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Malta Session 45: 05/16/2019 Clean Drinking Water, The Whole Shtick, and The New Ship’s Doctor, Navigator (and Cook)

We begin this week’s session bringing in the Bonded Mind and the Algiers into the shipping lanes of Dingli. In the morning hours our characters see two other ships, one a Hagar Qim ship and the other a merchant galleon which seems to have the capability to fly multiple flags; currently they fly a Greek flag, other than that the merchant galleon sits very low in the water. It was also noted this galleon seems to have a lot of individuals on deck.

As we look on, four tug boats emerge from the canal entry and begin to approach the Bonded Mind and The Algiers and the other two to the Hagar Qim and heavy merchant ship. As the tug gets closer we see evidence of steam power as well as about a dozen individuals peddling their hearts out to bring the tug about. They hail us and offer to bring us into the industrious canal.

As we are pushed along it becomes apparent that without the aid of the tugs, a ship captain could well damage his or her ship. On the sides the walls of the canal closes around us where our characters discover sound bounces strangely and eerily well. Once in the canal our characters observe procedures where small to medium ships are brought in first and the larger are brought in last.

Our characters also see first-hand Zedarluc Galuggo the Knight of Gates, riding his mount, skittering across the surface of the water. He eventually allows passage for us. It is about this time Carlo looks back at the canal and picks up on a brief but familiar mental probing that reminds him of Paola and the Borg House.

Our characters identify ourselves as Maltese, they do not ask to see our ID badges nor to we produce them. We are informed that it is about a half-hour walk, or we could ride the Rack provided we are not laden down with equipment for two gold to get to the city.

We are soon lead to a gate where we witness a whirlpool of ocean water near a stone slope where benches are attached to a conveyor that rotates around like a lift taking one up to the city. There is a likewise construction going down to the ocean.

Our characters exit out on the other side of the bridge on the island where we find our breathing has become somewhat difficult. We are given some directions to accommodations despite knowing there is a safe house nearby.

As we walk some callers identify us as newcomers at such an early hour and warn unseen individuals ahead of approaching custom. When we arrive at the Barn, Gunred Vuggel is standing waiting on us having heeded the callers. He greets us with a deep halting voice, which would be intimidating to lesser men and asks if we are here for food, room or both. The Cliff Giant goes on to detail the quality and the grounds of the Barn including dinner arrangements and amenities. We agree to private quarters, breakfast and baths.

We head to the Luxury barn that has the look and feel of a hunting lodge; the place was large and spacious. Looking about and taking in the Barn there was ‘house’ tobacco, and other luxury items furnished. We eventually end up at the Luxury unit and almost immediately a women descends from a hall appearing like someone put a wig on a woman from the east German swim team. She introduces herself as Allie- ‘yes I’m the witch.’ she admits. She asks and we agree to eat in a common area and where the ‘pond’ is located. The pond proved to be a well. There is a bathhouse and restrooms of which the these people are particularly rules laden about. They don’t shit or piss in the drinking water.

Breakfast is replete with potatoes, bacon and eggs and plenty of individuals sick of eating fish. The food is hearty and good and the help does not discriminate on social class. We are greeted and welcomed in by sailors and friendly regulars alike. Humans seem to be the majority of the individuals, however there is a fluid amount of traffic that pass through here; however a couple of drow elves do draw our attention. There are a few Greeks, Italians and even a few Egyptians are about; this is when we realize Allie is actually Egyptian. No catfolk, but an ogre is present devouring food by himself. Eventually our characters identify a duerger dwarf in the masses. 

We decide to eat close to the well where our characters can survey the room. We realize there is a divide between locals and those who travel the seas. Eventually a halfling walks up and introduces himself as a traveler from Gozo. He introduces himself as Engoss and asks if he could join us.

He’s looking for what he can get, passage and or traveling, he has the healing skill and claims to know a thing or two about the surrounding Rocks around Malta and is proficient with a map. He game here to study Filfla to understand and to get a better understanding of the peppercorn local to Dingli. He goes on to mention other finds on other Rocks such as Cinder Moss that was also Rock characteristic. We learn ironically Engoss last served on the Gallant (our new ship) and he has been in Dingli for a few weeks.

