Thursday, July 31, 2014

Review 07/30/2014

The plan: Scry on Voluntatis, teleport to his location and promptly overwhelm him with our red fury; however, the divination failed. Spelled up and ready for bronze dragon blood Jaren teleported to the Waterworks as seen in a previous Legend Lore. Appearing in a complex of tubes, pipes, and tanks we first notice the extreme cold temperature and an obscuring fog that permeated the Waterworks; furthermore we arrived somewhat scattered 10'-15' in different locations by a truename effect. 

Combat began with Sorosh controlling winds to dispatch the cold fog allowing us to see. Jaren, spotting an elf, targets her with a orb of force. Auge hides and begins to look for Voluntatis. Misoak attempts to feeblemind Jaren. Versel, momentarily trapped in a icy-cold tank, strikes the tank wall with a 'feeler punch' to gauge the integrity of his prison. After assessing the effect Versel lets the rest of his attacks off the leash creating a hole. Voluntatis suppresses our auras, some of us are shaken for various durations. Auge spots the bronze dragon and relays the information. The hunter does stuff. The celestial targets Auge with a spell that causes Dexterity damage and caused Auge to be staggered on top of being shaken. ER, the elf Jaren targeted, imbibes a potion and snakes down to a lower ledge. Durg introduces the Waterworks to his little friend, the earth-breaker hammer. 

Sorosh's winds continue to benefit our visual perceptions as he takes aim at Voluntatis. Jaren confirms a critical hit against the bronze dragon with a maximized orb of force (186 pts of damage!). Auge staggered, moved to Durg to give himself time to remove his conditions. Misoak targets Jaren with a cone of acid as her faerie dragon familiar gives her a potion. Versel drinks a potion of invisibility and uses his dimension door ability to be 50' up and out of the cold tank. Voluntatis resets his initiative. The hunter focuses his arrow attacks on Jaren. The celestial successfully enfeebles Durg. ER does stuff. Durg the enfeebled moves to attack the Hunter. 

Voluntatis dimension doors away, later discovered to be in one of the four central tanks. Jaren sends a orb of force at Misoak and Sorosh devotes his entire array of attacks on Misoak. Auge overcomes being staggered and prepares bombs when a critical failure causes him to take the force damage from his own alchemists bombs. Misoak- the acid terror- attacks Sorosh and Jaren with a cone of acid. The effect brings Jaren close to death but the expenditure of a luck point saves him. Versel 'the cleaner' flys about, finds Misoak, and kills her. The hunter attacks Durg and the celestial does stuff. ER blows a horn creating a prayer effect for the good guys, -1's for the rest of us boo. Durg attacks the hunter for a shit-ton. 

Voluntatis successfully suppresses Jaren's supernatural abilities with a truename effect. Sorosh attacks the hunter with his usual cluster attacks. Jaren kills the hunter with a orb of force. Auge moves to hide (nat 20) and reads heal from a scroll. Versel notices two more ER opponents and flys over to attack- solitary warrior style. ERb attacks Versel, fail and ERc also fails against Versel with ranged attacks. The celestial critically fumbles an attack against Auge with a spectral hand ending the spectral hand spell and negating the attack. The first ER sends arrow attacks toward Versel. Durg the unheedful moves up to the celestial to attack and receives a back lash from the celestial's aura.  

Voluntatis fills the enture Waterworks with a modified breath weapon as a force effect. Sorosh attacks ERb with an orb of force. Jaren casts True seeing in order to spot the bronze dragon locating him in one of the large central water tanks. Auge hidden waits for Voluntatis to show himself to target him with a dimensional anchor spell. Versel vs. the ER's killing bravo causing ERc to withdraw from combat. The celestial speaks a holy word and everyone except Versel takes 26 points of damage and are blinded for 3 rounds. ER does stuff. Durg moves using his scent to Auge who removes his blindness with an extract resetting his initiative to last. 

Voluntatis utters a guttural bark as a sonic energy effect toward Versel. Jaren casts limited wish to duplicate a remove blindness... removing his blindness. Sorosh blinded heals himself. Versel moves to the celestial keeping him in lunge range. All ERs fled the combat. The celestial and arcane thief steals Versel's stoneskin. Durg moves to put the celestial in flank with Versel. Auge removes his own blindness effect with an extract. 

Voluntatis targets Jaren with a cold ice strike as well as a flesh to stone effect. Jaren disintegrates a 13' hold in the top of Voluntatis' water tank hiding place. Sorosh, still blind heals himself. Versel lets the dogs out with full attacks on the celestial. The celestial, faced with a do or die casts scorching cold ray on both Durg and Versel. Durg moves in with his pipe-breaker hammer on the celestial for full attacks. Auge spots Voluntatis and targets him with a dimensional anchor but fails to overcome the bronze dragon's spell resistance. 

We begin next session at the top of the 8th round of combat which is the last round of blindness for Sorosh. RIP Misoak, the Hunter, and ERb F you in the P. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Be Warned

