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House Rules Part Two: Action Dice

1. Every player receives 1 Action Die per session. An Action Die provides a +5 bonus to a single D20 roll.

2. After using your action die you can make a luck check DC 20. If you succeed you can keep your action die to use again that session. Every successful luck check increases the DC of the next check by 1.

3. Anytime you confirm a Natural 20 critical hit, you earn an action die for that session. (You roll a Nat. 20, and then roll a 16 + modifiers and that would hit, you have confirmed the Nat 20 crit and earned an action die).

4. Anytime you score a critical hit you can forgo the critical and earn an action die, this even applies if you look at the crit card and decide not to take the card or critical. This does not apply to creatures that can’t be crit.

5. The DM can award Action Die for actions deemed worthy, think of it like unlocking an achievement on XBOX. He can eliminate action dice for actions deemed unworthy, such as not keeping good notes on where you got your stuff.

6. The primary note keeper of the game will start with an extra action die.

7. Some sessions may end in the middle of a scenario, when this happens the DM may opt to keep Action Die status current until end of scenario.

8. Anyone may spend two action dice to provide a co-player with a single action die bonus of +5. If that player also used an action die on their self, the bonus’ stack.

9. Anyone may spend two action dice for an extra move action that is an immediate action. This cannot be used if everything in a given situation is resolved. In other words if I tell you to roll a reflex save versus a breath weapon, you can choose to use your two dice to move out of the way. If you wait until after you roll your save, I’ve rolled damage and am preparing to move on you are SOL.

10. Anyone may spend two action dice to gain access to a feat that they qualify for. So you can’t spend two action dice for Combat Expertise unless you have an Intelligence of 13 for example.

11. Anyone may spend two action dice to increase the magical bonus on a magic weapon by +1 for the encounter. After the encounter that weapon becomes magically dormant for 24 hours.

12. Anyone may spend two action dice to utilize a magic item once or for one round depending on type, that is not normally available for them to use or not on their spell list.

13. Anyone may spend one action die to act in a surprise round. If an ability or feat already allows this, you can increase to a full round action during the surprise round.

14. Spell casters may spend two action dice to increase their caster level by 2.

15. Spell casters may spend two action dice to keep a spell they just cast as long as it is not the highest level spell they are capable of casting.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Home Rules Part 1 Luck Score

OK I admit it. I like charts and I like rolling dice. I like to have something in my back pocket as a player that will let me have a very good chance of success or at least survival.  I know our efforts have been towards streamlining the game and this will add a layer to it but I still think its fun.  I've tested it out with the Sunday group and after initial grumblings its gone over well enough.  I think with the Wednesday crew it will go over even better.  There are aspects of this combo platter that effectively work like James' descriptive combat +2 bonus that was out there, this is just slightly more defined.

Luck score is first. This is a character ability that is generated at character creation just like strength or dexterity.  It follows the same modifier chart in the Pathfinder rule book as other ability points do.  Whenever a player earns an ability point they may choose to increase their luck score or any other character ability.

What is it used for? Well the primary use is to allow a free flow to the game while still allowing for reasoned character creativity. This calls for an example: The party is traveling through the city when an encounter occurs.  The DM has described a bar on the corner and a variety of buildings in disrepair, all containing businesses closed at this hour of the night.  Invariably a player will ask the DM a question about his environment that the DM really hasn't considered, such as is there a water source or well in the vicinity.  The luck score takes care of this by allowing the DM to either set a DC, say 11 in this case since there is a good chance of such a thing, or roll against the players check, reasoning those that lay in ambush picked an out of the way spot, home turf type of thing.  Usually when the dm rolls a check against the player it is at a +2 bonus.  Either way this facilitates the game, while still giving the creative player a chance for some creative combat. 

Of course the DM has the option of when the Luck score roll is necessary.  Another excellent use of the Luck Score is during trips to the market. The players are free to look for anything, the more exotic the higher the DC it is to find. 

I'm also going to work in two additional options.

1. Once per game session a player may add his luck bonus to his initiative "you got lucky and got the drop on them".  That bonus is declared prior to rolling. 