We exchange information on where our characters hail. And after a time our characters find a moment to palaver and agree to let Ahumm be the final interviewer for the halfling the next morning.

After breakfast our characters adjourn to the baths and from there the market. Our characters meet with Engoss once again where we cross the bridge to the Flail Tree, where over the next ten minutes Jabari attempts to read Engoss’ aura. The attempt was subpar only yielding information that Engoss’ is not neutral. 

At the marketplace our characters find the obligatory message and job board Jabari had inquired about earlier that morning. This is a common meeting place. Here there is a wagon, the tobacconist Misrah who comes off abrasive and rude. We are immediately roasted by the man as we survey his wares; our characters as well as other patrons were contstant objects of Misrah’s shtick.

While here Carlo, finds the Flayer Tree as been marked by the Borg while Jabari asks Misrah about his fine cigars and purchases the gift for Sciortino.

Lete and Lex inquire about clothes and come across a vendor with a plethora of clothes to be looked through. This piques Jabari's interest and arranges delivery of enough clothes for 80 complete sets to The Algiers to be picked through by the crew. For payment, the vendors express the need for a navigator and the chance to look at some maps over payment in coin. They give us the names of three ports, Gozo, Bugibba and Comono and these merchants would like ease of passage into these ports. Our characters settle on a letter of introduction as new merchants in Bugibba. Hey happily agree and give us their ship name.

An individual named Ruban comes up to Carlo and says I come with local news, and he hears Carlo comes with news from a far. Eventually Ruban reveals himself and soon find themselves talking semi privately where he expresses meeting later and that not 'everyone' is here, he had hoped Carlo would come soon.

Meanwhile an individual approaches Marco who asks “are you an Andrezzi?” Marco turns and recognizes Zhikal his second cousin. Marco, disguising his surprise, asks what’s new? Zhikal replies by explaining he traveled here through Rabat and has lived there for a year, has a business partner blah blah… most of it Marco realizes- is a complete fabrication. His clothing is nothing special save for his boots, he wears too much jewelry and carries a strange backpack. He claims to have pressing business, Zhikal confirms Marco is staying at the Barn and hopes to meet with him later. Marco keeps an eye on him as Zhikal walks over and stands next to his another individual for a few moments before Marco loses sight of him in a mix of buildings.
Akab Qeifad

As this occurs Lex speaks briefly with Misrah and asks about a package Paulie left behind for him. The two negotiate for a scroll tube and a healing potion in exchange for a cursory gem in return for show. The meeting was swift and unseen.

Elsewhere in the market Lete, as he was looking for a possible wainwright, crosses paths with a turban wearing individual who introduces himself Akab Qeifad along with his full title; also a Babylonian. Akab recognizes Lete from Paola and the warehouse fighting ring the night of the pirate attack. Akab remarks on Lete's fighting prowess and invites the brawler to a evening meal. The Master of Salt claims to have pressing business but would like to meet again tonight. Akab invites Lete back to Flaying tree at dusk and his men will escort Lete to Court and dinner.

After this encounter Lete finds the wainwright Deund who, in turn, is looking for a masterwork hand axe and other tools; it occurs to Lete that with the use of some party treasure: five masterwork weapons- two are large and it will be enough to craft a masterwork carriage.

Jabari, also while in the market, looks to have paper delivered to the ships and encounters across 'Sailor Frank' who mentions the ship the Shoe Horn and talk to the first mate; he will know what to do.

Back at the Barn Lex opens the scroll from Paulie and finds mundane communication, however coded in the papers was information on the Boxer safe house along the main road along with stables and apartments above with crawl access from the stables to the house. There is a key in the scroll tube as well as a small map as well as notations that 1,100 gold has been gathered and stored to date.

Carlo investigates the industrious city desalinization process and the technology behind it; it is about this time Lete is meeting Akab Qeifad in the market. Carlo does learn there is a rare ore needed to remove the salt from the water.