Coralis laughed at the voice’s offer, responding, “I’m sure you would prefer to meet me here stranger, but I’m afraid for now this form of communication will have to suffice.”  Stepping from behind his study desk, Coralis waited for the voice to respond and moved to his study door which stood slightly ajar.  While only sticking his hand out of his doorway, the high priest of Ilúvatiar signaled his young secretary to enter his sanctum.  The secretary, a very young and inexperienced cleric stumbled in, quill and ink in hand.  Coralis shook his head at the sight of scribes tools and handed the young priest two scrolls, telling him to bring tea when he finished delivering his missives. Truth to tell, the messages were busy work, meant more to keep listening ears and lively imaginations from listening to his magical conversation with some unknown man's voice.
The voice returned and despite expecting it, the elf could not help but be slightly startled, “I am speaking to you from an ocean away hoping to alert you to your great danger.  I’m sure my words sound extreme, even ridiculous, but you must understand, these scale bloods are very powerful.”  Coralis was anxious to keep the voice talking, his divine magic ready to detect any lies that were spoken.
“I am certainly willing to hear your warning, but any actions would be tempered by reason; a stranger’s warning? Or a voice manipulating me to it’s own ends.  Why should you care so much for a people so far from your own? I have asked you before not to speak riddles and you won’t even tell me your name while you already know mine.” The elf retreated to his well worn argument hoping the anxious tone he detected in the man's voice would entice this stranger to reveal more information.
The voice ignored Coralis’ argument, asking, “Since you are still talking, I assume you have confirmed your inability to scry on the spawn? I don’t think you understand what you are dealing with.  These are not the soulless devil spawn your people have hunted, these creatures were MADE. The closest thing to family they have is a death dealing Drow mercenary king who supervised their hatching and training.  These four strike with alacrity while having many defenses and immunities. I am a master of Divination and I warn you dark times are coming for your people.”

With those words the voice was gone. Coralis had learned a lot more this time and worse, not once had the voice lied to him.  The elven high priest sighed, realizing not only would he need to speak to Voluntatis’ dragon disciple Misoak he would need to visit the moon pool and commune with the fey. 


Ilúvatiar, Father of Elves

Source Rappan Athuk Copyright 2012 Bill Webb, Frog God Games

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Domains: Plant, Animal, Magic, War

Symbol: A bow and sword hanging from the eternal oak

Garb: Shades of grey, green, hazel, chestnut and sable

Favored Weapons: Longbow & Longsword

Form of Worship and Holidays: Eve of every mid month during the summer

Typical Worshipers: High elves & wood elves, warriors, wizards and rangers of the elven race.

The father of all elves and firstborn of the race, Ilúvatiar is portrayed as a handsome elven man draped in a cloak of forest leaves. His skin may appear as gleaming white as birch bark, or any of the varying shades of brown and green found in primeval woodlands. Ilúvatiar has keen golden eyes like those of an owl. His sword and bow are said to never miss a target and slay those of evil intent instantly.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Review 07/23/14

Flying onward toward the stone edifice the foliage begins to move and successfully, albeit briefly, separated us. The magical effect slowed us down enough for the guardians of the edifice to prepare. They brought on bandersnatches/ 'Tane' (magical beast) and holy warriors to protect the elven pantheon temple. 

Seeing our folly in our headlong assault Jaren (using a wish) then teleports us to Spraggle Tower. Appearing in a rainstorm in the training yard we find that it is four months since our departure from Stormhaven. 

Meeting with Ambassador Katchlack we learn and Versel correctly intuits what is causing a sickness to befall the crops that supply Spraggle Tower. It is here we decide to read messages, replace items, gather legends, and attempt to communicate with a spirit tree. 

Messages from Anan assure us that she is furthering her/our endeavors; her last message from two weeks ago indicated she would travel to the coast near Nimbus. Jaren spent most of the time with a legend lore spell attempting to learn of our bronze enemy. 

* Bronze is a water-based dragon. 
* The name of the bronze dragon has different translations from the truespeech: inclination; to speak of will or a willful person; and lastly wish. 
* The pacted celestial has granted wishes to individuals. 
* In the dream-like visions the bronze dragon looked like an industrious gnome who lovingly cared and worked on the many gears and leavers of the dam. 
* A vision of Avericia over River Wheel Falls NOT inspiring fear. 
* Scenes of enlightened people of RWF some with celestial blood line. 
* Coralis and Misoak
* Legacy Item- a gemstone amulet on a gold chain. (dragon slot?)
* The bronze dragon has a connection with heartstone magic and would give mother influence over his magic, furthermore the bronze dragon makes a suitable component for an alter to Tiamat. 
* Aside from that Sorosh returns with news that RWF is in the far west. 

Auge crafts wondrous items Amulet of natural armor +4, Boots of Speed, and a Cloak of the Manta ray in the nine days we are here. 

Versel went out to find Tenere, Master of Ceremony and Druid of the Spirit Tree. Arriving to the grove he notices other elves as well as elephants; eventually stepping out from a plant was Tenere. The elf expressed his unease as well as the other elves over the hellish mark on Versel. It was a brand not a badge. Putting his personal reputation on the line Tenere agreed to guide Versel in his meditations. For a brief moment Versel, removed of all material possessions, could see a version of his spirit tree, even heard the word Elysium- then pain of the brand cut off the vision. 

Sorosh also have us some general information on Stormhaven. 

* Adalwin controls much of the upside with some minor holdouts which he won over with granting of titles. 
* Actively opposing him are founding family houses: Seawillow, Rockhammer, Greystone..
* The money changers and the underwriters have dissolved without political power. 
* The Cinder Block as endured and even stands as a neutral ground to broker deals. 
* The Spellguard are a Police force. 
* There is an upsurge in undead encounters. 
* Twilight House is less a guild now, more like a mercenary company. 
* The Trade armada picked up another seven ships for an even total of forty, three of which are at or very near the barbarian islands. 

We begin next session with Jaren scrying on the Bronze dragon at odd hours so we can ambush him. 