The 2nd use of the Luck Score is a finite number of Hero Points, meaning as you spend Hero Points, your luck score drops permanently.  Hero Points are much more powerful than action dice. Examples of use: Restore all spells as if you just rested, Heal 10 per level, Gain DR 50/+5 for a number of rounds equal to your luck score bonus. Guaranteed saves vs all spells for 1 round. Gain the effects of any one spell equal to the highest level you can cast. Add a magical property to a weapon for an encounter. Gain an immunity for a number of rounds equal to your luck score bonus. Etc. Etc.

Welcome Back Mr. Kotter

Among the mysteries of the sea, Stormhaven stands proud and defiant, a city built upon the relic of an unknown civilization. Four great pillars support a disk of preternatural stone, its architects an enigma as great as the means of its construction. The new inhabitants settled centuries ago, giving the city its current name because of the solidity and endurance it offers against the surrounding ocean is undeniable. Settlers erected their own dwellings on top of the disk and, when they crowded it too much, engineered a floating city lashed to the four pillars.

Magic is the lifeblood of Stormhaven, coursing through its very foundations and making life comfortable away from the shores of any nation. Its staunch neutrality ensures that the riches keep flowing, making Stormhaven into a monument to unfettered greed and hunger for power. It is the destination of choice for the most ruthless merchants, crime lords and politicians, where a silver tongue, quick wit and a fast blade are invaluable commodities, both on the lowly docks and the glittering palaces. Any adventurer with the right combination of ingenuity, strength and daring will find that Stormhaven embraces him like a lover and that no dream of wealth, no matter how extravagant, is beyond his grasp.

Places, terms, and other miscellaneous:

Upside: The pinnacle of Stormhaven, the wealthiest residents live on a platform suspended high above the ocean, far beyond the concerns of the wretched beneath.

Grand Parliament: Governmental entity made up of the major guild heads. Each guild elects a councilor to represent them in the parliament.

DriftDowns: City beneath the city on the disk above.

The Fingers of god: Vachan, Dastos, Vespius, & Olmak are the four great pillars that support Upside. They are made of the same stone as the world disk, each measuring a full quarter of a mile in diameter and so far as anyone can tell, extend all the way to the sea floor. All four pillars are covered in runes, each the height of a tall man.

Copper Gate: The Pillar Dastos is completely encircled by a wooden fence that is nearly 20 feet high and covered in a thin film of oil to discourage would be climbers. The only access through the fence is the Copper Gate, a wide door that is 10 feet high and 5 feet thick. It is guarded at all times by the Driftwatch Patrol.

Pillory Square: Former area of punishment used now as a pulpit for local rabble rousers at White Foam University.

The Ballroom: Through the years this expansive square formed at the juncture of all three Central Piers, has been the battleground of choice for radicals and rival gangs.

The Siren’s Call: The cities premiere feast hall, ran by the husband & wife gnomes Tevrius and Snowi.

The Dawn Sea: The most expensive inn in the Driftdowns, an elegant two story building.

Sea King’s Castle: The largest inn in Stormhaven, a sprawling 3 story building

Sundered Anvil: Dwarven weaponsmith Algus Splitbeard runs this establishment

Wicked Widow: Tavern in the Driftdowns.

Bulova’s Cottage: A kitchen pub famous for its reptilian owner, Madame Bulovas.

Crumpled Playbill: Theater made from the rotted remains of a 3 story Warehouse.

Up from the Depths: Fortune Teller and Finder of Lost Things (pg. 41)

Red Quill Tattoo: A tattoo shop

Gideon House: The most powerful Driftdown Guild which isn’t saying much

Sea Nymph’s Bathhouse: The sign on the door says it all. “Dedicated to the revelry of the flesh in all its forms”

Phantom Caravel: A pub that caters to non-guild merchants and independent ship captains

Hag’s Britches: A rough & tumble pub

Temple of the Gentle Caress: The largest temple in the driftdowns built from the capsized hull of a mercantile ship.

Kingfisher Apartments: Non-descript two story building holding 25 apartments

Queen O’ the Sharks: Small pub known for its famous owner, Quantious Wellspring a ½ orc.

The Horned Crown: A sage

University of the White Wave: Two Orca Ships lashed together side by side make up the permanent residence for the school.

