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As you achieve 5th level several memories return to you of your time communing with your mother. Something she said to you about your weapon now makes sense. She asked why you still had your weapons serving other’s business. You now realize what she meant; your weapon is a reaping weapon, dedicated or attuned to some planar power, usually a devil or demon. The bearer of said weapon reaps those arcane casters who break terms with the planar power. You realize your need to dedicate the weapon to a planar power of your choosing.
Three rituals are required to unlock all the abilities of Axe of Witches.

Least Ritual: Rite of the Witch: You are required to slay an arcane spell-caster with a caster level of at least 3rd. This was completed with the killing of Kallistrate Edana

Lesser Ritual: Rite of the Reaper: You must locate a coven of witches, a cabal of wizards, or a guild of casters killing a number equal to a full coven and that number must include the leader.

Greater Ritual: Currently Unknown.


All the following are legacy item abilities of the Axe of Witches.

Magefinder (Sp): Although the Axe of Witches glows brightly in the presence of arcane magic; this automatic detection lacks precision and discernment. At 5th level and higher, at will on command, you can use detect magic as the spell. Caster level 5th.

At 5th Level the Axe of Witches increases to a +2 Weapon and provides anyone with the rage ability 2 extra rounds of rage. This number is always equal to the weapon’s magical modifier. Caster level is 5th and you feel this ability could increase over time.

Divine Agent (SP): Once per Day Shield of Faith Caster Level 5. This ability and number of uses could increase over time.

Shield of Faith School abjuration; Level cleric 1 casting Time 1 standard action Components V, S, M (parchment with a holy text written on it) Range touch Target creature is wielder of weapon.
Duration 1 min./level Saving Throw Will negates (harmless); Spell Resistance yes (harmless)

This spell creates a shimmering, magical field around the target that averts and deflects attacks. The spell grants the subject a +2 deflection bonus to AC.

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