Monday, July 21, 2014

Ahoy! Sea Wizard Spells

In their marathon session the four wizards were able to transcribe all of the spells in the three spell books among the black crown items they intended to return. They each wrote different spells, figuring they had time to trade off and complete their books before their ships sailed. They figured to easily have enough time to write four of the wizard sailor books. Since they were to meant to be ship books, they all started with large books (150 pgs) that are treated to be water resistant and considered masterwork books. The following spells are what were copied, and appear in each of the finished books. Each book has a number of other spells as well, varying from each to another. These spells can all be found on the SRD.
1- air bubble, obscuring mist,hydraulic push, alter winds, jury rig, touch of the sea
2- commune with birds, gust of wind, gusting sphere, shatter, aboleths lung, communal ant haul, buoyancy, levitate, spider climb, whispering wind
3- cloak of winds, aqueous orb, clairaudience/ voyance, battering blast, hydraulic torrent, wind wall, communal dark vision, shrink item, lightning bolt, water breathing
4- black tentacles, solid fog, charm monster, ball lightning, river of wind, communal tongues, wall of ice, elemental body I, ride the waves
5- unseen crew, hold monster, lightning arc, elemental bodyII

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Indira's Dilemnas

     Tuesday morning brought with it an air of fate. It was another of the type of days that was filled with omens and portends of fates decided and destinies revealed. She was hardly surprised that the combat that had consumed The Upside all of the past week now seemed to culminate in a ferocious war in the skies about the Black Crown tower. The three wizards with Indira were secretly glad they had aligned with her and Lord Jeren, as it probably saved them from having to pick a side in this war today, the war for the moral codex of the Black Crown and the war to establish rule by wizardly might in all of Stormhaven.
     Since the Van Fleet Offensive, Indira had proven herself on every occasion that had presented itself. Her confidence had grown along with arcane secrets her mind was able to command. In Jeren's absence she had risen to the occasion of leading his interests with an eye to maintaining the magical energy needed to keep the Brothers' interests operating smoothly. She by now felt very lucky to have been in Sarosh's apartments the morning of the attacks. It kept her from having been trapped in the tower, and directly led to her week of action that had given her the experience necessary to attain her new levels of mastery.
    The past two and half days had almost been a relief, a chance to rest and catch a breath, and a chance to reflect and learn from what she had seen and collected. When she was instructed to assist Harpell, Deville, and Elenor collect sea spells, she knew the books in the small "Black Crown war chest" would be their answer. The four of them retreated to Lord Jeren's Cinder Block office, just a little way up the same alley that led to Lord Auge's shop. Bent to their tasks, they each started with new spell books and copied the most helpful spells for a sea going wizard to help and defend a ship. Of the past fifty five hours, they had each transcribed spells for thirty five, knowing that the small hoard would be returned on that day.
     Her stomach turned as the morning light revealed the raging war above. In impending cloud seemed to coalesce around the Cinder Block, and suddenly the air was filled with fear. She looked quickly over both of her shoulders as she heard her masters name whispered from all directions at once. She felt a magical rift, something she would later decide was a divine equivalent of wish magic.  She knew at that moment , however, that her master was once again absent from Stormhaven.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Review 07/16/14

On our second night in Stormhaven Mother spoke to us in the language of creation, negating our magic items and causing us to oversleep by ten hours. Avericia's truespeech that was as natural to her true dragon linage as it was to flying. During our sleep we were visited with similar preternatural dreams that carried with it the sensation of flight over a land of milk and honey. Golden fields of farmland and natural riches; it was a greed nirvana, when all of a sudden Voluntatis the bronze dragon gathers himself and envelops us in our dreams. 

3 am Tuesday. Exchanging information we agree that mother had sent us the dream. Jaren discovers that magic items native to stormhaven may not function the same way elsewhere. Waking up hungry we ascend to the Cinder Block to satisfy our need to eat when we hear a series of explosions outside. Racing to see who or what was causing the devastation, we observe an epic battle above the Black Crown. We each in turn feel an inner tear at our beings, like fear given shape was trying to burst from our souls and that the only way to survive was to teleport away...

Snatched from our magical travels Avericia utters a few words and worlds turn as her speech alters reality. "You disrespect what you do not FEAR." She proclaimed. It was our dragon nature's that saved us from destruction at her furious regard. With our legacy items dangling like carrots above our heads, much of our personal hoard was altered or sacrificed to Tiamat; we in many ways was naked against her wrath. The last thing we see before waking somewhere else was one of Avericia's talons fast descending upon us. 

After an unknown amount of time we wake to the exquisite burning pain of Avericia's mark and constitution damage. The landscape is much as the dream was but without the vibrance of the minds eye. We could see rolling hills, worked farms, and a nearby community. We were a stark contrast to the horn of plenty goodlands; but land was more than different, the people were different as well. Giving off a different scent, celestial individuals also populated the area. 

Anger and hunger filled Versel,Durg, Auge who descended on fishermen and the fishes in the waters to sate their rage. After making preparations and performing a little inventory of our reduced hoards we decide to investigate the community known as River Wheel Falls. 

Upon a phantom chariot we observe a realm of virtuous influence. Great mechanical waterwheels operate a vast dam that controls the water flow of the two rivers and creeks that converge on a picturesque waterfall, where the city has prospered. River Wheel Falls looks to be a community with out monetary commerce, is rich in resources, and also heavily guards the city's mechanical wonders. 

Under the cloak of invisibility we keep to the perimeter we observe a racial mix in the population including elves and celestials. Inter mixed throughout were also several churches, temples or shrines of various goodly deities and faiths. River Wheel Falls was a pristine city and not the rats nest of Stormhaven. 

Agreeing that the waterfall and the domed valley should be our first site for investigating we trigger an alarm among the elven guards. Nevertheless Jaren magically transports us inside the dome, one hundred feet in and trapped in the webbing that formed the dome over the valley. Spiders of various sizes blanketed the underside of the valley dome at the end of which was an ominous stone structure. 

As we each freed ourselves an elven sorcerer and an elven monk (celestial dragon disciples of the Bronze dragon) respond on huge elephant-sized spiders. Battle was had, killing one of the spider mounts as well as the sorcerer (Masterwork spear, masterwork Lt. crossbow w/ 20 bolts, Potion of Flying, Headband of alluring charisma +4, Ring of protection +2, 141 pp, and a 'good' bronze scaled amulet of Natural armor +2.)

