Thursday, February 11, 2016

02/10/16 Tragidore Session 13: The Crypt of Orhakh

Cult Warrior
We catch up with the heroes after their sweep through the Cult of the Dragon’s Tower of Bones that led them to Carson and Celadae, Ryngoth’s journal, and freeing of Guinemar from her torturous week at the heel of Ryngoth.

It was roughly 1 am, there was no snowfall in the Polyandrium unlike Tragidore and while there was no activity during the night, the entire burial grounds had a worked, picked-over appearance.

Conversing with Carson Raiserik and Celadae Vistani the heroes learn that the two overheard information on the cult of the dragon’s activity as well as their unusual treatment. There were not spoke to much in the couple of days following their capture while trying to find their friends.

Atta-Kann’s information is verified after Carson explains he and Celadae left Tragidore a few days behind the Blackrock Company who went in search of the Everflame questers. In their brief captivity under Ryngoth they were locked in private quarters, well fed but under guard. They were to be held until Faerlaur Onthim retrieved them. They were moved to a cell when the tower came under the hero’s attack. The rest of what they learned was also found in Ryngoth’s journal.
Guinemar, Knight of Myth Drannor
A general overview of the journal revealed a forgetful cleric who is not above slavery, with an obsession with magical staffs and a woman named Luersa Verurni as well as details on his/Ryngoth responsibilities toward the Endeavor. The Endeavor was started by Supreme High Dragonservant Faerlaurn Onthim at Midsummer last year- the beginning of the Time of Troubles. Over the following year the cleric Ryngoth has supervised the raiding of dozens of crypts looking for magical key-like relics to access greater, even higher value crypts and their treasures. These findings would fund the Endeavor while potent magic recovered was taken immediately to the cultists Myth Drannor nearby.

Notes on deliveries of masterwork cloaks, masks, and bracers from Darnarest’s tower to the crypt of Orbakh, as well as anything else that has come through the portal at Mystra’s shrine, including a recent tome (Key of Irithlium) that was retrieved and taken personally, by Indrith Shalla, into the ruins of Myth Drannor.

After over a year it has come down to four crypts of interest for the cult of the dragon:

·         Crypt of Kesefehon. Overseer ‘Zilvereen’ – active dig for Kesefehon’s Mythic Regalia (Arcana Staff?) *note- using seven young slaves to reveal traps or pits (some reset**)
·         Lyssic’s Crypt. Overseer ‘Ryngoth (himself)’ – suspended dig for the Divine Scarab (Firstlight- Staff?) *note- many cultists assigned recently in pursuit of adventurers. Divine Scarab needed to open the Crypt of Rothilion.
·         Orbakh’s Crypt. Overseer ‘Indrith Shalla’ – crafting and *development (20 currently stationed) *note- Indrith assigned with delivering the recovered Key of Irithlium to Castle Cormanthor.
·         Crypt of Rothilion. (Rothilion’s Staff?) *note- high value unopened crypt.
Cult Mage

Finally the heroes speak with Guinemar a Halfling Knight of Myth Drannor. She explains how she was captured after escorting Brother Zaganos and Lady Lorraine to a portal that led to their Centaur City home. Guinemar was drugged and kept a secret to everyone except for Rathwill and was used as a luck-slave; she claims this servitude aged her greatly. She also indicated Kesefehon as the Crypt the Everflame group was sent to. Guinemar was beyond grateful and offered to take Carson and Celadae back to Tragidore (Carson taking a masterwork quarterstaff, +1 chainmail, and bracers of armor +1 back to town). Before Guinemar leaves she is asked about other members of the Knighthood- Yontryl, Delia, and Themian, three ‘Knight’s of Myth Drannor’ Guinemar was not at all familiar with.

Cult Priest
With several options in front of the heroes they elect to strike at Orbakh’s crypt-turned barracks. There they find a nightmarish production facility that take the grey-hued leather, cloth and blades from Aurora’s; crafted into masterwork cloaks, masks and bracers at Darnarest’s tower; then enchanted here by spawned copies of a sorcerer named Naergoth.  The spawn, horrifically birthed by a hideous rubbery aberration spherical in shape with three tentacles ending in thorny flippers and four writhing tentacles covered with suckers for movement and combat. The alpha-Naergoth called it affectionately ‘Beautiful Flower’. All in all there were twenty spawn-copies of Naergoth (swordsmen, clerics and mages) that fell to the heroes as well as a secret shrine to Shar (secreted from the cult!).

Recovered were the Hammer of the Weaponsmith, Knife of the Boyer, and Tong’s of the Armorer as well as twenty potions of darkvision, amulets of natural armor +1, cloaks of resistance +1 and dragon-claw bracers +1.

