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Wards of Waterdeeep Pt. 3 (Map)

Butcher Boy Bill

The Trade Ward is one of quietest wards in Waterdeep, at night. And yet, there are tales of a stalker in the deepest of the night.
About 60 years ago, a butcher came upon an orphaned boy of about 10 years old. Taking pity on the lad, the butcher brought the boy home with him, to raise the boy along with his younger daughter and to have the boy work as an apprentice. The boy's name was Bill.
Bill took to the art of butchering immediately, for indeed, in that boy's hands, it WAS an art. The butcher was amazed at the boy's skill at the handling of the animals, and the blades. However, he missed the zeal and gleam in Bill's eye as butchered the livestock. At the same time, people began noticing their cats and dogs disappearing.
It wasn't until the butcher came into the backroom of the shop and found the bodies of his wife and daughter had been expertly laid open, and his apprentice, Bill, standing over the corpses with his hands drenched in blood, the steel blade he was holding gleaming in the lamplight, that the butcher discovered what a fiend the boy was.
Noone can tell now where the butcher's shop was. Over the years, the tale has grown to tell how Butcher Boy Bill takes his victims and uses every bit of them, even using their fat to make his candles. Despite being close to 70, people still keep a wary eye on lonely evenings, trying to make it home before the full of night makes it's presence known. Sometimes, on quiet, deserted streets, one can hear the tinkling of steel, echoing off the buildings' walls. They say those are Butcher Boy Bill's blades, hanging from his belt, as he stalks his prey.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mastock the Hunter

A force of nature, Mastock made his name humbling hill giants in the sword mountain region.  A berserker of immense power, Mastock was witnessed by several caravans on the trade road between Waterdeep and Neverwinter in battle with 3 hill giants and one white dragon.  He now is known to wear white dragon hide armor.  There are rumors among the nobles and merchants that Mastock is usually in the employ of one of many nobel houses in Waterdeep as a bounty hunter or recoverer.  Despite Mastock's orc stock he is known to be quite cunning, patient, and ruthless. 

Six weeks ago Damian Agundar had an unfortunate encounter with Mastock when fleeing from Mastock's latest mark.  Damian had been seeing a young woman warrior Emilia whom he had met after a nights carousing in Dock Ward.  Despite Damian's interest in Emilia, he was suspicious of her true motives, as she was very interested in his families business.  After meeting Emilia for dinner and kissing her goodnight, he secretly followed her to her family home in Northward where he discovered her secret.  She and her family were Lycanthropic creatures known as Weretigers.  When Damian was discovered spying on the family he was chased by mother and daughter from their estate.  Damian stole a wagon and two horses to escape, scared to death and fleeing for his life. What Damian did not know, could not have known, was that Belgora, the matriarch of this family of were-tigers was Mastocks latest target. Mastock had hidden in the stables having spent days learning the patterns of the household and knowing the schedule of the stable hands.  When Mastock heard the noise of Damian's approach, he threw himself behind a stack of crates and rope behind the wagon, thinking Damian an errant worker of the household. 

As Damian began preparing the horses, attaching them to the wagon, Mastock picked up the scent of his quarry approaching.  Mastock stayed hidden waiting for Belgora to appear.  Belgora and Emilia arrived, no longer appearing as human mother and daughter, but as two bipedal lion humanoids.  Mastock lept from his hiding place surprising everyone as he attacked Belgora with a powerful swipe of the great blades attached to his arms.  Damian rushed atop the wagon, the horses already moving at the shock of sudden battle.  In Damian's shock and fear he assumed the giant orc to be another guardian of the family.  Unfortunately for Mastock, his feet were thouroughly entangled in the rope he had hidden in, the same rope attached to Damian's stolen wagon. 

Mastock was able to strike Belgora twice more before being pulled off his feet and rapidly drug through the streets of Northward.  Belgora and Emilia's fates are unknown.  Never before has Mastock been so humiliated. Never before has Mastock failed to bring back his mark.  In truth Mastock was only drug two and a half city blocks before the rope snapped when Mastock was pulled and driven into a stone stair and metal corner of a city statue.  Mastock was taken to an unknown location to recover from his serious head wounds as well as his wounded pride.

