Thursday, February 13, 2014

Review (2/12/14)

After exchanging excited tales of overnight discoveries and personal breakthroughs after our stalemate attack on Carso’s Pharoha we also ventured talk about truespeech and the possible endgame of the Aboleth: the knowledge of Tiamat’s truename.

It was a busy Thursday. First on the agenda was the School of the Winter Blade and Ishitome Mishi only to find that Mishi was killed earlier that morning. Two personal assistants claim to have seen a dark female silhouette make an escape the direction another intruder took only two weeks ago…

During the time stop a drow-tiefling was seen burglarizing practice and ceremonial gear and was eventually chased off out a balcony. Now it would seem the woman was back and this time made off with a journal kept by Mishi. Its contents unknown but could be a formula book of poisons.  

Mishi and one of the assistants had been injured by a crossbow bolt behind the head and possibly affected by a poison found on the body.  After talking with some of the warriors and teachers we learn that Mishi’s number two, Mather, was killed on the Fox Bridge. Before we leave the Winter Blade agrees to be loyal to Versel if he were to avenge their former master.

From here we travel to the Reign of Blades academy and Etrian Starkmore who was visibly distraught by the loss of a friend; he and Mishi met regularly at a nearby pub. Versel asks about a possible drow woman to Etrian and eventually the student body; that led us Lefor coming forward to relay the Fox Bridge events as he had divined them. He was looking for the weapons taken by Kalaris, Lefor surmises she is likely in one of two places… Sunbow mansion or TicToc Castle.

At the Sunbow we encounter Vinco who tells of three drow women: Mazon, Drielle- the most recent additions, and Kalaris- our prime suspect. Of course she is not here in the middle of the day so we ask to be notified upon her return and head off to prepare for the Hall of Voices.

The Grand Parliament was called shortly after our arrival with many people, merchant, and representatives creating a circus like chaos outside. Inside several points of interest were covered.
  • Embry calls for an emergency charter for the underwriters and calls for another full term from Deidre Saltsure. Approved 8-1
  • Savidia, a Rockhammer gnome and Seafoam Councilor, asks for a reprieve from their restrictions regarding Carso’s Pharaoh. Embry expresses concerns about seafoam trade practices in general and calls for a manifest to be produced- this ship was implemented as a drow sister-ship. An inspectors office is created with Embry, Arkiel, and Navy officials to inspect the ship in short order.
  • Samson Dragonsbane is confirmed.
  • Versel introduces Jaren Minister of Draconic Affairs. It is Jaren’s intention to rebuild the docks but owned by SONS but used by all. The announcement was a surprise and recess was called.  
  • During recess Embry and Deidre speak with Jaren on the possibility of a new dock guild controlled by SONS. The Underwriters would be an available resource.
  • Of resources Jaren requires raw material that will be arranged forth coming. 

7pm Cinderblock where we catch up on messages, receive favors, and encounter Dorger, a Rockhammer dwarf responding to a request for investigation, Versel sends him to the Winter Blade to begin his search.

After this Auge remains at the Cinderblock for training, Jaren devotes time to crafting, while Durg and Versel return to Sunbow mansion. Once there they are informed of Kalaris’ return and her location in the dungeon. It is here where Versel and Durg learn that Kalaris is in fact not here, only her summoned succubi who is the real whore working in the Dungeon.

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