Sunday, July 5, 2015

Old Eyes from a Storm

Arkiel Darkhart 
Arkiel Darkhart read the message carefully for a third time.  Messages from Nissian could be multi-layered, even coded and this one had been magically delivered by an imp so it paid to be careful.  This was the first the Drow had heard from the Wishmaster since Nissian’s ascension as Tiamat and the lack of communication was becoming a worry for him.  Arkiel cursed the heat of his bedchamber and went to the balcony to re-read the missive:

My greatest conspirator,
Your wish has been granted and your bloodline in Toril is restored! All that we have prepared for these many years is coming to pass.  Fulfill your final services to me and the opportunity for vengeance you for have so long sought will be in your grasp.  I assure you the Virtues no longer have the luxury of marshaling their strength under the EveningIsles unique protections, with the dragon queens’ arrival they must act. According to my sources The Traveler is somehow aligned with at least one of the Virtues and where the traveler goes The Monitor is sure to follow. I have also learned that all of The Virtues recently gathered for a ceremony but alas even my magic has proven unable to pierce all of The Isles protections. It is a frustration that I have been unable to discover the location of their Heartstones.    
Therefore I need you to learn what the Virtues are doing and go where I cannot.  Arkiel I need you to travel to the EveningIsles and set up our operations there.  Be warned, the virtues are not the only dangers there.  The Eveningisles already has several active devotees of Dagon and Orcus spreading chaos among their people.  The Dagon worshippers tend to operate along the coasts while the Orcus followers believe they are in hiding, preparing for their master’s return.  Your task will be an incredibly difficult one but the path of vengeance is never a simple journey.   Your house’s great betrayer can finally be avenged.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Z'hind-del Syrendross: Fourth Entry Day Forty-Two

After conversing with the guarded half elf woman Nalolia I realize that my sincere curiosity in the dynamics and features of the Evening Isles, and quite possibly my companions as well, could be misunderstood or even seen by some individuals as a threat to their homeland. I realize that a drow elf asking about Miar Moshea the elven duchy, gives rise to skepticism, but unlike my Archmage counterpart I do not possess his memories or knowledge about the Evening Isles.

While it was our belief that we, as representatives of different races, could have been be ambassadors in a quest, but we have since learned differently. Nalolia has made me realize that representing ourselves as 'ambassadors', for some individuals we come into contact with, is not enough and will not hold for long if questioned. 

I have an idea that I and my companions represent ourselves more than just ambassadors of the high races but a group with a purpose that will benefit the Isles on the whole. I could travel the Isles as a cartographer, gathering information on territory boundaries and the locations of various communities; Dramen could perhaps become an census taker, and Kyras could easily explain that he is traveling the isles evaluating the quality of the water and crops from each duchy; while Rydin and Dolgrin find areas of their own expertise. I will have to consult with them. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

06/24/15 Virtues Session 8: Team Building

There you go big guy,” Syrendross said encouragingly to his dwarf friend as they traversed the unsteady and sodden tree trunk. “easy does it.” 

Sometime ago a tree had fallen into the river and in that time a canoe had capsized and became lodged creating a partial bridge to the other side of the foothills. A place, Denosia warned was full of poisonous snakes and other dangers.

Behind the dwarf and drow the others proved to be not much of assistance, laughing in good fun as each told a story of how Dolgrin would wind up in the drink. For Dramen, Dolgrin’s fall would be a humorous hard saddling of the log inducing serious genital pain, on and on it went

“Blah, blah, blah,” Dolgrin sarcastically retorted as his feet slowly began to spin the tree trunk, his hand clutched Syrendross for purchase. "soon ye'll get your turn don't ye doubt!"

Eyes on me Dolgrin, don’t listen to them.” Syrendross said smiling despite himself, his purple eyes never leaving Dogrin’s.

Easy for you to say drow.” Said Dolgrin looking down as Syrendross’ feet hovered over the flowing river. But then something else caught the dwarf’s eye, a shape, moving on the side of the canoe; but before he could warn everyone a stinky half orc threw off his concealment and blew what looked like a whistle alerting his companions as well as others in the foothills of interlopers.

 Our session begins after our palaver with Kinasia and his wife; we decide to travel back to Surfton to investigate clues from earlier that morning. Upon reaching the town we observe Surfton in full activity with people working for daily survival even tending their own gardens in some cases.

As we investigate we learn that the large central well is fed potable water from the two centrifuge wells that seem to be fed from the ocean. Desalinized the water is fed from the central well to be used for the livelihood of the town.