We pick up next session with our movement to the ominous stone structure. 


Monday, July 14, 2014

Review 07/12/2014

We began our Sunday in Stormhaven with a visit to Cadmar Embry who was busy these days with
maintaining a semblance of organization with juggling trade ships coming to port.

Stating first Adalwin Joscelin's plan for the Black Crown and the Spellguard, and our stance for Stormhaven's continued prosperity. (referred to in review as #stormhavenfirst) Cadmar balks and the change of the status quo, and that it stands against the laws. He weighs our words and sides with our logic for the immediate future and agrees to maintain and protect everything we have worked to obtain thus far. 

News from around the city reaches us and we learn Greystone Manor is under-attack by the Spellguard. This news prompts the evacuation of the Naval yard until the current crisis ends. Cadmar shares information he received through the shipmoot, two fleets of ships are approaching Stormhaven from flanking positions. The first, a sizeable fleet about a month out and the second, a smaller fleet about two to three weeks out. None know their intentions and they fly no colors. He is looking into sending scout ships to know their disposition. 

Our meeting then shifted with Cadmar in hopes of organizing a trade armada of ships. Jaren explains that the armada will venture to the docks at Nimbus pick up cargo and come back to Stormhaven. After some discussion as to how many ships and what we were willing to spend and how long such a venture would take, Cadmar suggests ten ship proposal captained by ten of his family. We offer 250,000 towards the venture. In the end it would be 30 ship armada with half leaving in two weeks and the remainder two weeks after that. Out of these funds 50k would go to the purchase of gunpowder (25k), and toward the commission of more trade ships at the shipmoot.  
Our next meeting was with Samson Dragonsbane where we divulge Adalwin's plan and #stormhavenfirst. His reluctant acquiesce was noted as he asked for and was promised a greater teleport scroll. 

Next we came to request 2000 soldiers to accompany our armada to Nimbus and there reinforce our contingent already there. Samson offers 500 to start and 500 for purchase plus information regarding an ogre island stop along the way. At the end of our negations Samson would send three ships, a larger lead/nav and two smaller scouts, and 1000 soldiers. 

Pleased as punch the four of us return to the Cinder Block or our noon appointments. 

Meeting in the bar under the magical lanterns Auge meets with Pilinni, WS, Hogni, Spade, Farley, Kiton, Gerto, Claret and Larratia Pauchard. Each individual was given Potions of CLW, invisibility, and heroism as well as a liquid blade and two poisons; an inhaled version of discorida and vampires kiss. The purpose of the meeting was to begin a business venture of logistics to deliver goods up from the lifts to market or infiltrate existing distribution networks within the year. Trusting in the input of others Claret suggests soil to bring back to Stormhaven, this earns her a raise and a new title. 

The second meeting, this time in Jaren's office, was with Harpel, Davil and Elenore. Jaren explained Adalwin's plan as we understand it as well as informing them of #stormhavenfirst. The were surprised and somewhat grateful to learn Jaren had told Adalwin of them. but they seemed at a loss. It was Versal who suggested that should they choose, they could accompany the armada to Nimbus. They agrees and promised to discreetly put the word out that there's room for a wizard on every ship. 

Later that Sunday afternoon we fly to Nissian's Embassy to discover four individuals among the daily activity intently watching the Embassy. Bringing the fight to them we find all four have aberrations attached to their brain and spinal column, creatures of the aboleth. After killing one of the crab-like creatures the remaining killed their hosts in gruesome fashion and shifted away. 

In the Embassy we feel another strangeness in the building before going to the message book and inquiring about Adalwin's name appearing in the book. Our father's answer was very revealing to our questions. The correspondence was between himself and Iosif Olympiodoros a Half Dragon, devil blooded, male. Adalwin seeks to fulfill a debt and his rewards await in Hell. He is a servant of Moloch who is a leiutenant of Baalzebul, Moloch rules the 6th layer of Hell for Baalzebul who rules the 7th layer of hell. Adalwin hopes to deliver Stormhaven to Moloch who while not adversarial to Tiamat he does hold enmity for her station. 

Back to our Lair to commune with Mother regarding the state of Stormhaven affairs and #stormhavenfirst. Even a ring of evasion was not enough to dam the overflow of exasperation and her disappointment in us. Hissing at the name of Moloch she tells us that Adalwin cannot be trusted and that Moloch's weapon is the 'Kracken's Bite who reaches below the waves of Stormhaven.' Further inquires into a plan of action lead to the subject of Tiamat's temple and that we would need her direct intervention to stand against the servant of Moloch. Jaren gifts mother with a ring of spell knowledge 4 in hopes of more spells from her library. She agrees but with a request- we may each search her hoard and leave with one item, and in return we are to destroy the celestial-pacted bronze dragon Voluntatis and bring its hoard to her.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Review 7/9/2014

Saturday night at the Dragon's Breath we are visited by the Keeper of the Night Adalwin Joscelin- although he is not really present only communicating mentally with us from afar; us as well as others it would seem. 

He begins with lamentations of the lack of vision, leadership, and direction Stormhaven has despite the current form of government. Adalwin admits to needing Jaren for his connections in Twilight House (and it's portal) as well as our connection with Nissian, who could shut down watermarks if he so chooses. Speaking frankly Adalwin came to reaffirm his relationship with us in his new vision of remaking the seat of Government a mageocracy- the Black Crown as it once was is no more. 

This revelation was met differently by all the sons of Nissian, but it was finally agreed that for now we would not directly oppose Joscelin; standing neutral even as he revealed his plans for eliminating Nefertiti Xanthippe from the playing board. 