It is about 4 in the afternoon while many of us retreat to the Barn, when Ahumm enters requesting a room before sitting down with the Engoss who is in good spirits. During the interview with the Halfling it becomes clear Engoss doesn’t put faith in gods and relies on practical healing but does possess the skills he proclaims. After conversing it is agreed to offer Engoss employment as ship’s doctor, navigator (and cook- because all halfings can cook) for The Algiers. He agrees to one a gold a day until the next port where we can then renegotiate for officers pay in the future (minimum 2 gold).

We pick up next week with Lete's dinner with Akab Qeifad, Carlo going to the Borg house and Lex the visiting the Boxer safe house.

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City of Dingli (Nicknamed Sky City)

City of Dingli (Nicknamed Sky City)

LN Small City Corruption 0; Crime +1;Economy +2;Law +4;Lore 0;Society 0;Danger +4
Primary Religion:  Hades God of the Dead and lord of the Underworld.
Death, Earth, Law, Magic, Weapon Longsword  
Marketplace Base Value 5,000 gp; Purchase Limit 10,000 gp
Population 3,500 (3,000 human; 80 half elf; 20 elf;  50 halfling; 100 dwarf; 100 gnome; 150 other) 

Government:   Grand Mason over six civil engineer master masons

Grand Mason Lusfra Hallowmark, human widow of former Grand Mason Khane Hallowmark, finishing out the last year of her husband Khane’s 10 year term.  Khane perished in a cliff fall
Lusfra Hallowmark

Akab Qeifad
Akab Qeifad Master of Salt Human Male, The Master of Salt purifies water for the city of Dingli and trades salt throughout the Mediterranean. 

Trorg Stal Master of the Flame Dwarf Male, Master Blacksmith 
Trorg Stal 
Krepka Vopazoth

Krepka Vopazoth Master of the Gate Gnome Male Engineer in charge of the Dam and Canal.  

Pathilan Othrutho Master of Tombs Oread Male Engineer in charge of cliff side burial tombs 

Abushamen Hara’sis Master of the Dead, Half Elf Male, High Priest of Hades. Arbiter and Judge 

Imenagara Tetarta Master of Coin and Stores Human Female, Civil Engineer, manager of resources
Pathilan Othrutho

Abushamen Hara’sis
Imenagara Tetarta

The City of Dingli is a village located on a plateau by the sea around 1000 feet (300 meters) above sea level, on the highest point in Malta. Dingli cliffs fall straight down into the sea and provide open sea views over the small isle of Filfla.  Filfla is primarily used for two purposes, agriculture and religion.  A ceremonial temple to Hades is said to guard the entrance to the Underworld.   

The city itself is spread out around the canal that splits the cliffs some quarter mile away.  The 1000 foot walls of the canal are very dangerous with death being a common enough result for those that work the Canal steps or Dam.  The city’s economy revolves around the trade of peppercorn from Filfla and Salt from the desalinization processes the city undertakes for its own drinking water and sewage processes.  Dingli is often referred to by Maltese citizenry as Sky City for its high elevation.  On some foggy days it sometimes appears as if a cloud has descended.

Ninety percent of the employment in the Dingli is based around the Canal, the Dam, or Filfla Island.  Due to the constant climbing of the cliffs, swimming, altitude changes, and hard manual labor citizens of Dingli are known throughout Malta as excellent athletes with exceptional endurance.  It isn’t uncommon for sea crews both native to and passing through Malta to seek out recruits from Dingli.