Kraken’s Nest: Dark broken ships…

The Black Spot: Hole in the wall bar of little repute and plenty of danger

Maggots: Junk Trader

Central Piers: The heart & anchor of the Driftdowns, thriving and bustling with activity. The majority of businesses and apartment complexes are located here.

Fire Towers: Each of the Fingers of god are flanked by a pair of floating, 30 ft high stone towers. Tower walls are 10 feet thick and held aloft by powerful spells. The towers are connected to the pillars by a long, narrow, stone bridge, the pillar’s end housing a Driftwatch Patrol. The towers take ther name from immense bonfires lit by night at the top of the towers, acting as beacons for incoming vessels.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

On 2nd Thought

I've been thinking and working a bit towards the next game and here is the thing.  I'm much further along and ready for the first portiong, call it part 1, of the next chapter of the All Mage Game than I am ready for M&M.  The Mutants and Masterminds game requires a bit more historical research and I just don't feel I'm quite there yet.  My excitement lies with part 1 of the next chapter.  So with that in mind, when you arrive Wednesday arrive with D&D books.  Main rule book is pathfinder but all 3.5 material is available, on an approval basis.  Please respond that you have read this post and either express your joy or agony at this change. I will be posting more information on this portion of the game.

A few key points:

Characters for part 1 are evil.  Base race is either elf or human.  Two of the characters, depending on choices will have the 1/2 dragon template. Advancement will be on the medium track.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Random super-power result :(

Adam has the power to communicate with ghosts with gestures, but only when well-rested. He also has been known to view distant locations with his mind and he is able to transform his body into corbomite. Adam developed the talent to transform any alien into a zombie and he has mastered the ability to force jackals into a deep sleep, however can only do so twice a day. He can take control of disease and bend it to his will and he has been known to jump into the minds of assailants. Adam possesses all of the powers and talents of a jellyfish. Lamentably, Adam is deathly afraid of lynxes.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Treasure List (Campign Pause)

Each party member receives 348 gold, and 29 pp. The party fund adds 352 gold and 8 silver. There is also a selection of art items and gems, which I took the liberty of splitting up thusly: Troy gets a gold pendant with a ruby (1700 gp); Butch gets a crystal bowl and pitcher, a mithril chime, and a dog statue carved of wood (1230 gp); Russ gets vestments dedicated to Helm, a silver pearl worth 130 gp, a tourmaline worth 60 gp, and a banded agate worth 10 gp (total value 1200 gp); Rob gets a silver brooch worth 800, a silver anklet worth 60gp, and a violet garnet worth 400 gp. I gave Troy the big dog because he had the first pick this week. The following items are all unclaimed treasure. This list does not include the elemental rings, as they have carriers if not owners. Please respond via post if you spot discrepancies. Also post if you have something you wish to add to the list, or something you wish to claim from the list.
4 dragon horns that are each equal to +1 daggers of venom
Arcane scroll- unseen servant spectral hand
Arcane scroll- burning hands minor image disguise self
Arcane scroll- suggestion tongues
+1 short sword
+1 frost kama
bracers of armor +3
ring of the ram
ring of armor (city of splendors)
gauntlets of weaponry arcane (city of splendors)
black cloak of the archmage
+3 glamoured leather armor
brooch of shielding
thunderstone ring
alchemist fire ring
antitoxin vest
We also have the following items from the air temple:
Wand of airball
Wand of elemental body
Candle of invocation
Sword that once contained the spirit of a vampire. A lot of time has passed, he may have escaped.
Magic hand crossbow
Samular legacy blade, unclaimed by any of the heirs we know of
A number of coin was also taken from the temple, as it displayed opulent wealth. I have in my notes that I took 4000 gp, but your totals may be different. I just wanted to remind you guys of it, cuz there is no way in hell we will remember it 6 months from now. By the way, GREAT FUCKING DRAGON KILLING BONANZA OF A GAME !!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Horns

Midsummer, called Midsummer Night or the Long Night, is a time of feasting and music and love. In a ceremony performed in some lands, unwed maidens are set free in the woods and then ‘hunted’ by their would-be suitors throughout the night in late drunken merrymaking. Betrothals are traditionally made upon this night. Historically, it is very rare for the weather to be bad during Midsummer Night - such is considered a very bad omen, usually thought to foretell famine or plague.