Adalwin reiterated our placement in his plans (our control of the Driftdowns, Lifts, Navy and Guild influence) and his potential aid against the aboleth (items, scrolls, as well as the peace of mind that our interests in Stormhaven would be well guarded), but it was mostly what we had already attained or would in short time on the upside. He even had the audacity to make us kings of the Driftdowns. (although on a side note... I do think Durg would make a fantastic Internal Affairs Officer)

Our message at this time was get the money flowing again and it would go along way in retaining our favor. But before the conversation was ended we hear some chatter from other communications: "yes the dwarves" exasperated. "A.R.K.I.E.L." as if someone needs it spelled out. and "the Water Hawk" a ship Pilinni and Katarina are on. 

Deciding it is best to inform Arkiel of our discoveries we immediately fly to Twilight House were we discover a well organized dissemination of men and troops; 100 troll blooded knolls and ogres as well as half ogres providing general security. We are quickly recognized and brought into the former mess hall, now Arkiel's command center. 

Pleased to see us he informs us of his exploits of retasking many guild members in his charge and contracting them out to nobles across as well as to Joscelin on the upside. Kalaris too contracted the Winter Blade to Twilight House during this time of crisis. Furthermore as he gifts is each with a 20k master work platinum torc (+2 to CL of item when enchanted) he informs us that Twilight House still holds the portal under the warehouse. We thank him for the spoils but we come with troubling news. Joscelin spoke of Arkiel specifically and he knows of the portal. 

He expresses concern so we in-turn retell our adventures as well as details of our visit to Darkell- Arkiel's homeland. While it has been long since his days in the city he tells of two colleagues from his days as a smuggler: Garicell, a deep gnome who lives below the city, and Ava a Drow female conjurer. Versel and Auge catch up with Kalaris and she is rewarded with a +1 flaming burst longsword which she takes reverently, a ring of protection +3, and a healing belt. 

It was then time to investigate the planar marketplace portal. Arriving we find troops in the ending moments of battle and a mind flayer corpse. Traveling through the portal under the warehouse it was a roll till you lose fest but in the end upon return to Stormhaven Jaren was able to learn through his Legend Lore an approximate location for a portal to Darkell as well as glances into other portals noticing the symbols and glyphs that describe portal destinations some with more than one.  

Despite Durg and Auge's 'nothing to roll dice about' lethargy we next go to Sunbow mansion where we are richly received by Vinco who pays us profits straight from their vault. 50k resolved itself to 48k (10k each with 8k for Arkiel), it was yet another mile stone in Jaren's perfect day. Auge mixes out 5 cure serious and a cure disease potions for the Mansion. 

After Sunbow we return to the Cinder Block where Jaren scrys to find out what Pilinni has been up to on the Waterhawk; Auge begins to mix poisons for retail and contacts his LC members for a meeting tomorrow; Durg and Versel discuss future plans for visiting the Driftdowns and the Red Keep tomorrow; and Jaren meets with Nefertiti Xanthippe his Black Crown sponsor. 

Speaking with respect to his sponsor Jaren explains his position regarding Adalwin's plans even his plot to kill her. Taking the warning in stride Neferitit offers words of caution that Adalwin has the ability to drain others of their power, she fears for wizards he would draw from. Our plans are inconsequential to 'whoever Joscelin serves', she warns; he has suffered 100 years incarcerated in hell and that one does not simply do that without aid. 

We pick up Sunday morning. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Vial and Flask *War Ensemble

While the Black Crown is on lock down you may consider these great protections and magic enhancements...

Ring of Protection +1 2,000 gp D
Ring of Protection +2 (x2) 8,000 gp V
Ring of Protection +3 18,000 gp V
Bracers of Armor +4 16,000 gp V/D
Extend Metamagic Rod 11,000 gp V
Belt of Physical Perfection +2 16,000 gp V

Liquor Commission...

Alchemical Isolation
Price 175 gp
Type poison, inhaled; Save Fortitude DC 13
Frequency 1/minute for 2 minutes
Initial Effect deafened for 10 minutes; Secondary Effect blinded for 10 minutes; Cure 1 save
Recipe (150 brimstone + 20 dew of lunary + 80 spirit of wine)/ fermentation; Craft DC 13 Time 1 day; Tools heat source; Type poison

Guild Master's Punishment
Price 350 gp
Type poison, contact; Save Fortitude DC 16 Onset 1 minute;
Frequency 1/minute for 6 minutes
Initial Effect 1 Dex drain and nauseated for 1 minute; Secondary Effect 1d2 Dex drain and sickened for 1 minute; Cure 1 save
Recipe (70 dew of lunary + 35 realgar + 70 urea)/digestion; Craft DC 16 Time 1 day; Tools heat source; Type poison

Liquid Persuasion
Price 120 gp
Type poison, ingested; Save Fortitude DC 11
Onset 10 minutes;
Frequency 1/minute for 5 minutes Effect 1 Wis damage, and for the duration of the poison, the next time the victim's attitude toward another creature would shift one or more steps toward helpful as a result of a successful Diplomacy or Intimidate check or other effect, the victim's attitude also shifts one additional step. For example, if the victim's attitude would shift from indifferent to friendly (one step better), it shifts to helpful instead (two steps better); Cure 1 save
Recipe (20 dew of lunary + 20 quicksilver + 80 spirit of wine)/ distillation; Craft DC 11 Time 1 day; Tools retort; Type poison

Vampire's Kiss
Price 75 gp
Type poison, injury; Save Fortitude DC 15
Frequency 1/round for 2 rounds
Initial Effect 1d2 Con damage; Secondary Effect bleed damage from non-poison sources increases by 1 for
1 minute; Cure 1 save
Recipe (6 gold + 50 myrrh + 30 quicksilver)/distillation; Craft DC 15 Time 1 day; Tools retort; Type poison

*Source Pathfinder Alchemy Manual

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Nissian's Message in the Embassy Log

Greetings my children, since your presence is so much more welcome in your mother’s home I’m hoping I can inconvenience you to recover these items from her hoard.  I assure you at one time they were mine and should you succeed you may keep The Tome of Clear Thought which I believe will help your cause against The Jailer.