Unique Locations:
The Barnhouse: Across the waterways North of Dingli is the cities primary Inn built out of a three large Barns.   Despite the rustic appearance, the Inn is quite comfortable and can house up to 200, although it hasn’t been that full in years.  The Barnhouse is operated by Gunred Vuggel a fourteen foot tall Cliff Giant.  Local legend claims he took over Barnhouse operations some fifty years ago after his family perished.
Gunred Vuggel

Dingli Cliffs
Dingli Cliffs: The magnificent cliffs give spectacular sights when viewed from sea level or from top as they offer a wonderful view of the Mediterranean Sea and Filfla. The cliffs drop 500 feet , before  some flat slopes before dropping again the final 500 feet  to the sea. Local farmers have cultivated the slopes as small terrace fields. The cliffs stretch well beyond the village of Dingli.  Many of the caves that line the Canal walls are family crypts maintained by the Hades faithful.    During some of the fiercest storms that roll moans can be heard coming from the caves.  Some claim the moans are simply the sounds of the wind whistling through the cavern while others claim the sea gods come to claim their fallen souls.
Canal Entry

The Flayer Tree:  Temporary Vendors are provided the area around the Flayer Tree to sell that day’s wares.  One wagon is a daily participant at the Flayer Tree.  Misrah Ghar Kbir’s Wagon of Wonders can be found here daily with a wide array of unique items.  Most locals would avoid Misrah were it not for the quality of his stock, especially healing potions and alchemical aids.   The 30 foot Flayer tree is so named because the high winds of Sky City have blown the trees branches all in one direction.  When the wind blows strongly enough it feels as if the tree is flailing about or reaching for you.
Flayer Tree

Misrah Ghar Kbir

Darlonis Buskett
The Gardens:  A unique garden of plants and trees from around the world. The Gardens are located on the estate of Verdala Buskett an elf of unknown origins.   Verdala’s estate and gardens are a popular location for walks and picnics. Verdala’s wife Darlonis frequently greets visitors, sometimes even providing a tour. Darlonis is believed to be the source of alchemical products sold from Misrah Ghar Kbir’s Wagon of Wonders
Verdala Buskett

Sky Canal: Dingli’s greatest marvel is the canal that cuts through the cliffs to the city.  The canal is natural; the Dam and water tunnels are not. The water engineers of Dingli not only process water through rough tunnels that rise from the sea, but in the process remove the salt which they process for trade while providing clean drinking water for the citizens of Dingli above.  The design of the Dam, Canal, and process for desalinization are the cities greatest secrets which are protected by the Master of the Gate.

Sky Court:  To be able to hold a position of Master Mason on the council comes with several requirements, chief of which is the ability to afford to outfit, train, and house 12 Knights.  The Knights are housed together at Sky Court and provide protection for the councilors, enforcement of law, and defense of the city.  Each Knighthood’s sigil reflects the Master Mason they serve. Examples are a Knight of the Flame, Knight of the Tombs etc. Knights of the Grand Mason are known as Sky Knights. The Leader of each Knighthood has a flying Hippocampus mount that they are bonded with for life. Sky Court is the location of all civic processes within the city of Dingli.  Council meetings, arbitration and judgments, complaints, fines, and tax collection are handled at Sky Court.

Severinus Jovian
Additional Citizens of Note:
Othmar Gislin
Othmar Gislin Sky Knight Black Forest Human Male, Spear, Trident, long sword, Mount’s name Skipper
Severinus Jovian The Salt Knight Sicilian Human Male Sword master, Mount’s name is Salis 

Xenophon Erastos
Vann Floresow
Xenophon Erastos Knight of the Flame, Greek Human Male Long Spear (Dory) and Short Sword (Kopis), Mount’s name is Ignis
Zedarluc Galuggo
Zedarluc Galuggo The Knight of Gates, Half Elf Male Bows, Daggers, short sword, Mount’s name is Tractus
Vann Floresow The Knight of Tombs, Tiefling Female Axes, Mounts name is Sepulcrum
Ulgray Grund
Ulgray Grund  Knight of Death, Fetchling? Male Daggers, javelins. Mount’s name is Mori

Domveris Eglor Knight of Coin, Elf Male, Long Sword, Shortsword, Bow, Mounts name is Nummum
Domveris Eglor

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Malta Session 44: 05/09/2019 Osium Ore, Radioactive Warship, and Back to Malta

We begin this week’s session after a night of uncomfortable rest in an environment that was filled with intolerable insects, emboldened temperatures and the cries and sounds of Ta' Fraben Island predators. Around our anchored position are a shipwreck graveyard and a marine feeding grounds. Many of us wake up with a cough brought on by a night of inhaling insects, this also caused physical effect as well. We discover the insects persist and will be a constant problem. Lex has a magical necklace that protects him, Lete will hence forth use his iridescent spindle from inhaling pollutants. The crews of both ships work to protect the food and resources from the insects as we too discover eating becomes irritatingly complex.