While in town we inquire about many things; weapons, we are referred to a dwarf named Radrock
Cornerstone; but after inquiring about magician’s supplies we were directed to a half-elf woman named Nalolia. We met up with Nalolia tending her rows of corn, she was regal in her bearing but cautious, even casing a few detection spells to assure her of our true intentions. As Dolgrin kept watch we inquire about purchasing components, scrolls, and the like; at first she was unsure of our gold resources but soon discovered otherwise.

She expressed her concern for some unregulated trade in town which segwayed into discussion on the residents of Widow Island. With our concerns somewhat aligned she warned that many of these are widows were once wives of pirates and criminals. Nevertheless it is her belief that the orcs would be unprepared for an assault during the barge activity later that night. While to some of us she seemed to be holding something back she was clearly something *more as Dramen believes Nalolia an arcane elementalist.

We eventually met her son Denosia who after hearing our interest in the orc caves, unsuccessfully evasively implied his guide services in front of his mother. He maintains there are dozens of caves out there and not just orcs; he warns us a hobgoblin that wears warpaint and his human (former pirates) associates, and admits only a half dozen orcs go visit these barges at night. Nalolia agrees to 80 %(town-non-Perlias-cut)/ 20 % split of the treasure she claims the orcish brutes have hoarded. Well trained as a ranger Denosia agrees to lead us to these caves with his mother’s hesitant blessing.

We stayed with Nalolia and Denosia into the night learning that the hooved prints seen earlier was likely the warpainted hobhoblin’s Tiefling friend. We were afforded dispel magic, see invisibility, rope trick and uncanny reach from her spell books and in return Nalolia was given the Tireless spell from Dramen’s spell book. Nalolia offers up a wand of cure light wounds to be settled upon later as well as other disposable one use items.

Kyras learns that Nalolia’s family is from the Old Faith and looks on pact magic with disdain because of its lack of transparency- ‘you don’t know who you are truly dealing with’. Ryden speaks to her in elven to learn his dialect of elven is very much akin to the walking elves of Earth. We learn Nalolia is from Miar Moshea the elven duchy. 

Syrendross asked about Miar Moshea and learned it bordered Lockshire. Miar Moshea boasted a large city (DM add name) that was built on the border of Lockshire to facilitate diplomatic relations with the Triskellion King. The capitol of Lockshire is Triskell and Bier De Wetz is its largest city. The Royal family now? While there is a dispute the Boshear Family from Kriet Oppenshire are the current ruling family; who are strongest in city of Watchtower.

9 pm. With nice clear sixty-nine degree weather Denosia takes us outside and into the foothills where the landscape takes an uber-dangerous turn out and away from civilization. We are led to a fallen tree where we encounter a solitary half orc who was killed, but not before blowing a whistle possibly alerting others. We cross the waters to eventually come into contact with two hobgoblins, one covered in dirt and the other concealed in sand- they were both killed in the surprise round.

Soon after Denosia led us to an area of tall grass that sparsely concealed the small glow of a fire where an ogre, and hobgoblins were gathered- some naked, some armored. We successfully killed the ogre; recovered a total of 542 gold, a 100 gold necklace, a suit of full plate armor, 2 potions of CLW, 1 potion of CMW, a grey bag of tricks, a masterwork great sword and great club; and found two paths, one leads to a cliff and relatively open land and the other path led to the first cave entrance. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

House Rules & Advice 2015

House Rules
1. Drinking a Potion is a move equivalent action instead of a standard action

2. 5 Foot Step is changed to whatever your Natural reach is.  This change is primarily for the benefit of larger creatures who have a natural reach of 10 feet or greater, this allows them to take a “step” equal to their size.  Magical changes in size do NOT affect your five foot step.  In hopes of removing all doubt, if the creature or player doesn’t live their regular lives at a larger size it isn’t considered their “natural size” and they cannot take advantage of the greater step.

3. Rolling a natural 1 in combat, including combat maneuvers end your actions that round.

4. Critical Hit cards are optional.  You may draw the card and decide whether to use or not.

5. Critical Miss Cards are optional but you may NOT draw the card and decide.  If you don’t want to draw the card, besides your actions ending for that round you either drop your weapon, fall prone, or suffer some other undesirable fate that is up to the GM’s discretion and matches the attack you were attempting. Once the critical fail card is drawn you are stuck with it unless the GM decides the card doesn’t match the events.  Then the GM applies the fumble however they see fit.