Vacuous Grimoire: A book of this sort is identical to a normal one, although if a detect magic spell is cast, a magical aura will be noted. Any character who opens the work and reads so much as a single glyph therein must make two will saving throws. The first is to determine if a D6 of Intelligence is lost; the second is to find if two D6 points of Wisdom are lost. Once opened and read, the vacuous grimoire remains; to be properly destroyed, the book must be returned to its plane and place of origin, after which a Wish spell must be cast. If the tome is placed with other books, its appearance will instantly alter to conform to the look of these other works.

Collapsing Spell Book :This resembles an ordinary traveling spell book, except that it can be folded over and over until it is a square one inch on each side. The book can be unfolded when its owner wishes to consult it, then folded back into its small size for easy carrying.

Contracts of Nepthas : These magical contracts are written in black ink on golden-brown Scraphite. The contracts are usually found in ivory tubes, each tube containing 1d6 contracts. The contracts are blank and can be filled in by the user. The contracts will radiate magic if detected, but carry no overt signs of their special nature The contract of Nepthas automatically places a True Name enchantment upon any persons who sign it in order to insure that both parties hold to the agreement. Anyone who has signed a contract of Nepthas and breaks the contract is struck deaf, blind, and dumb. The effects of the punishment last until the contract is fulfilled or they are freed via a Wish spell.  
A contract involves two parties agreeing on a set of conditions. The conditions are usually very specific, but if they are not, they might be perverted in the same way that a wish spell might be misinterpreted. If a group of adventurers signs a contract with a king stating that they will slay a dragon in the Northern Hills by the eve of the new moon, slaying any dragon will fulfill the contract, although the king may have had a specific dragon in mind. If the king agrees to pay the adventurers upon the completion of the task, the king had better have the money when the party returns.  Contracts signed by persons under the influence of charm and similar spells are null and void. A forged contract is also void. If any person who signs a contract dies before its completion, that person's obligation is ended. Note, however, that if a group of adventurers signs a contract and one of their members dies, the survivors are still bound to the contract. A deadline for both parties' responsibilities must be stated in the contract in order for it to be activated.  A mistaken missive spell alters the words written on the contract of Nepthas but does not free characters who have signed the contract from their obligations.

Tome of Mystical Equations: This book is indistinguishable from other magical tomes. It contains charts and equations relating to several of the spells belonging to the school of Numbers.

Trimia's Catalogue of Outer Plane Artifacts: This magical device is a large book bound in heavy wooden covers that do not reveal the title or nature of the work. Upon opening to the first page, the owner finds the title of the book along with a table of contents listing the various outer planes. Upon opening the book to the desired page, the owner finds either a blank page (25% chance) or a description of a magical device (75% chance) that provides transportation to that particular plane.  Along with the description of the device is a price ranging from 1,000 to 20,000 gp (1d20x 1,000). If the appropriate sum is laid on the open book and a vanish spell is subsequently cast on the coins, the transport device shown appears in place of the cash. The page then immediately goes blank and the catalogue disappears, teleported to a random location on the Prime Material plane. The transport device can deliver characters to the outer planes and can return them to their point of departure on the Prime Material plane. Each transport device brings a person or persons to the upper layer of an outer plane. The point of arrival in the plane is left to the DM and usually changes each time the device is used. Each device has a command word which is always  the name of the plane associated with the device. Unless otherwise noted, anyone touching the device or touching the person who holds the device is transported to the upper plane of the outer plane named.  Each transport device can be used once per day.  With each use, there is a 5% chance the device will malfunction, sending the characters to the desired plane, but with the device itself disappearing.