At 6:30 am while our characters go and investigate the Monger, Jabari sends our two ships out away from the zone of insects.

After making some preparations our characters fly over to the beached Monger warship. Along the way Marco notices that on the other side of the beached ship are a five of unique creatures: Chuul- large lobster-like creatures; opposite this several wrecked ships lie in various states.

We continue to close the distance to the Monger, each moment through choking insects. Eventually some of us notice a large four-armed creature partially obscured by insects.

Then, appearing instantly next to Marco a large four-armed gorilla grapples the Inspired Blade and the both begin to fall into the ocean. Jabari swoops in on his new flying carpet and gives Marco the magic to escape the four-armed gorilla. It appears back on the Monger along with the lobster-like creatures that are now on the deck. As our characters close the distance, eventually Lex’s magic is foiled and he is deposited into the sea.

Now that we are closer we see some of the areas of the ship glow with a radiance our characters believe to be radioactive due to the Osium Ore. Eventually Lete’s fly is dispelled and the brawler falls in to the shallow swash but is able to gain access to the Monger via an open cannon port underwater. On his way up to help his friends Lete finds clues to the origins (Egyptian) to the Monger as well as evidence of things being moved about in various places seemingly with no purpose. Above on the sloping deck the crew of the Bonded Mind had engaged the Chuul...

After several rounds of combat many of us flee to fear wrought by the four-armed gorilla while Marco and Lete became paralyzed and needed Jabari’s rescue. Jabari safely stowed away Marco and Lete until their effects wore off. Our characters eventually retreat to the Bonded Mind and safer waters a mile away to discuss our next course of action.

In the meantime Carlo, Lex and Evagara were struck with hooked-larvae on their persons and required special attention. It takes all night for the first-mate and cleric Ahumm to remove the larvae pupate from Evagara's arm while Carlo uses his surgical vest and a healing kit on Lex to remove the larvae. Finally the next day Ahumm turns his attention to Carlo's infection only taking half the time.

That early afternoon our characters decide to head back to Malta and the Dingli Cliffs; a few of our characters have reason to visit Dingli. Looking about with the telescope there are several small rocks to navigate around and as our characters travel, we spy a smaller ship fleeing from another; what stand out are the full sails with pirate symbols. It does not appear that we will intersect.

Our characters arrive to the Dingli Cliffs just after dusk as a storm rolls in, bringing the Bonded Mind and The Algiers into the shipping lane. The storm however brings a lot of ships in. As we wait a couple of smaller ships capable of holding up to fifty sailors appear to want to avoid other ships. They do not appear to be friendly as we accommodate them and do not impede them. 

We gain our 9th character level and begin next week’s session entering Dingli Cliffs. 

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A Smooth Easy Grace

The camaraderie of the ship moot was a welcome relief from the struggles of war, for everyone. In fact, by the time The BondedMind had seen its second sunrise on these Rocks, only Carlo had not rediscovered his smile. Captain Jabari wore his smile with a smooth, easy grace. It was an exciting time, for many reasons. The wedding of course, between the two love-desperate fools of their band. But their whole group was expanding, in numbers and influence. The Captain was glad to see their friends from The Gladfish Trading Company had made dock, and was anxious to talk with them again. But, for the young charismatic leader of sailors and adventurers, nothing occupied his excitement and happiness to the extent of their latest acquisitions; two galleons, gifts from a variety of allies they had helped in the ousting of foriegners of their favorite cities. The Tangiers, and the Tunisian Gallant, complete with papers of ownership and registry.