6. Meta Magic Feats that increase a spell by 2 Levels or less get one free use/day. This free use may not be used for scribing scrolls or other magic item creations. 

7. Luck Score is 10 + 2nd lowest stat modifier + Mythic Level

8. Leadership: If anyone takes Leadership, I’ll explain in further detail but I run it differently, essentially using the chart to give a total number of HD of followers rather than a bunch of 1st and 2nd level NPCs.

House Advice
9. Pay attention! Even when it isn’t your turn/scene and try to limit speaking over others. Check out Facebook alerts and unimportant texts/messages/email before & after the game.

10. Help each other out; combat can pull attention in multiple directions, while the GM is talking about the height of the ceiling, the parties’ spell-caster might be looking up area of effect rules.  If you hear a pertinent fact use the dry erase mat to write it down.

11. Use the dry erase mat to write down bonuses and penalties if you don’t keep track electronically. 

12. Keep good notes, if you recovered a +2 weapon from a combat or bought an alchemical item somewhere it wouldn’t hurt to know it.  Saying I’m going to throw a tangelfoot bag is one thing, saying you’re throwing the last tanglefoot bag from crazy eddies in Gibraltar is more fun and provides the GM an opportunity to get creative. Keeping good notes includes keeping track of the source material your abilities/feats come from.

13. The GM has a lot to try to remember and manage.  Please make the effort to know your own characters abilities.  If you’ve leveled up and it’s the first time doing something, say so, and then we can take our time working through it.

14. This is a game and it’s supposed to be fun.  The higher level the party, the greater the complexity and thus the longer it takes to run combat.  Because of this sometimes a penalty such as being paralyzed feels worse than it was intended because despite the roll only saying three rounds it’s been an hour since you’ve been able to have your character act.  Speak up & say something to the GM.  Not saying that every time something gets said I’ll say yeah that’s long enough but I may come up with a lesser penalty that still allows you to do something.  Along the same lines, if you are sticking with advice numbers 9 & 10 you can still keep yourself entertained and be helpful to the others.  If you are down, help the GM run NPCs, offer to take over initiative until you are back or remind the other players of conditions and effects or how they can help you etc.  If you’ve been “killed” and are waiting for a return to action and don’t want to pay attention to the combat, review notes and previous posts about the game.

15. Remember your party members are counting on you to fulfill your portion of the social contract.  Communication helps.  It sucks to have your character die, it’s even worse when you discover that your fellow player forgot they had that wand of healing or the scroll of restoration.  It’s hard for people to plan if you never communicate your abilities and possessions, or worse don’t know them.  

16. All of us have parts of the game we excel at and portions we don’t enjoy as much.  If you mentally check out during the portions you don’t enjoy as much, those portions are never going to improve.  Try to identify what you don’t like about it and make suggestions for improvement at the appropriate time.  

17. If your character isn’t in the scene find out from the GM if he can make out of character suggestions to the players in scene.  For example, your character is at the temple being healed and the rest of the part heads to a meeting with the Sergeant at Arms.  You ask the GM if you can comment and permission is given.  So during the meeting, you can bring up notes from the blog or points of interest you don’t want forgotten. PAY ATTENTION to the scenes you aren’t in. If the primary review note taker is in a scene and you are not, let that person know you’ll take notes for them while they are involved and you are not.  If there is something you want to be sure is remembered let people know. 

18. Use the blog.  This doesn’t mean you have to post new entries although you are welcome to.  It does mean to read the posts.  Comment on them. Ask Questions.  Make suggestions.  I find the review posts incredibly helpful, please use the comments for corrections as well as reminders, inspiration, and ideas.  Also this is an excellent location to give the GM a heads up you want to do whatever on game day. 

19. LISTEN to each other. Don’t forget to say what you enjoy. Make suggestions for game improvement.    Some of the worst arguments I’ve been in come from when I mentally check out and quit listening to the other person, I think I know their point or perspective and don’t listen only to later discover I didn’t understand what they were trying to tell me.  Most of the time these aren’t major arguments but they are major time wasters. 

20. If you make it fun for others you’ll find yourself having fun too. Make an effort, the more you put in the more you’ll get out.  

Monday, June 22, 2015

You must understand that the touch of your hand makes my pulse react

“Thereg, I appreciate how much you enjoy administering the torture, but you must understand that the precise method is very important for my procedures.” Danormi Asturi reminded his hobgoblin servant.  The cavern chamber reeked of excrement, urine, blood, and fear.  “For the ceremony to work properly, their death and dismemberment must be precise.”
Thereg & Danormi Asturi
The hobgoblin bared his teeth for what would pass as its version of a smile while wrapping himself in his serpent, “Please show me the way again.” Danormi really didn’t have time to waste on instructions again but could not resist the temptation, his eyes sweeping over the remaining eight women, before deciding on the largest of the eight, the widow Markeave. 