We begin next week’s session after the smoke of battle has cleared; it is 2 am with the Crypt of Kesefehon where the Everflame kids were assigned.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

02/03/16 Tragidore Session 12: The Tower of Bones

Atta-Kann Raiserik
The story continues this week after emerging from the portal and into an underground shrine to Mystra. The chamber proved fifty-feet in diameter and featured a statue of the goddess of magic in the center, a pool of water containing the (two-way) portal, and naturally growing crystal formations that radiate healing magic.

It is here the heroes encounter Atta-Kann, house Raiserik’s albino pseudo-dragon, who has been nesting here hoping chance would see allies come through the portal or the young wards somehow evade notice and find their way to the shrine and the portal home. As the Raiserik brothers speak with the lithe pseudo-dragon Zadrian, Alaric and Alan pray to Mystra.

The prayers were selfless and the sacrifices large; in return Alaric was able to supply the names of the fallen warriors that would eventually end a haunt along the path and Zadrian learns of a priestess of Shar has tread upon this shrine to Mystra in the past. Zadrian, taking an oath to forevermore walk without boots, knows that his oath will be fulfilled with the destruction of the priestess.

Arne Kordova
Meanwhile Cadthronn and Wendel conversed with Atta-Kann and confirms the timeline of when Carson and Celadae left, however the heroes learn for the first time that Carson and Celadae were a few days behind a small adventuring from the Blackrock Company who went in search of the Everflame Wardens.

Carson and Celadae were discovered and taken to the Tower of Bones almost a week ago; Atta-Kann expressed trepidation on getting too close to the tower because of a hostile dire badger, the animal companion to one of the cultists.

In the time the pseudo-dragon has been hiding in Mystra’s shrine two groups of cultists have come through the portal from Darnarest’s Tower: the first group of men took assembled master work claw bracers, sculptured leather masks, and black half-cloaks to one of the larger crypts adjacent to the Tower of Bones. The other recent group of three, lead by Rathwill, went to the Tower of Bones. The small albino creature does not know where the original Everflame wardens are or if they are alive but does warn of the haunt along the path to the Polyandrium.
Alan Kordova

After cautiously exiting the shrine, defeating the haunt along the path, the heroes are surrounded by a dozen mythic skeletons. After destroying the skeletons (completing their first mythic trial) the heroes cross the shallow stream and come to the Tower of Bones to discover necromancers animating dead on the rooftop under the night sky.

Without the element of surprise the heroes entered through the front door of the tower and defeated Ryngoth, Rathwill, several apprentices, necromancers, soldiers and guards. A five-minute search finds a Shrine to Velsharoon;  rescues Guinemar, a female luck-slave; while the rest of the tower and reveals Carson and Celadae in one of the lower chambers fed and seemingly well tended to. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Journal of Marcus Wands: The Polyandrium

Marcus Wands
From the Journal of Marcus Thorne Wands and his time in Ruins of Myth Drannor:

The Polyandrium, meaning ‘gathering place of fallen warriors,’ is the site of an old battle between the allied forces of Myth Drannor and the orcish dark horde who pushed the defenders off the nearby hill and surrounded them, slaughtering scores before finally being routed by Captain Fflar and his new Shields of Myth Drannor.

A mass grave was made for the fallen who could not be identified and a monument was erected to celebrate the bravery of the defenders. Over the years others were entombed on the site, as it eventually became a second cemetery for the city.

This region is an area of less dense foliage contains several large tombs, some capable of holding an entire family and their extended in-laws. Some of these crypts include…

Crypt of Kesefehon is the resting place of the valiant and respected commander who led the city’s defenders to many victories against many hostile invaders. In the middle part of his life he somehow acquired a strange incurable disease that eventually left him scabrous, violent and half-mad. After lingering in this mad state for years, Kesefehon finally died and was buried a hero at the insistence of those who still idolized him a hero. The tomb constructed for him is said to be guarded with traps in case those he offended tried to desecrate his body as they sullied his good name. 
Ployandrium Crypts

Lyssic was a human commander in Myth Drannor’s military forces who fought along side Captain Fflar. Many of his company were buried in his mausoleum, and when he was eventually buried here the place became known as Lyssic’s Crypt. I would note that it is said that he would rise to defend Myth drannor again, although the circumstances of his return were much in debate after his death. It is also rumored that his weapon was also entombed somewhere in the crypt. 