The Double Daggers
Located in the western sky, this constellation is two fuzzy clusters of blue-white stars, which appear as two side-by-side crescents or arcs in the sky that point downward. True west can be found exactly halfway between the two arcs - heading "straight between the eyes." In the Sword Coast North, the Daggers are known as The Eyes of the Watching Woman, and in the western Heartlands men speak of "where Selune looks back." To the Bedine of Anauroch, the Daggers are known as The Jambiyas, or the Eyes of Elah. Similarly, the elves know this constellation as The Eyes of Uelaereene (named after the long-ago Queen Uelaereene of Evermeet), and the halflings of Luiren connect the two arcs and call it The Gull. Dragons call it The Horns.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Crusades (Part Six: Year of the Catacombs)

In the Year of the Catacombs; the seven half sons and daughters of King Samular, ventured forth in many crusades for their father who was, by anointment of the church of Tempus, king by divine right rather than royal blood. They continued the crusades their father began so many years ago, holy quests that would eventually see the end of terror the fierce dragons held in the north-realms. However there were nefarious individuals who would see their demise.

Sai Heronimus was a high-priest and one of the deacons of the Tempus Temple, a military fortification and sanctuary. Heronimus, son of Samular was devout to his god, but he had an insatiable attraction to woman and had a difficult time avoiding them and their temptations. Although he had committed some indiscretions, was considered a powerful and wise priest who proved himself a valuable asset to Tempus putting the good of the church above all else.

Lady-Sai Xanthom Oriana was somewhat vain half-elf, she was known for her sword play as well as a devout priestess of Tempus. She helped Heronimus as director of her temple becoming a favorite of Tempus. Her time is spent administering the matters of the church. Together they made great discoveries that were lost in ancient tomes and scripts- all in efforts to finding the lost legacies.

Elsewhere… Karlott looked up at Crimson; her enchanting eyes and pouting lips were a rich scarlet color matching the hue of her vivid scales. Vain and contemptuous the dragoness was Karlott’s favorite co-conspirator; she had her motives but for now these motives at least aligned with his own.

“I believe the Samular brats have discovered clues to the location of one of Frostburn’s lairs.” Karlott’s tone was irritated. Frostburn was an Alpha-male and the most feared dragon of the North. No other bull-male dragons or females for that matter had survived a confrontation with him. Karlott continued, “They are on the hunt for the remaining Weapons of Legacy.” Crimson stirred impatiently, but Karlott ignored her and went on. “They cannot be allowed to gather these, for if they assemble… I fear that not even the fury of Frostburn could hope to contain them.”

“What shall we do?” Crimson asked in dramatic fashion, feigning fear and worry. Now it was Karlott’s turn to show impatience. “We crush them from the inside and turn them against each other, an old trick true but I understand you have a cache of cursed magic items that will prove to be useful.”

Crimson was shocked to hear Karlott knew as much as he did. “Go on,” she bayed. Karlott smiled and did so, “The church of Auril has agreed to sacrifice a number of acolytes that will bind one of these cursed items- a magical helm I believe will suit our purposes, to their church thereby creating a rift between the knights and their beliefs. They will be in disarray and without the favor of their god. The Knights of Samular will then fall to the Cult and the Dragons of the north.” Karlott’s grin widened to mimic Crimson’s own smile.

The Warp Marble

Warp Marble (from the pages of the AD&D Tome of Magic)

This item is a small ( ½ -inch diameter) sphere of fine crystal, often appearing with a rich blue or aquamarine hue. Each marble has three words of command associated with it.

The first command triggers the marble to create an extradimensional space large enough to contain a single large-sized creature. When this word is spoken, the closest creature to the marble is instantly transported to and imprisoned within this space. Similar to the seclusion spell, the inhabitant of this space can see and hear events in the "real world," but can do nothing to affect anything outside the prison. Spellcasting and use of psionics are impossible while within the prison. If the prison is already occupied, this first word of command will have no effect.

