Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Embry's Plan

Cadmar Embry”, the Red Keep butler intoned, “apologizing for the lateness of the hour.”  The servant sniffed his disapproval, his bearing and attention turned away from the late arriving guest.   Stepping into the receiving hall, the skull-born Cadmar greets each of you and explains that the list, as his father had planned, has been stolen, not two hours before.   As your questions are shot forward Cadmar raises his hand and hands you this scroll, “father said this would explain.” 

Friends it would have been easy enough to try to catch the thief who was after the list but with this little charade, I’m hoping to find out just who is behind the theft and moving against me.  The list that was stolen was created on very unique paper called Scraphite, a paper I’m told that besides being traceable to spell is also traceable to smell, so I thought it might help your group if this note was on the same style of scroll paper.  The list, that my enemies think they have stolen, is the five ships that are my personal investment, separate from Guild endeavors.  Further by utilizing Scraphite, I’m hoping to fool my enemies into believing that the value on board those vessels is worth more than simple personal wealth.  I’m sure with your arcane interests and draconic heritage, that at least some of you realize that there is an additional value to Scraphite, for its rarity is such that it is used in True Namings Rituals.

Now that the list is out there, the plan is for my loyal men to track and learn as many members of the thieves chain on Upside, while you deal with whatever agents come to those ships.  I hope to expose enough of this secret cabal as to weaken their network and reveal their existence to the light of day. Because of the danger involved on your end, I will not seek to advise you on how to handle whatever comes; I just ask that you try to learn as much as you can about these enemies.  Obadiah deserves justice and both your houseshave been attacked by these same forces.
P.S. A delivery of 20 Scraphite Sheets has been delivered to Red Keep this night along with this missive.

Note: a common habit of sea druids, priests, and wizard is to hide their true-name within pieces of ship, those pieces moving on to other sister ships when a new ship is christened and “birthed”.  For instance a mounted desk from the captain of one ship to another, or a piece of a mast, etc.

Note 2: Our contacts at sea are very suspicious of a Sloop that is out there, The Wandering Killer.  Right in our face, I know.

The List: 

1.       Dragon's Hangman

2.       Neptune's Serpent

3.       The Bloody Serpent

4.       The Greed of the Corsair

5.       The Fear of the Devil

Orders:  Exchange all lots to final two vessels, prepare the rest for departure, dangerous conditions, abort full delivery, secure final items.


harrygoblin said...

Great post. I forgot about this "skullborn".

Gordzilla said...

Thanks! Starting to come back to us:)

James Caruso said...

It's my belief these skull born are critical to the return of the vampires. Maybe THE vampire. They were precious to the nightstalker