peryton, one of the most feared aerial predators of the mountains.  

The third level, teams of leathers workers fashion skins from the Heartmen's kills into serviceable items for Bridgeton while the forth level is a large open room commonly used for storage or the occasional common bunk room. The roof serves as one of the watchtowers of Bridgeton, manned by the local brute squad who are taught to watch for aerial threats including the telltale shadow of the perytons.