Thereg seemed especially excited by his masters choice, “She’s got big bones!” which Danormi understood to mean she could take a lot of punishment.  Smiling grimly the abyssal priest Danormi knew he would have to supervise the remaining sessions if he wanted to get the maximum return on the remaining widows’ organs. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

06/17/15 Virtues Session 7: Avatars

Widow Queylia
Waterlogged and tired the five heroes looked upon a dour island stretch just a few hundred feet from the Evening Isles coast line. Four hours of clinging onto ship wreckage was exhausting, Dolgrin doubted in his centuries of experience as the Champion did he feel as miserable as he did at this moment. But it was not long before Dolgrin was stretching out on solid ground and Kyras orating blessings upon the thin sandy shore.

Our gratitude once again Lady Queylia for rescuing us from the waters, unfortunately you will have to tell us where you have taken us.” Kyras said once he, Dramen and Syrendross had secured the sail boat for their female rescuers- Angels of the Sea he hailed them as.

We are travelers from Gibraltar,” Dramen added sticking the prearranged plan.

And who were the other groups out there,” Syrendross said motioning back to the dark ocean waters, “They did not seem as sincere in their rescue efforts, they looked like they were more interested in recovery than rescuing.”

Giving the drow a concerned look she said, “Our position on this side of the water-wall has empowered selfish individuals who take advantage for personal gain, I speak of the Peralia.”

As she spoke she lead the five companions up the shore line and to a concealed trail that looked well used. “Including victimizing widows of those who died at sea because they were curious about the approaching wall of water. My new friends, I need your help.”

Dolgrin Ironshield
Our session begins with Dolgrin and Rydin awaking in a stone room on the secret island of Grebaria where the two find themselves alive and in the same physical condition as when we were rescued from this island several weeks ago. In a rush, past memories flood back into Dolgrin and Rydin who realize they are in fact Avatars of the legendary heroes Balder Ironshield and Myrddin Og while still identifying as Dolgrin and Rydin.

Along the stone room were what looked like wardrobes but full of avatar forms for each of the group including Captain Zilinias, who Teneel (Sufferance) later explains she keeps as a necessary requirement of her duties as a Virtue.  The room was part of an ancient structure; open to the sky and well hidden from those who did not know of its existence. Here the dwarf and elf meet Industria who for the next three weeks supervises Dolgrin and Rydin’s apotheosis.

Back on the Overwrought Companion Dramen, Kyras, and Syrendross were eased of their sadness and was told by Teneel that Dolgrin and Rydin was alive and to be patient, soon everything would be explained. During the flight back to Grebaria the 'Companion was attacked by a dragon, but to our surprise and the surprise of the dragon, Teneel transformed into a celestial dragon and routed the aggressor quickly. She was an ancient and primal form that invoked a religious experience in all of us.

Reunited and it feels so good, we learn many things regarding Evening Isles history, Grebaria, and  that started this literal campaign of virtue:
what occurred forty-days ago

·         Everything that was done was done at ‘our’ request. Meaning our core characters: ‘The McCaugh’ Jerit McCaugh, ‘The Traveler’ Smendric Wands, ‘War-Wizard’ Myrddin Og, ‘The Champion’ Balder Ironshield, and ‘Monitor of Magic’ Shar Auvryndar -  mainly the Traveler who was lovers with Industira- agreed to aid the celestial dragons (avatars of virtue) against Tiamat (who threaten the parents of these dragons) and they, in their mysterious power, provide ‘us’ a means to do so with Avatars because avatars cannot be killed.
·         History 101: Plight of Earth.
o   Vlad Teppes, a vampire of legend, wanted a world of darkness as he ruled from his flying citadel over the Fields of the Dead. Vlad’s trusted confidant was an individual named Nissian, the wish master and he knew of a world that would be a suitable alternate to Toril. That plane was Earth.  
o   A struggle on Earth was already taking place by the Keeper of the Night Adalwin Joscelin and Myrddin Og who fought the Keeper at every turn. Adalwin was an agent of Hell and this made Hell in turn aware of Earth.
o   Meanwhile Vlad wanted to incorporate Earth into the abyss but was foiled by ‘us’ centuries ago by imprisoning the vampire lord into the sun that now burns over the once perpetually dark world.
·         Grebaria was not connected to the Evening Isles, and when the Isles broke free from its tectonic plate and began its drift it destroyed the two southern islands of Grebaria leaving the farthest northern island behind to evolve in the past eight hundred years into a varied landscape that also serves as home for a small group of humans. It is also part of the Evening Isles and this is protected from evil dragons. It is where the celestial dragons are most powerful.
·         The Dragon of virtue need agents to stop Tiamat/Nissian the last remaining threat to this plane before they can return to their homes.
·         The Dragons of sin fall under Tiamat’s bailiwick and there are three sins currently at work in Africa.