Damian has only told his Uncle and brother the truth of his discovery about were-creature family.  The nobel family has gone into seclusion, not choosing to press any charges against Damian for the "borrowed" wagon, the entire incident being publicly blamed on Mastock.  Damian was fined 50gp for repairs to the statue and ordered to some "community service" singing at Castle Waterdeep.  It hasn't escaped Damian's attention that his being at Castle Waterdeep might be safer should Mastock decide to seek revenge. 

James you should pick which family of nobels are were-tigers. 

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Wards of Waterdeeep Pt. 2 (Sea Ward, North & South Wards & The Dock Ward)

The wealthiest of the wards, Sea Ward contains many of the temples of Waterdeep, along with and many large private villas of the noble families and the very rich non-nobles. Noteable locations include: The Field of Triumph, Waterdeep's arena, Sea's Edge Beach and the Western Sentinel.

Waterdeep's quietest ward is also one of its wealthiest. North Ward is home to most of the middle class and lesser noble families. This ward has few notable landmarks other than the Cliffwatch, and it all but shuts down at dusk. This placid reputation belies the intrigues and scheming that goes on behind closed doors, and the volumes of smuggled goods that lie in cellars beneath the city streets.

Once known as Temple Ward, Southern Ward lies in the southeastern corner of Waterdeep, bounded by Trades Ward to the north and Dock Ward to the west. Caravan City, as this oft-forgotten ward is sometimes known, is a homely, friendly, busy, and largely poor area of Waterdeep. Notable landmarks of Southern Ward include Caravan Court and the magical Waymoot.

Waterdeep's most notorious and colorful ward is also the oldest. Traveler's tales portray the Dock ward as a lawless, brawling place of drunks, smugglers, roaming monsters, and fell magic, which is not all that far from the truth. The bustling harbor scene and its attendant activities dominate this ward; the vital commerce and shady dealings of Waterdeep keep its streets busy at all hours. Notable locations include: the Warrens, the low city, the Monster Pit and Gavin & Hextor's Haberdashery.

Waterdeep Harbor is wide and deep, accommodating berths and docks for as many as 50 ships at once, with moorings for over 400. Deepwater Isle and the surrounding watchtowers provide guard protection for traders, their ships and the city itself. The guard keeps its own fleet of sixteen rakers on hand to fight off pirates and other sea-borne dangers. Furthermore the dungeon halls beneath Deepwater Isle serves as the city’s penitentiary for the violent criminals and incarcerated insane awaiting death.

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Eva Maerklos Origins part 2

Eva’s infant and early toddler years passed quickly and without incident. Up until her 6th natal day she bore no evidence that she was any different than the rest of the children of Waterdeep. The morning of Eva’s party Aldara was preoccupied. Eva had just won the Trade wards daughters of Sune pageant. And with the finals in a few days there wasn’t a lot of time to plan a birthday party. But since the title was all but a formality and the rumors of a surprise visit from the judges (Sunes hartwardes) was foretold in her vision. Aldara thought an extravagant party was the only thing needed to seal the title for house Maerklos. The guest list was extensive, friends, family members, and anyone involved in the pageant was invited.

Eva spent the morning before the party with the best tailors in the city. Sunites where brought in to focus on hair and makeup, no expense was spared. Just moments before the party was to begin Aldara had a vision, the house of Thann’s spoiled miscreant crowned Waterdeeps daughter of Sune. A travesty, she had left nothing to chance. As the feeling of gloom churned in the pit of her stomach she headed to check on Eva’s progress with her beauticians.
A faint odor of decay still lingered in the air. The lifeless bodies of the Sune followers showed no cause of death. Aldara frantically searched the house for any signs of Eva, her daughter was gone.

Boren picked a small squad to escort him on midnight patrol. While the Gardens where quite this night it did little to ease his troubled mind. A full 10 day had passed since Eva Maerklos went missing. And while he had spent every off duty minute since then searching for her, the creature that charged him with her protection didn’t seem the kind to accept failure. He feared a curse would consume him any day so he tried to keep his mind occupied. The patrols where a good distraction for him. He would encounter the occasional undead wandering the graveyard that had to be put down but mostly it was kids sneaking in on a bet or looters trying to hit a family vault for whatever coin they could pilfer.