Later, much later, after the wedding ceremony, it came time to plan their next moves. The Captain was asked his opinion on what was to be done with our galleons, as none of the others claimed any particular nautical skill. His smile came smooth and easy, as if he had been thinking of this all the day. He advised sending one back to Paola, perhaps with the plan of purchasing large quantities of the food that was so readily and cheaply available. She could then sail to the many island and rocks surrounding Malta trading needed supplies and gathering information. He liked the Tunisian Gallant for that. The Tangiers would sail alongside them, a second ship, the beginnings of an armada. She would need a captain, of course, and Capt Jabari knew who it should be, but he waited until they sailed out of the rocks the next morning to appoint him. Captain Sven's eyes welled with pride, and spilled down into his resplendent blond beard as he accepted the post   The Barkley's, to a man, were happy and proud that Capt. Jabari had chosen from them, the O.C. (Original Crew) to promote to the post. They now teased their captain a little, calling him admiral. In turn, Captain Jabari accepted his men's love and loyalty in true reflection of his leadership style. With a smooth, easy grace.

Plots and Lawyers

Caravaggio sat on the stern of the Periugian galley, Sea Fury. His mission had taken an unexpected turn. As consigliere to Don Guglielmo Andrezi, he was supposed to be bringing the prodigal son back to the fold now that he's had some adventures. The winery was supposed to be an enticement to lure Marco home and into a marriage to the Gatelussi banking family. Instead of the petulant boy who ran away after his mother's untimely death, he had found a confident, successful young man with powerful friends, powerful enemies and a new wife. The Vicomte wouldn't be happy that his plans to ally with a powerful banking family were ruined. But maybe, just maybe, this could be turned into an advantage for the family. The wife had an estate on Malta. Marco himself had made friends with the leaders of both Bugiba and Paola. He also had access to three sailing ships, two of which were galleons along with business relationships with several Maltese merchants.
Yes, this could be turned into a benefit. Perhaps it was time to establish an Andrezi foothold on Malta.
Just then his train of thought was interrupted by the arrival of the happy couple. Caravaggio stood and, fixing his best smile on his face, extended his arms to Evagara, "Welcome to la familia!"

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

It happened one night

Marco Andrezi and Lete Cordasco stepped out of the Sea Maid's Kiss into the warm night.
"Looks like rain." Marco said eyeing the starless sky
"Mmmm" Lete mumbled into the hair of the giggling woman on his left arm. "Sure you won't help a brother out?" he said gesturing to the dark haired woman on his right.
"Ha! You know I'm spoken for!" Marco laughed "You're on your own, this night."
"As you say." Lete smiled, turning to the left and walking away.
 Marco watched until the shadows swallowed them, then turned the other way and made his way to the Gypsy's Heart.
 Two blocks later, he picked up the sound of someone trying to follow stealthily and failing. He was only a long block and a half away from the Heart and he picked up his pace toying with the idea of making a run for it.
The two dark shapes stepping out in front of him made up his mind. He slowed his pace flipping his cloak back over his right shoulder exposing the ornate complex hilt of his rapier. Marco took in his assailants. The two in front were typical dock scum: unkempt hair, ragged clothes and bare feet. The one on the left had a cutlass gripped tight and the other had a fish knife and a belaying pin.
The two behind (Marco cursed as the odds got longer) were clothed and armed better. They both wore good shoes and half cloaks. One with a longsword gripped in both hands and the other with an arming sword and buckler.
Marco turned quickly, and with a drawing slash, sliced longsword's hands. The man screamed, shaking his left hand as his last two fingers spinning  away into the night. Using the momentum of the strike, Marco took a passing step past longsword putting all his enemies in front of him.
"Come, now, friends" Marco said, smiling. "There's no disgrace in running from Marco Andrezi and saving your lives!"
"Gut the bastard!" arming sword growled in Egyptian and the cutlass wielder rushed in with a shout for an overhead chop. Marco parried the blow, letting the blades slide down and locked the guards together in a clinch. Gripping his opponent's sword wrist with his right hand, Marco turned and pulled the arm straight. Keeping the clinch, Marco applied pressure until the elbow gave with an audible SNAP. Shrieking, the maimed man dropped the cutlass and fell to his knees to be finished with Marco's blade in his kidney.
Withdrawing his rapier in time to see the other three advancing, Marco gripped his blue scarf in right hand, Marco made an impossibly long lunge plunging his blade into  the hollow of fish knife's throat.
Stepping free of the falling body, Marco met the thrusting arming sword with a solid parry. He then rotated his blade around his opponent's, past the too late buckler, to plunge under the Egyptian's short ribs.
Backing away, he swayed to his right dodging the longsword cut. Then like a bolt of lightning, Marco's thrust went through the final assailant's eye and out the back of his skull.
Less than a minute had passed since the first assailants stepped out into the street. Marco calmed his breathing, cleaned his blade on longsword's shirt and searched the Egyptian's body. A handful of gold Egyptian coins were all there was to be found. No clues as to why the attack happened.
With a shrug, Marco sheathed his sword and stepped around the widening pools of blood and resumed his way to the Gypsy's Heart.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Malta Session 43: 05/02/2019 Marco and Evagara Tie The Knot, Arriving At Ta' Fraben Island, and Carlo and Lete Tangle With A Sea Serpent