Built into the side of the Polyandrium's north ridge is the Crypt of Rothilion- the interment site of a great human scholar and inquisitor who dedicated his life to knowledge and virtue. Known to most as Rothilion the Honorable, this worshiper of Lathander, Tyr, and Oghma took an oath to abandon the Common tongue in favor of Elven so that he might study the elven lore of the city's builders. He used that knowledge to create and enforce laws that greatly helped the people of Myth Drannor, to become a patron of the arts and to write a number of books. He was given a hero's burial when he finally succumbed to the rigors of age. His crypt was sealed with the magic legacy of the Divine Spark.

During their occupation of the Tower of Bones, some of the the necromancers in the Polyandrium began experimenting with strange and perverted sorts of magic. One of these was the sorcerer Naergoth, a dark and brooding man with a fondness for taming monsters as well as collecting undead. His fellows discovered some of his more perverse hobbies, and he was locked up while they decided what to do with him. According to history, the wizard Orbakh, one of their necromancer brethren, died while attempting the transformation to a lich and was about to be interred. The necromancers decided to throw Naergoth into the tomb along with the dead necromancer and seal him inside using Orbakh's Ivory Scepter.
Tower of Bones

When Myth Drannor was a haven for learning, people from all over the realms came here to practice magic and create works of art. Among these were several dark wizards, who wished to take advantage of the city's proclamations of peace to study with other wizards whose allegiances might have otherwise been judged hastily. Most of these mages studied necromancy, and some wished to examine how their Art interacted with the Mythal. For this purpose these individuals built the Tower of Bones in the Polyandrium, which allowed them the isolation that many necromancers crave and yet afforded them the proximity to incredible magical resources. According to historical documents when the city fell, the necromancers fled as the overwhelming forces stacked against them grew closer. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

01/27/16 Tragodire Session 11: The Portal To Myth Drannor

Zadrian Vistani
Our session begins atop the remnants of Darnarest’s tower preparing to bring the fight to the cultists believed to be held up below. Right away there was a note of unease as information slowly made its way to the cultists that there was trouble at their door step in the form of five heroes from Tragidore.

The battle was taxing and deadly and when the last head rolled on the ancient lower level, a subbasement that also seemed to contain a magical gateway. Rescued from the escaped convict Bishimzon and the vile Handragath Zhion the Knight of Myth Drannor Yontryl Amatar told how she tracked the missing children from the trail of markings they left here and into the Cult of the Dragon’s hands. And in the process managed to get herself captured, abused by Zhion and lost the Key of Irithlium to the cultist Ryngoth, an unforgiving and forgetting cleric who is not above slavery.

Yontryl overheard brief conversations and believe The Endeavor involves using slaves in recovering talismans *magic keys to the more secured vaults and buildings in Myth Drannor from the crypts in the Polyandrium. This missing Tragidore wards are likely working a dig site while Ryngoth is believed to be at the Tower of Bones a small base of operations for the Endeavor.

The group decides to rest and recover as Yontryl informs the heroes of the need to know perils of Myth Drannor:

A magical ward called a Mythal covers the entire city, in fact the Myth* from the name Myth Drannor indicates its Mythal characteristic, a gift upon the city from the goddess of magic in ancient days. It prevents magical travel into and out of the city; protects individuals from falling from great heights and in some cases enables folk to levitate; the mythal grants low-light vision and enhances magic with the light descriptor. Furthermore creatures summoned against their will are always hostile to its summoner; astral projection is improved; and banishment and binding magics almost always succeed. There are wild and dead magic zones as well, but those are blessedly few and far between.

The heroes recovered the spoils from the cult- magic items, supplies, and equipment; returned Yontryl’s elven steed; and gave her the responsibility of taking the three captured cultists back to Tragidore. While there she hopes to check for messages from Delia Navamir and Themian Ailduin her fellow Knigthts.

Then the heroes turned their attention to the gate. Darnarest’s tower was built on the remains of an elven structure dating back to the Weeping Wars where a portal to Myth Drannor was crafted.
Zadrian, having previously seen this magical gateway in a vision, was able to open and travel through the portal followed promptly by his companions.

The travel was swift and unlike anything the heroes had ever experienced in their previous adventures; a strong vital pathway of magic and part of the ancient Elven Ways. The heroes arrive in a large cavern and shrine to Mystra worked into broad acoustical designs that cause the chamber to ‘sing’ with each subtle noise or lap of water from the large pool of water that takes up one-third of the shrine. The sword Clarity immediately has a positive reaction to the waters here indicating its kin-ship to both Mystra and these waters. Luminescent naturally forming crystals, along with a continual flame torch provide the only light.

As more light was produced, Wendel discovers Atta-kann, House Raiserik’s mischievous pseudo-dragon.