As the patrol moved deep into the heart of the Gardens the faint sound of music filled the air. Boren and his men pulled their weapons as they crept quietly forward. The music was familiar, a popular children’s song hauntingly out of place amongst the headstones of the cemetery. As the patrol entered small clearing an eerie sight began to unfold.

The audience consisted of six undead in various states of decay, standing in a group in front of a raised dais. Swaying back and forth with the music as if entranced they seemed uninterested in the advancing patrol. The music would have been the envy of the Waterdeeps greatest musicians, provided by ghostly instruments with an apparent mind of there own. At the heart of this horrific concert was its lead performer. Her innocent voice was calm and clear as she sang every note in perfect time with the music. While the words she was speaking where unknown to Boren and his men the tone was hypnotic. He was reminded of the old seamen stories of sirens leading sailors to there doom. She was still dressed up in her birthday outfit, I bet she would have taken first in the Sune pageant had she not been missing he thought. What an odd thought at a time like this he muttered.

As Boren broke into the clearing the order of protection burned in his mind. In a flash he had cut down half the audience before his men even realized it was on. The only hostility shown by the creatures was when a guard moved to grab Eva. The remaining undead set upon him in a ravenous rage. All the time Eva complaining in some unknown dialect about her concert being interrupted. Fortunately that allowed the rest of the patrol to eliminate the remaining creatures. She was returned home and it took her nearly a month before she could communicate using local dialect. She had no memories of her time away from home nor could anyone explain the new language she had been using upon her return.

Wards of Waterdeeep Pt. 1 (Castle Ward, Trades Ward & The City of the Dead)

The Castle Ward lies at the heart of Waterdeep, wrapping around the eastern slopes of Mt. Waterdeep. This ward is home to the city's administrative buildings and buildings of state. Generally only the wealthy and powerful live here, and then only if they are involved in the daily intrigue and "night life", the social cut-and-thrust of city life. A number of temple complexes and education centers occupy this ward, though their effects on the ward as the center of the city's political life are minimal. Noteable locations include: Castle Waterdeep, The Market, New Olamn, and the Yawning Portal.

Trades Ward lies in the eastern half of Waterdeep, encircling the western and southern walls of the City of the Dead. Given over almost entirely to commerce, Trades Ward lacks the feeling of community found in the more residential wards, but retains the hustle and bustle of a marketplace throughout the day and night. Notable landmarks of Trades Ward include the Court of the White Bull, the Plinth, and Virgin's Square.

The City of the Dead is a walled enclosure on the eastern edge of Trades Ward is the general cemetery for the City of Splendors, and its size nearly makes it a ward in and-of itself. Many citizens visit the City of the Dead's park-like green lawns and white marble tombs during the day, for it is one of the few place's dominated by greenery that the citizens of Waterdeep can share within the city walls.
A Watch contingent keeps the' cemetery peaceful, and various members of the Guild of Chandlers and Lamplighters keep torches lit around and inside a number of the tombs. The grounds are off-limits after dusk, and the gates are locked. Nevertheless, many individuals still hold clandestine meetings at night in the City of the Dead, despite the risk.

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Tauron Tarm

Guarding caravans is more than a point of family pride, it is a chance to prove ones valor in a multitude of unpredictable situations. The lands visited and the people met add more to your personal treasury than any chest of gold possibly could. A strong sword may be the fastest way to make a name for yourself, but it wont do much if that name is seen to equal poor judgement or bad leadership. Of course, the strength of a caravan lies in the company that bands together to deliver that caravan safely and without loss, and that is what a Tarm Caravan provides. For four years I have served as apprentice on the roads of the Realms, learning trade routes and introducing myself to families that have been trading partners with Tarm for generations. I have traveled on ships, but greatly prefer the steady pace of a spirited charger, and the sounds of travel-worn leather straps and turning wheels are the sounds of a well earned paycheck at the end of a dusty road. Long ago I began to appreciate the horses and hounds that so many take for granted, and the health and well being of such creatures are paramount to a successful road venture. In my travels I have learned the secrets of medicine and healing of the men that I travel with as well as the beasts that serve us. I have three faithful companions that have served me well - a pair of mules named Duece and Sweet Pea, as well as a hunting hound named Torm.