Experience Rewards for pick up of the Malta Game

All cohorts, followers, and Bonded Mind Crew gain:

DR 2/Mythic when within 1 mile of a party member

All party members, cohorts, followers and Bonded Mind Crew gain the feat Fleet

All Party Members gain :

Up to $18,000gp increase of an existing magic item, examples are increasing the enhancement bonus of a magical weapon or armor, or improving a belt of strength to a belt of strength dex or improving its bonus a step.  Only one item can be improved this way. All improvements have to be approved.  While only one item may be improved this way it is possible to end up having two improvements, example, increasing an item from a +1 to a +2 Keen.  If the improvement is a few 100gp over the listed amount I’m not going to be too worried about it

One item for up to $22,000gp. Items must be approved. May not be a ring, due to the rings found in the vault.

All Party Members and Cohorts get:  5,000gp worth of potions, scrolls, wands, misc one use items

Other treasures:

Two Carthaginian Merchant Galleons, The Algiers and The Tunisian Gallant.  You even have paperwork for them thanks to your thoroughness in the vault.

Two deeds, 100 years old to the same mine on Dellimara Island

A map said to be of Ta' Fraben Island with the symbol of a vulture carrying a spear on the bottom

(10) 10,000gp promissory notes signed by Mokeif

A ship builders crafting book, showing a design that would be powered by burning Cindermoss

A gift, of your description, for the marriage of Marco Andrezi and Evagara.

We pick up the game at a ship-moot where ship and folk alike have gathered to trade in mundane resources as well as what our characters pilfered in the vault heist of Ripae. More importantly however; folk have gathered for the wedding of Marco and Evagara.

A couple of weeks have passed for us since we left Bugibba, so far this gathering is the first time our characters get and correlate information from the many and varied individuals who have come to the wedding.

The big news on the seas is that not only did we liberate Bugibba, our character's actions inspired retaliation from a Carthaginian armada who attacked a number of Egyptian ships recently. To these people it seems our characters and Naxxar's resistance has emboldened Carthage. This perhaps signals a new power or ally in the powerful merchant city.

Also there are also rumors in the Mediterranean among sailors; as some have began to speculate, after some observations that no dragons come to Malta. Lete points out to a few individuals at the ship-moot the fear mongering the enemy utilize indicating the dragon styled armor the followers of dragons wore.

Furthermore, the vacuum left from the fall of the seven churches in Paola has led our characters to learn that the leaders of Malta are soon to convene somewhere. This leads to other news that the Malta coat of arms is to undergo a change to stop any and all unauthorized trade that has been confused as of late.

Marco receives a message from his family and an early (wedding) gift: the deed to the family winery. The winery is operated by Marco's brother and cousin, and finances are accessible through regular Eye channels. The bride and groom also receive gifts of property on Malta as well as an announcement of the renovation of Evagara’s farmstead and a suite at the Gypsy’s Heart.
Dingli Cliffs

Carlo will receive messages sent from a few Borg members on their health and condition and a clue as to how to find them: the Dingli Cliffs.

