Monday, February 17, 2014

Around The Dragon Tail

“What is this I’m looking at?” the White Spider’s eyes were incredulous and her tone impatient. Pilini smiled ruefully whilst safely behind the bar drying a growler with his hand-towel, he glanced  at Spade and winked. The Spider turned on her barstool and held out the scroll in question.

“See for yourself,” Spade said rejoining his counterpart Farley at the end of Pilini’s Cinder Block bar. Designed by Pilini ‘The Dragon Tail’ was a lacquer-red rose wood U-shaped bar singed to create the look of burnt scales. The Tail could be raised or lowered vertically based on the size of his patrons; it stocked all of the Liquor Commission rare and common libations as well as Pilini’s exquisite own; it was also the customary location were many of Auge’s hirelings congregated.

“Is this a set list?!” the Spider asked her outrage etched on her beautiful features. Spade could hold the laughter no longer; even the irritable Pilini let a little laugh escape. The Spider looked from the parchment to Spade, to the gnome, and back to the parchment. 

“A what?” Farley asked clearly aloof to the conversation whereby half the participants are in disbelief and the other half are in hysterics; he decides to laugh along.

Spider, after rereading the parchment, answers Farley’s question.

“It’s Man-O-War’s set-list for tomorrow night’s fights,” she said. “All the fighters are here.” She motioned with her hand.  “Adalgrim Redhammer, Bar-Bazu…”

MEN of War,” Farley corrected having himself decided on a name for the skalds. He was no longer laughing but scowling like Spider... but not as sultry.

“They mean to precede each fighter with a line or two of titles and a flourish of glorious battle music.” Spade said exceedingly pleased, this time it was he that winked to Pilini who was now pouring Dwarven whiskey shots.

“…lights, pyrotechnics, they ask a lot.” White Spider said, the parchment set aside to make room for a shot glass. “Nine hells guys…. Where are we to find….” She stopped as an idea occurred to her. It changed her emotional temperature and by extension this section of the Cinder Block from hostile to indifferent. For Farley it was like dark clouds moving to suddenly reveal warm sunlight.


The dire beast turned at the sound of his name, even from across the Neutral Grounds it was said he could hear his name from impossible distances, and came forth.

“Those individuals master Auge and his brothers brought form the seas; did you not say one was blooded?” She asked Kiton.

“Yes, Sapphire is her name. She says she is an Arcanist- whatever that means.” Kiton added.

Spider smiled, “Bring her to me.”

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