The second command word releases the occupant of the extradimensional space. The occupant is immediately returned to the "real world," appearing within three feet of the marble (wherever it might be). Note that this word of release can be spoken and will be effective from within the prison. Thus, the possessor of the marble can use it as a sanctuary to escape from harm.

The third word of command sets the marble as a trap. After this word is spoken, the first creature of large size or smaller to touch the marble is immediately imprisoned within the extradimensional space. If the first creature to touch the marble is larger than size L, the magic is not triggered; if a size L or smaller creature subsequently touches the item, the magic takes effect.

Once one creature has been imprisoned, other creatures can touch the marble with no adverse effects. A creature trapped in this method can be freed only through the use of the word of release from outside the marble.

A marble trapped in this manner can be thrown at another creature in an attempt to trap the creature. If an attack roll is successful, the target creature is allowed a saving throw versus spell. Success indicates that the creature suffers no effect. Failure indicates that the creature is trapped in the warp marble.

If a marble is taken into an extradimensional space (such as within a portable hole), if it is teleported, gated, or transported via dimensional folding or any analogous method, or if it is shifted to another plane of existence, any occupant of the extradimensional space is immediately expelled into the Astral plane.

* In your case the riddle soultion 'coffin' said in three different specific languages are the command words. I was incorrect regarding the HD limitation of the item- its limitation is the creatures size.

Beware of Faerunians Bearing Gifts

Takto surveyed the grisly scene, the bodies of the invaders lay sprawled around the jungle floor. Two of his fellow Jaguar warriors were playing an impromptu game of tlachtli, kicking a severed head back and forth between them. His younger cousin, Loktil, a fierce warrior in his own right, was investigating the invaders' booty. These men had crossed the great sea, coming from the east and had fared poorly here in the lush jungles of his land. It was assumed these men and women meant to conquer his people's lands, and as leader of the mighty Jaguar warriors, Takto would not allow that. They had crept upon the invaders while they camped, and then swiftly killed them all.
Loktil straightened up from ransacking the pickings, holding a crescent shaped, stringed instrument. He looked over at his older cousin, smiled and then plucked one of the strings. A painful, discordant note filled the air and immediately the two warriors who had been playing the game, swore at each other and clawed at their weapons; savage, wooden swords with chips of obsidion forming serrated teeth along the edges. The first one to get his weapon readied swung it in a viscious arc, slicing into his companion's side with a meaty thwack. The victim, seemingly ignorant of the mortal wound, retaliated. His sword smacked into his attacker's head, mostly with the flat of the heavy wooden blade. Loktil looked on in confusion as Takto raced across the small clearing, yelling to the others to stop this madness. The first warrior to strike, shaking his head dazedly, pulled his weapon from his friend's body and raised it again to strike when Takto thrust himself between the two enraged warriors.
Takto, uncertain what had just happened, spoke calmly and quietly to the two warriors. The one with the moral blow had sunk to his knees by this time, his life running out in streams of red. The first warrior dropped his sword, his eyes clearing as realization dawned upon him. Takto turned and eased the dying warrior onto the ground as the fighter breathed his last. Takto looked up and over to his cousin, still holding the harp in slack hands. He swiftly ordered Loktil to replace the harp in it's container, the priests would know what to do with it. He then called into the surrounding jungle to bring the rest of the Jaguar party, who had been busy forming a perimeter and searching for any other survivors, to come in and clean up the debris. Takto and the warrior who had struck his companion down then formed a litter to carry the body.
As the strike team readied to head back to the city, Takto surveyed once again the clearing of death. These invaders, whoever they were, carried with them strange magics. Would his people be able to survive if these white men came in force?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

White Hot Rage in a State of Bliss

Damian: As the white hot lightning filled my soul, my body soaring with newfound power, I could feel myself embracing my ancestry and with each stroke of my magical blade, awash in the death throes of our ancient enemy, a new image filled my mind's eye.  I know not were it lairs but I am sure it is near.  Further, during my last sleep, I had a dream about this dragon, or rather another enemy of the beast.  In my dream a man who could change his form, from what appeared like a woodsman into a great cat, large enough to be dire.  This creature tracked the dragon and taunted the dragon by hunting game in the territory near its lair.  Right before I woke up, I saw the dragon suddenly appear before the woodsman, obscured from sight by some magic.  The Woodsman changed form into a humaniod/cat hybrid, entering into an enraged combat with the drake. It was then I awoke, a name on my lips, Letigre.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Crusades (Part Five: Eldritch-Knight)