We are magically introduced to each of the celestial dragons of virtue, some of us for the first time as
Kyras, Dramen, and Syredross have not experienced the apotheosis. We discuss plans and agree that the best way to insert ourselves into the Evening Isles is the way most foreigners do: as survivors of Bouvaldia's position as spearhead of the Evening Isles. Noted for the many hostile first contacts,
Rydin Meirdarel
Bouvaldia- once known for its hostility of humanoid races has become melting pot of peoples after being hit hard after many wars with their neighboring duchy Emmerdin Pac Napiay. Claiming we are from Gibraltar we can easily blend in like many others before us.

As we were given 3,000 gp in gems, four pearls of power, a cloak of resistance, and a single bag of holding (T1) we learn the Isles are largely monotheistic, with some cultures still revering the Old Gods of nature and branches therein. Pact magic was once prevalent but now sees service through dark elementalists, contracts with devils, or as demonologists. Bouvaldia possesses the greatest navy in the Evening Isles and their one major city is called Bouvet Keep.

Carved out of Macron Mountain the keep has never fallen. It contains fifty thousand individuals of varying races, a large volcano dwarven population, and is supported by several smaller communities around its base. The Lord of Bouvet Keep is Duke Calias; the keep is racially diverse containing some drow- refugees from before the Drift.

On the forty-first day we were teleported by Teneel to a sea cave near where a conflict had just taken place off the coast of Bouvaldia. Fire burned a ship hull as people swam for floating debris. After floating for four hours three small boats arrived, one for rescuing the other two boats were salvagers and later believed to be human traffickers.

After being rescued by Queylia, an honorable woman, we sailed to a small island within two hundred feet off the coast. Widow Island, as it came to be known, was home to a tribe of fifty women originally widows of sailors who died off shore investigating the Evening Isles. The angels of the deep fed us while describing the ‘others’ at sea as agents of the Peralia family. They are identified by a black crow across a half-moon sigil and represent the widows of the island's greatest threat.

We agree to dispense some justice by rescuing a group of twelve widows believed to be in the possession of the Peralias. We are informed of one of two places- a location in the near-by town of Surfton (pop. 2,000), or a mile and a half away were docks lie near a mountain river outlet.

The Widows provide us with a hut to rest until the next day.

Arriving into Surfton many of us realize that the Peralia family owns much of the town, and that there seems to be an unspoken understanding to the arrangement of salvaging and selling. The town has three major wells, one central large well and two smaller flanking wells on opposite sides; ballista were placed to discourage siege attacks. Many of the buildings lacked doors as each building has a weather beaten quality to them. There were no street signs but it became obvious where to go once Rydin noticed a hidden sigil within the town. Secreted in the Peralia family symbol, on a cornerstone, and again on an inner door frame was an intriguing symbol.

As this was happening Kyras spots hooved tracks in the ground and Syrendross notices two individuals from last night’s rescue seated and distant, but not long after we entered a Peralia shop of sails. Once an opulent home, now re-purposed into the family business; were met Hallsly who sold Rydin some items before we decide to travel onward to the docks.
Corker Peralia

A few minutes out of town we encounter deltas were several docks are arranged bearing the crow-moon of the Peralias, many of the boats varied and unmatched. We are then soon accosted by what seemed like a half-orc, Corker who discouraged further travel along the path.

After some brief interaction and a distraction we learn there is a barge event later tonight at 11:30 but nonetheless evade his attempts to halt our passage. We eventually come across Macron River which is fed by the mountains that Bouvet Keep inhabits fifty miles away. We continue searching for more signs of the mysterious symbol, believing that to be the key to finding the twelve widows.

From the river docks several hails solicited services but it was not long before we are approached by Kinasia and his wife who saw us, naive as we are, and decided to intervene on our behalf. While some of our palaver occurred on the docks we soon retreated to his private ship late that morning to speak openly.

