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Review (10/23/2013)

Kaer Maga
After healing our wounds Versel, Jaren, and Auge hasten to reprise the search for Durg 'the missing' when he suddenly appeared on the map. He was in the Kraken’s Nest but it was Durg alright so we take to the air and ventured below the world disk.

On our flight many of us notice the general warfare that pervades Stormhaven except where Secordia dens. The dragon of sloth will suffer no extraneous or excessive activity- not on her watch.

It was about the time when we were assessing the docks and the stair way that emerged when the world disk was elevated when Durg plunged into the air and back into the fold of his brethren.

He recounts and describes Kaer Maga as an immense disk made of the skeletons of titans or gods with a wall surrounding a fortress that could be hundreds of feet thick with a height greater than the tallest spire on Stonehaven. It was a sinister and dark plane where Durg was able to feel the presence of Tiamat who then banished him forthwith and who seemed to close the portal behind him in the process.

Durg has a debt to repay Uvrok, the Illithids and the aboleth slaver for the devious trap.

Returning to the Cinder Block we spent the next two days cleaning up from the mind flayer ceremony that stole the lives of seventy-five percent of the folk gathered that day. Individuals who trusted in the protection of the Cinder Block.

During this time we were summoned to the Heartstone to commune with mother who was not so much angry at us as she was extremely pissed off. She warned us that Tiama now knows about our existence and that she would be coming for us. The black sphere, now clouding the portal to Kaer Maga, contracts and dilates according to Tiamat’s will; furthermore she can likely control who can use the portal… gate keeper?

Mother advised building a temple for Tiamat for when she arrives or mayhap feel her unpleasantness.

Picking up Friday morning we assess who remains of our primary work-force when Jaren is approached by Sai Needlelong and a desperate request. In exchange for passage for his wife and two children Sai Needlelong would dedicate his artistry service to Jaren. Seeing this as a way to benefit Jaren granted the request while everyone else emptied their haversacks and bags of holding for probable cargo and definite profits.

It was not long when the four of us with the Needlelongs, terrified for their lives, were flying over the sea away from Stormhaven. Approaching the Floating Argyle we see they had raised four white flags in our honor. After some brief introductions and explanations as to our visit we then offer our unique services as specialized delivery agents.

Luck was on our side because he indeed had three chests of product to be delivered to Deidre  Salture as well as ten thousand gold in raw ore (5k) and an array of masterwork exotic weaponry of various metals intended for the Sea Foam Co.; all capable of being enchanted.

Finally there is Three, a bloat-mage who needed passage to Stormhaven to restock on magic components before his return to his homeland… Kaer Maga. Over the ocean he discovers his magic is lacking; Three uses a style of blood magic, but all is not lost… if one has a watermark.

Three tells us what he remembers of his homeland then we cut him loose at the Cinder Block, he will be back after all- but after he first visits the Black Crown.

3 pm. Back at the world disk we keep the weapons bound for the Sea Foam Co. but decide to visit the Underwriter’s and deliver the cheststo Deidre Salture. Although she was not available, a slick stain of a man was- Dambode. We conveyed our desire to meet with Dedre’ to Dambode.

6 pm. We head to the Architects of the Sea for food and information on two prospective maybe three possible takeovers… Flashing Blade and Crossed Swords who collectively are under the Rain of Blades Academy while the School of the Winter Blade is more an exotic fighting school; the Rain and the Winter’s Blade are rivals.

Meanwhile at the Architits of the Sea there was discourse among the Loyal Order of Shipwirghts as to what should happen to the driftdowns docks: the Re-builders were workers who wanted to rebuild them then there is the up-graders who desired a new design to the downside.

We ate then ran into Alistair Embry who, after removing us from the prying ears of his peers explained there are still questions about Obadiah’s death and that Alistair believed he was next. We tell him of the 777s connection to the money changers and then explained our intensions as cargo haulers for the night when he said this would be a great way to expose a mole in his organization.

We pick up next game session with Alistair giving us target ship at sea. We rescheduled the mind flayer warehouse central job for Sunday and we have yet to reschedule Neutral Ground’s fight finals.

Exotic Masterwork Weapons: (4) Darkwood Double Crossbows (780 gp ea./3120 gp), (4) Cold Iron Temple Swords (360 gp ea./1440 gp), and 440 gp in crossbow ammunition.


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