Knock. Knock. Knock. The Abbot looked up from the scroll of protection from water he just completed; such a scroll will be useful to him. Winter in the North can be harsh and desolate most times. Another knock broke him from his wandering thoughts. Going to the door, a single figure presented himself to the monk- a lone traveler. Weathered and injured he had only one possession; a silver great-sword. It appeared that his body was terribly burned years ago; his meager clothes did little to hide thoes scars to say nothing of keeping the winter cold at bay.

The traveler called himself Karlott and palavered with the monk describing the perils of his travels. He was being perused by nesting of young dragons, it was them who so badly scarred him (luckily he, until recently had healing) and that they had been dealt with. The clergy consisted of Helm worshiping monks, humans mostly from all over the north as well as an exiled clan of Earthfast dwarves from the east; they too Helmites. While Karlott appeared to be regaining his strength over the next stretch of days, the monks were beginning to fall ill- even the Earthfast dwarves.

Outside, overlooking the monastery on a nearby granite summit were the dragons; a trio of anxious youths who looked down upon the edifice with contempt and simmering hate. They would slowly weaken the Helmites by contaminating their water and then strike them down. Very soon now, Karlott said five days; it had been four.

With the clergy incapacitated, Karlott was eager to find what he came here for. He had to locate it soon; he doubted if the dragons would wait until the appointed time. God of guardians indeed, Karlott mused. He entered the chamber that ‘guarded’ the various cursed texts, dangerous tomes and items of… there- a Nether Scroll; magical text containing ancient and malevolent passages to the pool of annulment.

Approximately one-quarter mile north, climbing a steady slope up the mountain Endrick pulled his cloak tight against the harsh winter winds. Endrick hoped to reach Helm’s Hold before now, the information he sought from the Helm-monks was important. Not far from here mud-men are creating a menace to the low-land ranchers and farmers. Mud-men are fiercely territorial and were killing horses and bison when they wandered too close to the pools they so jealously guarded. Endrick’s eldritch-sorcery was capable but he sought mundane methods for the ranchers; some of the monks were competent herbalists, Endrick believed they could provide a solution.

Endrick noticed the dragons instinctively and immediately once they took wind, his Samular blood never failing him. He became enraged, all thoughts of mud-men, bison and ranchers purged from his thoughts and replaced with the sudden adrenaline of combat and its urgent need for dragon blood. When Endrick arrived at the monastery moments later he saw how dire the situation was for the weakened Helmite monks.

Endrick raised his Thunderstaff (a name he would later adopt) and pointed the weapon at the treacherous and scarred evil man. Karlott was known among the Knights of Samular as a dragon collaborator, ally and co-conspirator; a movement has even evolved into a cult-like entity. Karlott was caught by surprised by Endrick the Eldritch-Knight and was thrown over the side of Helm Hold’s precipice. Karlott had but the briefest moment to react; retain his weapon or save the Nether Scroll. The great-sword clamored to the ground as Karlott and the Nether Scroll fell into the cold mountain winds and disappeared into the low clouds.

Endrick picked up Karlott’s former silver Githyanki sword and felt it comfortable and wielding in his hands. His emotions heated anew as eldritch magic coursed though him. He looked about, red staining his vision as voices sang in his ears; he gripped the sword tightly in both hands. Endrick, Eldritch-Knight of Samular only swung the sword three times; it was all that was necessary to slay all three dragons.