But those are not the only secrets I have discovered. I know the power of gods are real, and I feel the rush of such power in my veins. Many pray to providence, fate or destiny, but I know all of these as the will of Tymora, Lady of Luck and fortune. Some say she is a fickle power, but those are the words of impatient fools. Luck shows her face in every transaction, barter, contest, meeting, capture, escape, and competition, but you must be prepared to capitalize on her intervention when she graces you with her favor. If you are not prepared for luck, it will do you no good when she shows her face. Though my prayers have not yet been answered directly, she has manifested many times in my young days on the road. She seems particularly pleased with my style of cards and dice---be warned.

There is another secret that I still seek. Though the rule of the Order in Thay has long drawn in learned men who would call themselves wizard, in times of old great men of power held themselves separate from such cabals, and indeed warned against their corrupting influences. Some even battled against the Early Reds. These men were persecuted by the Order, but they fought back by forging great weapons for warriors to carry against would be tyrants. One such wizard was named Thorwin Grall, and he forged many swords with a number of top craftsmen. One sword, however, stands in legend as his greatest gift. The blade was forged with the notion of providing a warrior with a small arsenal of magic advantages, so that warrior could defeat a wizard without a friendly wizard at his side (indeed, friendly wizards were already getting hard to come by). It is said that he harnessed so much of his personal might into the blade that only the most stalwart, brave, and honorable warrior may lift the sword. It is told in legend that the blade, crafted in the form of a bastard sword, lends spells and enchantments to the fighter wielding it, giving him the powers of a powerful warrior and mystical wizard all at once.Though the legends of the blade are many, only one hints at it's whereabouts now, as it is said to be buried in a forgotten family graveyard. Which family is not known, but the name of the blade is-Arcanum.

Talos (repost)

Talos is the destructive force of nature. He is the god of storms, forest fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, and natural disasters.
Talos’ symbol is three lightning bolts, each of a separate color, radiating from a central point. When he is portrayed, it is as a broad-shouldered, bearded young man with a single good eye, the other covered by a dark patch. He is said to carry a collection of staves, made of the first iron forged in the Realms, the first silver smelted, and the first tree chopped down. He uses these staves to raise the wind, cause the waters to churn, and split the land in rage and anger.
Talos the Destroyer is the dark side of nature, the uncaring and destructive force that lies waiting to strike at any time. Because of this his relationship with the others gods of nature is a paradox, argued endlessly by the clergy of both churches. The ethos of Talos can be described as “nasty, brutish, and short,” terms also used to refer to some of Talos’s clergy.
The clergy are, by in large, travelers- some of whom profess to be seers. They warn of doom and disasters to come; which is why the clergy tends to travel a lot. Such priests, Agundars mostly, are usually dressed in black cassocks shot with silver vestments bearing the three lightning bolts, bastard swords and are referred to as “doom crows”.
The church of Talos exults in the wild destruction of nature at its fiercest, trusting to its own luck and the favor of the god to protect it.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Bordane Agundar

Oh, hello there... just noticed you. Admiring my clothes? Yes, they do look great on me. Saw my swordplay in the yard, huh? My father bought me the best teachers, but they were only improving on what's there. My brother Damian and I will one day rule Waterdeep, although he has some things to work through, like the whole fear of snakes. Ah well. Stick with me, my chums, together we will rule the world.

Eva Maerklos Origins part 1

Aldara Maerklos spent every night for the past two years praying for a daughter. Since the birth of her 2 sons nearly 3 years ago she had been unable to conceive. A fortune spent on various potions and oils had produced no results and with the better part of her child bearing years behind her she had all but given up hope.