Nirvana: The device used to transport to the plane of Nirvana is a small pocket watch, a device of unspeakable rarity. The watch keeps perfect time according to the yearly cycle of the sun and never needs winding. The watch is solid gold and has two long, thin gold chains that run through a metal loop at the top of the watch.
Arcadia: Arcadia's transportation device is a palm-sized metal sculpture representing the outlines of geometrical shapes. The largest shape is a six-sided cubic cage made of 12 silver rods. Within this cube is a four-sided pyramid, also made of silver rods. Inside the pyramid is a circle of silver.
Seven Heavens: A featureless sphere of gold is used to travel to the Seven Heavens. The sphere is three inches in diameter and would appear to be nothing more than a valuable bauble if not for the golden glow it always radiates. The glow has the properties of a continual light spell.
Twin Paradises: This device appears to be a featureless cube of silver measuring three inches on a side. If it is carefully examined, four small, nearly invisible buttons will be visible. If the four buttons are pressed in the correct order, the cube splits in half. (The correct order can be determined through the use of legend lore and similar spells.) The device will teleport to the Twin Paradises when half the cube is held in each hand and the command word is spoken. The travelers arrive in Dothion, considered the topmost plane. The two halves of the cube must be reassembled before it can once again be used to teleport.
Elysium: The device used to reach this plane is a sturdy currach, a primitive vessel made from thick hide stretched over a wood-and-wicker frame. This device functions as a normal ship, with a seaworthiness rating of 95%. If anyone touches the ship's mast and speaks the word Elysium, the boat, its passengers and crew, and all cargo are transported to the Oceanus River in the plane of Amoria.
Happy Hunting Grounds: A leaf sculpted of gold is the device used to arrive in the Happy Hunting Grounds. The leaf is about two inches long and is wrought in fine detail.
Olympus: The device used to reach the plane of Olympus is a silver chariot. The chariot can comfortably hold four passengers and their gear or eight passengers without equipment. A team of four horses must be attached to the chariot; when the chariot is in motion and the command word is spoken, the horses, chariot, passengers, and gear are transported to Olympus. The chariot arrives in the plane in motion.
Gladsheim: The device used to reach Gladsheim is a prism approximately three inches in length. To operate the device, the prism must be used outdoors to create a rainbow on the ground. When the command word is spoken, the rainbow grows out of the ground and rises up into the sky. The rainbow lasts for 1 turn. Anyone who steps  into the rainbow is whisked up the colored path and into the plane of Asgard.
Limbo: Limbo is reached through the use of a magical mirror. When a person stands before the mirror, he sees his own image reflected normally.  The reflected world behind him, however, is in utter chaos—the bricks from the wall behind him float in the air, flames drift across the room, gold and silver pieces break apart and wander aimlessly. If the command word is spoken as a character looks into the mirror, he is transported to any of the planes of Limbo. The mirror does not travel to Limbo. Another means of returning to the Prime Material plane must be found.
Pandemonium: This device is a jar perpetually filled with black pitch. When the pitch is spread on a stone wall and the command word spoken, a portal forms in the wall, leading to a cavern in Pandesmos. The pitch evaporates after 5 rounds and magically reappears in the jar.
Abyss: Pazunia, the uppermost layer of the innumerable layers of the Abyss, can be reached through the use of a circular black cloth that looks like a portable hole. The cloth is three feet in diameter and can be folded to fit inside a pocket. When the cloth is spread on the ground and the command word is spoken, the cloth becomes a pit that leads to the plane. The cloth exists as a pit for 1 turn, then returns to its state as a piece of cloth. It does not follow travelers to the Abyss
Tarterus: This device is a necklace of dull, reddish pearls. A character who wears the necklace and speaks the command word will be transported (along with anyone touching him) to Othrys, the topmost layer of the plane.
Hades: The device used to reach Hades is an iron keelboat. When any character on the boat speaks the command word, the keelboat and all it passengers are transported to the river Styx in Oinos, the uppermost layer of Hades.
Gehenna: Characters who wish to travel to Gehenna must gather in a small, enclosed room with this magical urn of silver and bronze. A flame must be lit within the urn using materials that cause a great deal of smoke. When the room is so choked with smoke that breathing is almost impossible, the command word may be spoken. This transports everyone and everything in the room, including the urn, to Khala, the uppermost layer of Gehenna.
Nine Hells: The Nine Hells can be reached by using special pieces of blood-red coal. When one of these coals is lit or dropped into a flame, a ball of fire flares out from the coal. It does no damage, but transports all creatures and objects within 20 feet to Avernus. No command word is needed for the effect to take place.

Acheron: The device used to reach Aceheron is a two-inch cube of black onyx. The cube always appears as a puzzle inside a black sack. The puzzle is made up of 43 small pieces, which must be fit together to form the cube. When complete, the command word must be spoken. Solving the puzzle require an Intelligence check at half a creature's Intelligence score. Each attempt to solve the puzzle requires 1d6 turns. Once the cube has been used to teleport, it falls to pieces. The pieces all reappear in the sack, wherever it might be. To use the device again, the pieces must be reassembled

Tome of Clear Thought: A work of this nature is indistinguishable from any normal book. Any single character who reads a tome of clear thought will be able to practice mental exercises that will increase his Intelligence by one to three points. Reading a work of this nature takes 48 hours time over six days. The reader then must begin a program of concentration and mental discipline within one week of reading the tome. After a month of such exercise, Intelligence goes up. The knowledge gained from reading the work can never be recorded or articulated. After fulfilling the month of concentration and mental discipline the reader of the book may enter into a state of waking meditation or Clear Thought that protects them against Psionic attack.  When entering the Meditation of Clear Thought, the reader of the tome may take an amount of intelligence damage up to the number of points gained from reading the Tome.  For each point of damage taken in this way the devotee of Clear Thought is completely protected from Psionic attack for an equal number of days. Points spent in this way may not be magically healed by anything short of a Wish Spell. Points spent in this manner return at a rate of 1/week. Any further perusal of a tome of clear thought will be of no benefit to the character.
Drawback: While suffering from intelligence damage the devotee of Clear Thought’s other reactions are slower causing them to suffer a -4 penalty to Initiative, Perception, and Reflex Saving Throws.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

In that time before the sun…

The aged elf Bram was worn down, worn by travel through planes, worlds, and portals.  Since Bram and his people had arrived on this forming plane, many younger voices pleaded with him to allow their study of the shadowed dark magic that permeated this still forming world.  Bram now heard the request from his wife Sarai, pleading with him to allow their sons to build a series of portals, portals that would allow the elves to travel these lands quickly and safely.  Bram looked up at his wife and admonished her, “Have you forgotten? The tools you use are the choices you make.”  The old elf tried to say it forcefully, to remind her, but his frail form failed him now and his words echoed weakly.  His wife smiled, loving her husband but believing his time to have passed, his concerns less than valid. “Have faith that Iasmael and Ze’ach will choose the best tools. They will not fail us.”