A day of drinking, feasting and exchanging of stories before the sun finally touches the sea. The late afternoon sets a picturesque back drop for the wedding. Cian, minister of Frey, says a prayer to begin the ceremony, the guests repeat, then the couple; rings are soon exchanged. When it is finished, after about twenty minutes, with so many mythic individuals present, this is the moment when the followers and attendees gain the Mythic damage reduction (as noted above). Afterward our characters are confident we could send a bonded mind-like message to our allies who are present should the need arise. 

For gifts from the characters: Jabari gives the couple a symbolic roman statue in love and Lex (along with the Boxers) give the gift of remodeling of the room of Gypsy's Heart. Lete gives the couple of lavish chariot to travel Malta and Carlo tba. 

The emissary from Naxxar give the wedding couple is two-fold: a scroll that can find any location on a physical map, the case is magically indestructible as well. Bigibba municipal gift is a horse farm in celebration of the wedding but in fact intended for our characters for our heroics in town. The horse farm is run by the halflings from the Dogtown.

Jabari receives a message token from Naxxar: '
Caution! Ghallis rock has been infiltrated and is worse than first thought. It seems the sea ranger is not who we thought. Loshe’s identity may be compromised.' Hidden in the message is a warning to beware of clones;  In turn Jabari has a spell book The Ocean Voyager for Naxxar. 

After sundown everyone returns to their ships, nearly all under false flags to avoid pirate and Egyptian entanglements, and before long it is only The Bonded Mind, and the 'new' character's galleons The Algiers and The Tunisian Gallant.

The next morning the ships lift anchor, Captain Jabari asserts we send the Galliant to Bugibba and take The Algiers with us to Ta’Fraben Island

**Ta' Fraben Island: Even the Egyptians try to avoid this island, over run with Thri-Kreen and insectoids known as Trox.  The islands foliage is overgrown and their aren't any known structures built there. The largest trees are believed to serve the Thri-Kreen while the Trox' customs are unknown. Thri-Kreen have been known to leave the island, a rare few even joining up with pirates in the region. Of course their are sailor's rumors regarding treasures buried on the island but there is no denying the ship that has laid wrecked on its shores for this last year. Beached on the island and laid open on its side, The Monger warship was believed to be a Roman merchant's prized possession. Many larcenous hearts covet whatever treasures lie in its hold.**

It takes us about ten hours of travel before Ta' Fraben Rock comes into view. Along the way we saw a number of smaller ships fleeing NW somewhat along the southern coast of Malta to Goza. Our characters also see two separate columns of smoke, separate but definitely from burning ships in the distance. About an hour from Ta' Fraben we identify a dire vulture and as our character sail closer our characters see pterodactyls in the sky. Identifying the Warmonger ship, even from a distance our characters find the ship is a treasure in resources: from the metals in its construction to its wondrous inner workings. From time to time we see sea breezes fill sails still on the masts followed by an odd sound.

We drop anchor, but it something hits the anchor causing a stir. Carlo, as a manta ray and Lete enter the sea the waters to investigate. Below the surface Carlo immediately notices a stir in marine water life, common when a predator moves through the area.

Littered on the sea bottom are several humanoid skeletons while a bit farther out Carlo and Lete spot a dark shape in the water, a large shark in the distance. Then closer than the shark is a startling sea humanoid in the water seemingly hunting the large shark in the distance.

The two characters soon realize the longer they stay in the water the more Lete and Carlo are nibbled upon by some of the carnivorous marine life.

Then suddenly a long sea serpent sneaks up behind Lete and attacks. The sea serpent attacks and immediately grapples Lete. The brawler in turn succeeds in a knockout punch- this punch works with devastating effect temporally separating everyone. Eventually our characters get a couple of free attacks on the gargantuan sea serpent; it was Carlo that killed the creature outright. With blood in the water, this incited bloodthirsty fish causing a feeding frenzy, our characters then retreated back to the ships.

Our characters decide to rest. The night is uneventful other than the inhospitable and uncomfortable environment was and how aggressive the insects are here.

We begin next session the next morning.