The night in question started as any other. The events of the Moonfest Festival where all but over Aldara had just put her children to bed when her “gift” manifested without warning. Aldara had been granted the gift of foresight the ability to focus on a particular object or question and gain a possible glimpse of the future. But this was different never had a vision come unsolicited. So vivid, she screamed out as the skeletal hand ripped away at the flesh of its helpless victim. She tried to turn away but could not avoid the gruesome images that followed. A young woman being torn apart by skeletal creatures, the screams echoing in Aldara’s mind as if coming from Aldara herself. All at once a high pitched wailing filled the air, the woman dropped to the ground lifeless. After the slaughter the creatures left the mutilated body of there victim and wondered off into the darkness. Then it was over…silence, Aldara tried to move but was unable to, frozen with fear she laid in darkness for what seemed like hours.

Soon she awoke in bed surrounded by family and a small contingent of city guards (having heard her screams) she began to describe the details of her horrific nightmare. The tension in the room quickly grew as Aldara described first hand the death of an innocent girl at the claws of her merciless killers.

Aldara felt the doom come over hear even before the knock on the door. It was Boren Agundar member of the ward patrol. An attack near the city of the dead, an expected mother and her unborn child murdered by some creature. Captain Nuthos had tracked the beasts to this area but lost the trail. Just then screams from the street 6 large skeletal forms ambushed Captain Nuthos and his patrol. In a matter of seconds the captain and most his men lay dead along with several civilians caught up in the fray.
Boren rallied the remaining guards and with the help of some Maerklos family members
Destroyed the remaining undead.

From her bed Aldara listened to the commotion outside the house. To exhausted from her earlier episode she could only listen to the screams from her window. Then she heard it, a familiar sound she could not place faint at first but growing steadily louder. The wailing from her vision coming up the stairs. Panic set in she could not stand let alone run, she was trapped. As she saw the skeletal arm emerge from the darkness Aldara last thought was of her children she prayed they had escaped. Fear took over as she drifted into unconsciousness.

Outside, Boren seasoned beyond his years new a diversion when he saw one. The distraction in the street was only meant to keep there focus away from something else.
Rushing into the house the smell of death was overpowering. As he followed the bloody footprints that lead towards Aldara’s bedchamber his pulse began to quicken. The screams of the Maerklos infant echoed throughout the house. He had sworn an oath to protect the incent he muttered a quick prayer to talos hoping he wasn’t too late. As he turned the corner he could only watch in terror as a ghastly creature laid a blood soaked bundle next to Aldara’s unconscious form. The chunks of flesh still clinging to the cloth having been torn from its victim only an hour before. As the wrappings fell away he stared in shock at the newborn baby freshly torn from his mother.
Boren tried to advance on the creature, but found himself paralyzed. Was it fear or some magical force keeping him from moving he couldn’t say. He was forced to watch as the creature finished some archaic ritual, the baby stirring slightly as the final incantation was spoken. The creature stared fondly for an instant at the child before turning to face Boren.

As sturdy as an ancient oak Boren remained rooted in place. The creature raised a skeletal hand and unleashed a wave of energy that engulfed Boren. Protect this child hissed the creature, less you suffer a fate worse than death. Without warning the creature launched itself onto Boren’s blade slumping to the floor a lifeless husk. The power holding Boren quickly subsided.

As dawn approached the watch regained control of the situation. The story of Boren rallying the men and single handedly saving the life of Aldara and her newborn daughter quickly spread. He was promoted to ward captain in charge of the city of the dead.
He could not bring himself to mention the child in any reports he filed that night. Nor has he mentioned the infant in any stories told of the event since.

Alagairtha & Moonfest

High in the north sky is an awesome circle of large, bright stars with utter darkness between them. Due north is marked by the brightest Brow Star, also known as Alagairtha by the Bedine of Anauroch.
Other folk in the Realms call this constellation the Crown of the North, or just the Cold Crown. Some believe it to be the Eye of Evil, the Hole That Leads to Darkness, or the Circle of Coins (thrown on high by the gods, to taunt poor men). Some Bedine tribes believe that this place is N'asr's Tent, the dwelling-place of the Lord of the Dead. When Alagairtha is at its brightest The Feast of the Moon festival begins.