Somewhere below the precipice- defeated but not deterred Karlott painfully griped the scrolls in his good hand, vowing that he would one day have his revenge against the Thunderstaff and their magic.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Traitors in Our Midst: A conversation between brothers

Bordane: Brother, while I lay insensate on the floor of the Air Temple, Bane came to me and spoke. He spoke of there being a traitor amongst us, yet was not clear if this was a traitor to me personally or to the group. While almost every fiber of my being cries out for this traitor's blood, which would probably end this alliance, this Company of Nine, it strikes me as a wiser course to instead try to influence and turn this person to our use. The wise craftsman knows when to throw away the useless tool. True, if this person could be turned to our way of thinking, he or she would bear watching closely for the rest of our lives but in keeping the Company together, allowing this person to live may be best. When we get to back to Waterdeep, I'd like to engage Eva and her family in some... mystic spying on certain group members. Let us keep this 'tween ourselves, until we can further cement our plans.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Eva's epiphany

Eva consumed the raw dragon heart as her pulsed quickened. Like a vampire tasting blood for the first time she hoped the sensation would last forever. She couldn't believe only minutes before the thought of eating a raw heart turned her stomach. Now she relished the thought of her next dragon encounter. She felt a bit out of place longing for conflict. She was not a warrior praying to Tempus for glorious battle. Nor was she a sorceress slinging bolts of energy in Mystras name. Where the thought of combat before had filled her with fear now seemed to energize her. Until now the certainty of death was the only thing she had taken comfort in but that was no longer the case. Ingesting the still warm heart of this creature alongside her family had brought her a joy she had never known. She was eager to capture this feeling again.

She had changed in the 3 weeks since she left Waterdeep. The scared little girl everyone called odd had transformed into a fully realized knight of Samular. Her power was growing and she was developing tactics of her own. With each battle she learned more and the creatures that obeyed her commands had proven useful. As she consumed the last of her trophy a vision was granted to her and she began to recite a tale.

(Eva) -Long ago an evil dragon ruled over a large territory in the northern mountain region. He had eliminated the best warriors of all the barbarian tribes in the mountains and surrounding area to secure his position as overlord. A clan of Dwarves and even a tribe of Minotaur’s had fallen under the control of this horrific creature. Paying the beast taxes of food, gold, & blood for years they lived under the tyrannical claw of this monster. The Dragon had many servants his favorite a Halfling who would make regular visits to the local towns and villages. Tasslehoff would deliver the dragons demands of payment every month in person and would report back any misconduct to his master. Any transgression toward Tass was passed to his master for retribution.

One day Tasslehoff was traveling down the mountain when he came across a young minotaur. When the Halfling demanded the minotaur turn over all his positions to him, he reluctantly agreed. Tass took personal joy from humiliating the minotaur’s. He would often make them kneel before him and swear loyalty to his master. They where beast and he treated them like the animals he thought they were. He was quite surprised after striking this particular beast it turned and charged. He gave the command for the creature to stop but it was too late. Gored and trampled the sadistic Halfling died on the mountain pass.

King Kaz’s was ruler of the minotaur clan. Most of his warriors had been captured or killed by the dragon and his minions. The survivors were forced to serve as slave labor alongside the dwarves as they mined precious stones for the dragons treasuries. Kaz was very concerned to hear that his only surviving heir had just brutally murdered the dragons favorite magistrate. He new this would mean the end of his bloodline as the dragon would surly wish to make an example out of him.
As fate would have it a group of human knights from the south had come to the aid of their barbarian cousins. Desperate and out of options Kaz made a deal with these knights. He would guide them to the dragons lair and help them defeat the dragon and his minions. In exchange the knights would free all the slaves the dragon had taken. Kaz and the knights gathered solders as they headed through the mountain towards the dragons lair. Dozens of Humans, Dwarves, & Minotaur’s joined the cause to rid themselves of the dragons tyranny once and for all.

(Insert an hour of descriptive battle scenes here as the dragon and his minions are slain. James this can be written as one of the crusade stories if you like.)

Victorious, King Kaz named the knights of Samular honorary members of his tribe. He declared the day an annual celebration of freedom in their name. Kaz and his son swore an oath should the knights of Samular ever have a need they could call on his clan for help.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Huma’s Silver Dragon

The Swordsman (Humas Samular)

Also known as The Warrior or The Sentinel, this constellation shares the same traits in cultures across Faerun; loyalty, guardianship, battle, freedom. Many legends and myths have been attributed to the Swordsman through the ages, although most recent human ones tend to center around the exploits of Torm or Tempus. In the North, the Swordsman is called Humas Samular and is believed to be the soul of the legendary hero, who drove the dragons from the north, placed in the heavens by Tempus.