Kinasia explains he has been here for two years; the Peralias are half-orc blooded; and that orcs, a half mile up the mountain, are up to no good with their evil cultish ways. The wife describes a cabal of orc demon followers as well as part of their symbol. We explain our search for the twelve women and learn of a particular gang leader that has been problematic.

We learn that a naval battle a year ago against a doomed island chain was the beginning of it all; for four months battle waged creating an opportunity for the Peralias, but now there are not as many battles to capitalize on so the economy here has dried up. In regards to our problem Kinasia informs us that sometimes the orcs visit the barges at night and, should we request, he and his wife would guide the party to the orc caves. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Dragon's of Virtue

Virtue      Latin      Gloss                                                       (Sin)       (Latin) 
Chastity   Castitas  Purity, knowledge, honesty, wisdom      Lust        Luxuria
Abstaining from sexual conduct according to one's state in life; the practice of courtly love and romantic friendship. Cleanliness through cultivated good health and hygiene, and maintained by refraining from intoxicants. To be honest with oneself, one's family, one's friends, and to all of humanity. Embracing of moral wholesomeness and achieving purity of thought-through education and betterment. The ability to refrain from being distracted and influenced by hostility, temptation or corruption.

Virtue                Latin                 Gloss                                                        (Sin)             (Latin)   
Temperance      Temperantia      Self control, justice, honour, abstention  Gluttony       Gula
Restraint, temperance, justice. Constant mindfulness of others and one's surroundings; practicing self-control, abstention, moderation and deferred gratification. Prudence to judge between actions with regard to appropriate actions at a given time. Proper moderation between self-interest, versus public-interest, and against the rights and needs of others.

Virtue            Latin                 Gloss                                                           (Sin)             (Latin) 
Charity          Caritas              Will, benevolence, generosity, sacrifice      Greed           Avaritia 
Generosity, charity, self-sacrifice; the term should not be confused with the more restricted modern use of the word charity to mean benevolent giving. In theology, charity—or love (agäpé) -- is the greatest of the three theological virtues. Love, in the sense of an unlimited loving kindness towards all others, is held to be the ultimate perfection of the human spirit, because it is said to both glorify and reflect the nature of God. Such love is self-sacrificial. Confusion can arise from the multiple meanings of the word "love". The love that is "caritas" is distinguished by its origin – being divinely infused into the soul – and by its residing in the will rather than emotions, regardless of what emotions it stirs up. This love is necessary for salvation, and with it no one can be lost.

Virtue                Latin                 Gloss                                                       (Sin)             (Latin) 
Diligence          Industria            Persistence, effort, ethics, rectitude         Sloth           Socordia
A zealous and careful nature in one's actions and work; decisive work ethic, steadfastness in belief, fortitude, and the capability of not giving up. Budgeting one's time; monitoring one's own activities to guard against laziness. Upholding one's convictions at all times, especially when no one else is watching (integrity). (The vice "acedia" is more commonly known as "sloth".)

Virtue                Latin                 Gloss                                                       (Sin)       (Latin) 
Patience            Patientia            Peace, mercy, ahimsa, sufferance           Wrath        Ira   
Patientia (Peace, Mercy, and Sufferance)
Forbearance and endurance through moderation. Resolving conflicts and injustice peacefully, as opposed to resorting to violence. Accepting the grace to forgive; to show mercy to sinners. Creating a sense of peaceful stability and community rather than suffering, hostility, and antagonism.
Sufferance (Teneel)

Virtue                Latin                 Gloss                                                             (Sin)      (Latin)
Kindness           Benevolentia    Satisfaction, loyalty, compassion, integrity   Envy     Invidia 
Charity, compassion and friendship for its own sake. Empathy and trust without prejudice or resentment. Unselfish love and voluntary kindness without bias or spite. Having positive outlooks and cheerful demeanor; to inspire kindness in others.

Virtue                Latin             Gloss                                                         (Sin)           (Latin) 
Humility           Humilitas       Bravery, modesty, reverence, altruism          Pride            Superbia   
Modest behavior, selflessness, and the giving of respect. Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less. It is a spirit of self-examination; a hermeneutic of suspicion toward yourself and charity toward people you disagree with. The courage of the heart necessary to undertake tasks which are difficult, tedious or unglamorous, and to graciously accept the sacrifices involved. Reverence for those who have wisdom and those who selflessly teach in love. Giving credit where credit is due; not unfairly glorifying one's own self. Being faithful to promises, no matter how big or small they may be. Refraining from despair and the ability to confront fear and uncertainty, or intimidation.