The Feast of the Moon:
This festival, also called Moonfest, is the last great festival of the year. It marks the arrival of winter and is also the day when the dead are honored. Graves are blessed, the Ritual of Remembrance is performed, and tales of the doings of those now gone are told far into the night. Much is said of heroes and treasure and lost cities underground. On this night the barrier between the prime material plane and the various other planes is at its weakest.
Gods commonly watching over this holy day: Myrkul, Velsharoon and Talos
Black candles are burned to ward off negativity.
On this day magic involving necromancy and destruction are at their most potent.

Riders set, ready... GO! (Ahghairon’s Tower)

This slim stone tower has been totally enclosed above, around, and beneath in a series of potent, invisible magical barriers since the death of the famous wizard, many years ago. Don’t approach too closely- on the north side, a skeletal figure still stands facing the tower with arms raised, about 10 feet away from its side. It is all that remains of a wizard who tried to get into the tower in order, no doubt, to seize Ahghairon’s magic for himself. Rumor states that he dispelled the outermost barrier, a forcecage, but was trapped between it and the prismatic sphere within when the forcecage reformed behind him.
The man’s name has been forgotten with the passage of years, and his robes and flesh have both rotted away, but the magic of the tower holds the bones in position. Until Sai Piergeiron forbade it some years ago, it was a favorite game of local children to rearrange the wizard’s bones. They can be dislodged with a stick, but they always drift slowly back into the same position, floating upright, with arms outspread.

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Damian Agundar

A brash,confident young man, Damian wants to grow his family’s mithral wealth into a regional power. He promotes violent enforcements of contracts and views the family wealth as a tool or weapon, to be wielded as needed. Surprisingly he is not quick to escalate to violence. If his sword is drawn however, there are no further negotiations to be had.

Recently Damian learned of an ancestor whose philosophies closely mirrored Damian's, so much so that one of the original mithral mines was converted into a burial ground of family enemies, once that particular vein of mithral had been mined dry. Damian believes there could be a lot of information there regarding his ancient families as well as the chance to learn more about other rival families of the past. Those secrets could prove valuable. Damian hopes to, alongside his younger brother Bordane, build his power within the family and prepare for the day they can lead the family to greater glory. Damian considers it insult that his family has never been invited into the leadership of Waterdeep.

Damian is very impressed with his brother and if Bordane can be considered to get along well with anyone, its Damian. The only issue that has risen between them is Bordane's love of tormenting Damian with snakes ever since he learned of his older brother's fear and phobia regarding them. This has lead to more than one incident when Bordane would place a garden snake in a bedroll or boot.

The Wedding Rehearsal

After a six month long arranged, long-distance courtship through the winter months; Syllia Abarbrent of Than and Marcus Wands are to be joined under the gods. The date has always been important in this agreement between parties: when Chandos (associated with Grumbar elemental earth) enters the constellation of Cassiopia and her rocking chair of stars. Under the Tarkakh spring full moon, popularly known as the Kissing Moon. Such nuptials under these conditions will promote a fertile union and longevity.

Among your peers, there are several groups of guests: (In no particular order)
  • Priests in Protets: A trio of of Azuth followers bearing gifts seemingly preoccupied with unsettling current developments. 
  • The Blinkstone Companions: Another trio of individuals, these three: a Paladin, a Cassalanter and a Master Weaponsmith- sit brainstorming on a joint venture. 
  • Don't talk to the help!: Durnan has arranged the necessary food and drink. Two servers of this arrangement are intently interested in what the topic the Blinkstone Companions are occupied with. 
  • Trouble comes in threes: Yet another trio- these are wizards (memebers of the wizards Order) who are troubled with the fallout of a slave nation being granted an Embassy in a free city-state.
  • Wand Support: Council the Adviser for Wands, pledges the family support to the Horseman’s Association and soon to be announced project. 
  • Missing Bard: Jayson "the Bard" three days overdue to port.

  • Bridesmaids and the Best Man: The Blackstaff (best man) and Veshsam (mercenary for Wands) needs to honor a favor to appoint pages for the Palaver. The Bridesmades acolytes of Gargauth (LE/ betrayal, political corruption & powerbrokers).