Similarly, the elves have many myths about the Swordsman; the most popular is that the Swordsman was Auranamn, the first elf, who fought at Corellon's side during the great battle with Gruumsh. Although Auranamn died in that battle, Corellon lifted his soul up and placed it among the heavens, to spend eternity watching over the elven race.

Huma’s Silver Dragon (Maerilzoun)

The name of this serpent-shaped constellation is ancient, so ancient in fact that only a few sages and astronomers know its' origins or meaning, and most simply call it The Serpent. The constellation was named Maerilzoun by the inhabitants of ancient Raurin, before even the mighty empires of Unther and Mulhorand were born. In their legends, Maerilzoun was a huge, evil serpent that would one day descend from the skies at the end of the world to devour the sun. In the Empires of the Sands, the Serpent is looked upon favorably by thieves, assassins, mages, and others who practice their black arts by night. To the gypsy clans and barbarian tribes of the North, the Serpent and the Swordsman are known collectively as Humas and the Silver Dragon.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wayne herads a legacy

With his sword of Samular high in his hands Wayne heralds the coming battle with the dragons. With intense eyes and muscles taught, he praises and thanks Father Battle for the slaughter he and his ka-tet will soon bring to dragons for the north...

"Tempus, anoint my blade and the weapons of my companions that they may strike true our enemies and fulfill our legacies. All battle is a celebration of perfection and death in your name. Amen"

Chadwick affirms his quarry

Drunk on the succulent meat from the dragons heart, Chadwick looks at you each in turn. With a dire expression: "I was meant for this- we were meant for this." He takes another sip from the dragon-blood filled goblet. "I would hunt these creatures until age kills me or they do." This possibility has a saddening effect in Briars eyes. "If my instincts are correct I believe the cult is causing a resurgence with the dragons of the north. Therefore I avow to you eight, my blood- that I devote my favored enemy to be dragon-kind in any and all forms!"

Monday, August 2, 2010

Taurons prayer

Instead of slaking my thirst, the raw blood of the beast fueled my lust for the next conquest. The blood rage of Samular cannot be denied, and indeed unites us all. I offer my thanks and praises to Tymora, the Fair Lady of Luck, for guiding my path to my destiny, but there is no doubt in me that this legacy belongs to me, to US. My hand has still not cooled from the flush of the heart plucked fresh from the kill, and my tongue longs for the taste again, the taste of life-warm blood cooling my thirst and igniting my desire. My arms seem to long for a familiar weight, and my thoughts are consumed with finding the mighty blade Arcanum. I can practically smell the metal of that blade.We have the power to drive these beasts from the north, but more than that , we have an opportunity to crush the fools who build cults dedicated to the worship of these monsters. May our boot heels run thick with the blood of the Cult of the Dragon, and I say these fools will not be granted any mercy from this Knight of Samular. Let their fate be joined with whom they haven chosen to serve, and let us be the harbingers of their destruction. For the NINE!

Butch- I changed my mind and took a cavalier level, making me 4-1 cavalier/cleric. I just wanted to let you all know. James , I want to know if you will let save my feat to use for my Least Legacy feat. I feel closer than ever to finding Arcanum, and I want to be ready for it when I find it.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dear Diary

I’ve reached a mile stone today in both my physical abilities and my weapon prowess. The more I train and pair up with Damian or Bordane, I feel my abilities continually improve and evolve greatly. For example, no longer do I exercise the quickness of my draw instead I will focus on more agile maneuvers with my staff.

As for my bodily development; it occurred when I, by that I mean we, consumed the raw and still searing heart of the dragon of the Moor. It was rapture, unlike anything I’ve ever known; like I was born to destroy all dragon kind from the realms and feast on their freshly exhumed heart. I observed all of my companions experienced similar reactions, speaking in tongues, vocal exclamations, and even physical... liberations. I, as well as the whole Company look ahead to my/our next encounter with a dragon, which is near beyond the southern horizon in the deadly Serpent Hills.