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Waterdeep Campaign

 Some general informaion:
  • Bringing back the 2nd edition Forgotten Realms; since we didn't see any play in the Realms during the 3rd or *gasp* 4th edition setting, I don't see why we can't return to what is 'familiar'. 
  • Characters will start as 0-level, with a standard ability score array, a short skill selection, and a feat.
  • I'm going to consolidate the Swim and Climb skill into one Athletics skill. 
  • Furthermore Sense Motive is now incorporated into the Preception skill. 
  • I am going to implement Conviction (from True20) & Challenges (from M&M)- These are the pdfs I will email out so everyone can become familiar with them. 
  • I created some Combat Applications for some select skills and new Full-round actions that we can try as 0-level characters, but more about that Wednesday. 
  • No arcane spellcasters please (this is not the game for them), and you may only multiclass into one additional class and one prestige class. 
  • Also I want to limit our resource to Pathfinder Core only. As Pathfinder comes out with more; I will pass judgment as the need arises. Although as the DM I reserve the right to resource outside PF. *muha ha ha ha!
  • There are several Realms changes to what we presuppose in d20; like that an enhancement is a magical bonus, and Arcane and Divine are of the same magic; but I'll have more Wednesday. 
  • I would like everyone to commit to one blog post each week. Even if it is a picture of your character or a tirade *in character*. In addition, I will soon be sharing a Google Document with you all for NPCs and so forth. I'll edit in the NPC name and it be up to you guys to add their description and what you know of them. The more we all put into this game the more we will all get out of it.
  • If there is a 2 size difference or greater between melee opponents that other can range attack the larger of the two without incurring a -4 for firing in melee or risk hitting the smaller creature. And a creature's 5' step is their natural reach. King Kong doesn't take just a five foot step and you can shoot his ass regardless of whatever idiot is trying to stab him!
  • There is a chance to shape the course of the campaign through what your character would know as rumor, legend or truth. For example your character has Knowledge: Geography. Therefore you could suggest to the campaign that: "a rumor has surfaced that a Barbarian tribe has begun raiding farms to the north" or "Tundra Barbarians are locked in a turf war with orc shaman". Nothing game-breaking but something that could add to the 'world in motion' effect we like in our games. Just one player a week- based on what his character has knowledge of- contributes one tidbit of campaign flava on the Blog. Plus I get to somehow bring it into the game or interpret it in a way to screw
  • Last but not least: level achievements. Five achievements are needed for level advancement. As an example an easy one could be: Choose a class feature, skill or feat you'll gain next level and incorporate its acquisition into your story. This way its about furthering the story line and not so much about who has most kills.
Remember to leave a comment. STACK EM!

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All in the family

There are 76 families of varying degrees of power, size and influence; most of whom can trace their lines back to the founding of Waterdeep itself. The power base in the North lies in the control of the flow of trade in and through Waterdeep. Waterdeep is the portal through which the riches of the north can be reached. Once trade from the south reaches Waterdeep it is routed to nearly anyplace in the north by mandate of the Lords of Waterdeep and by extension, the noble houses.
As with most large cities; information is also a currency that has its own exchange rate and houses that broker information or the art of misinformation are top tier families. Mercenary companies are common place and function as private armies and personal garrisons for a variety of different causes and organizations. Houses with mercenary services or training are second tier in the Waterhavian aristocracy. Caravan mastering and ranching comes in as the next tier; the north is rife with creatures domesticated and wild; docile and hostile.
From the lone hedge-wizard who hires a couple of mercenaries to guard his wares and his skin to the town across the way; or the merchant bringing ore down from the mountains- he most likely does so with the permission of the Noble Houses and the Lords of Waterdeep. There are 42 recognized guilds in Waterdeep as a result from Norther economics gave the rise of seven guilds: The Horsemen’s Association, The Order, The Fellowship of Carters, Coachmen and Caravan Masters, The Surveyor’s, Map & Cryptographers Union, The Society of Lenders, Changers and Bankers, and the Fraternity of the Sword and Shield.