Sarai left her frail husband in his chambers coughing and grumbling about safety.  Her arcane enhanced sight told her that her husband was in his final days, the choices of their people no longer his to make.  It still pained Sarai to refer to Iasmael as her son but she had done so hoping that Bram would concede if both of his sons wanted to proceed with these portals.  Sarai wished she could love Iasmael, the eldest, as her own. Her anger at her husband’s betrayal with the concubine Agara prevented her from doing anything other than accepting the bastard’s presence. She was grateful the two half brothers got along so well and knew that they loved each other without reservation. Sarai decided to inform Iasmael to begin. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Review 07/02/2014

After gathering and splitting up the treasure it was time to peruse the papers and anything else of worth. It would seem this dwarven ship was hunting dwarven pirates referred to as 'smoke skins' as we gather maps of the north eastern shores where we also find the dwarven paladin's prayer/rune book. Investigation of the ship shows how divine elemental magic infused the wood frame of the ship and its use of arches are used in weight distribution. Finally before teleporting back to spraggle tower we recover all eight cannons from the ship and a barrel (32 shots) of gunpowder. 

After resting for a few hours Jaren, Sorosh, and Auge teleport back to Stormhaven leaving Durg and Versel on the continent. 

At Spraggle tower Versel hits it off with Hroogar Uzzi the spriggan we came to meet. After building a rapport Versel learns that Hroogar taught a father/son pair of storm giants who are members of the hoard-building giants Erilis asked us to intervene and retrieve blocks of starmetal for his Nimbus alter. Hroogar was their captive for some years before he escaped and built up these training grounds as his legacy and protection from his former captors. Hroogar killed the Warlord's first wife and was later experimented on by the giant's second wife. These two storm giants were the finest Hroogar had ever taught; they were also masters of the weather and specialized in javelins that could easily pierce the jungle canopy; he is believed to have 5000 giants in his warband. 

Meanwhile Durg decides to venture out with a band of minotaur rangers to better understand the flora and fauna of the jungle. The ranging was cut short by an elf who seemed responsible for killing all of the minotaurs. 

Back in Stormhaven Jaren and Auge find the city in the midst of wizard warfare but our return to town was with purpose so we held to our actions before anything else. Teleporting to Nissian's embassy we discover in the journey book that someone else has been communicating with father as evidenced by the mention of 'Adalwin Joscelin' as the last entry. Nevertheless we communicate our desire with father to utilize his magnificent mansion to craft some items in a timely fashion. He granted our request but it came at a cost... there are some items left behind in mother's hoard after their fallout and having them back would satisfy this favor. 

Entering the mansion a curse falls on the sons but only half succumb to its effects. While the effect was ultimately overcome it came with wisdom damage and the ire of a bearded devil, his brand then eventually the devil's appearance. 

After crafting Auge and Jaren emerge to Stormhaven two days later to find raptorians and wizard battles creating a mired sky of magic and colors. Dwarves tried as they might regain order and control. 

Nefertiti eventually made contact with Jaren to asertain his motives and to inform us of her and Adalwin's fallout and the attempted murder on her life. Jaren affirms their relationship and she proceeds to inform us that it was Adalwin's wizard supporters that were causing the general chaos and looting as well as his pact with a devil. She has doubts at the survivability of the Black Crown. 

Her time was short but Jaren assuaged her concerns and plans for making contact with Adalwin were already in motion. (Meanwhile Auge is freed from the curse and the danger of a truename reveal; Durg wsa still under effects). We learn that watermark magic was 'changed' for a time when were were in the magnificent mansion. 

Teleporting to the Dragon Docks, Jaren and Auge make contact with Vormite, Hisslop, and the Breaker who relay their dealings. Noting that the Navy and the Dragon Docks have been at least keeping their own safe there was no trade occurring during a wizard civil war. 

Teleporting to the Cinder Block Auge meets with Hogni Bluesafe who informs him Pilini was gone and the White Spider was on the downlow and Jaren is met by Indira, Harpel, Davil, and Elenore- Black Crown wizards who support the Office of Draconic Affairs. 

Each of the BC wizards describe the unease throughout the city as well as the protections both magical and physical the Black Crown Tower has undergone forbidding entrance, therefore any and all Black Crown items have been brought together for Jaren's office. 

Teleporting back to the continent Durg utilized his limited wish to escape the curse and the appearance of the bearded devil. United again we all travel to Stormhaven and appear in the air 200' above the Black Crown. 

Attracting the attention of twelve mage-guards they hailed us. Jaren requests an audience with Adalwin in the name of his office and SONS COM. Agreeing to only seeing Jaren we parley a meeting at the Dragon's Breath. 

At the Dragon's Breath we encounter a very strange Atava who services us with cigars, and other purchases was with a detached countenance. Auge finds stuffed in his chair a message from WS that Pilini was on a ship, the Waterhawk. 

Eventually the Keeper of the Night Adalwin Joscelin enters, "We have achieved a lot of success." 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Auge Journal: Return to Stormhaven

Auge sat in the fiery glow of the distant fire light, his brothers and he lost in the grip of their sinful course. Often during times such as these Auge’s greed manifested in withholding some sort of magic treasure from his brothers, but in the hours after the battle for the dwarven treasure hunter Ague added all the treasure retrieved including magic from the drowned dwarf. He would not- could not- exclude himself from hoard building. No, but Auge was not convinced that the treasure here- including Durg’s new ring- would measure in value against the magnificent barrels purchased from Capsarius Narrishta, a merchant drow from Darkell. The value for the components alone is sizable alone but the extreme value Auge held in regard for the barrels outweighed anything he or his dragon brethren would find in the salty mists.

Auge now could scarcely wait for a return to Stormhaven. In his mind a warm sensation of new gold caressing him in its gilded embrace, the thought caused his scarred crimson scales to ripple in sensation. The warm feeling awoke him from his thoughts in time to make his selection of the treasure, after which Auge tactfully makes mention of the return to Stormhaven. It was Jaren who pipped up first with Durg remaining silent and Versel replying with his choose to remain at the dark continent.

Securing the new magical bobble away Auge then produced his tome of formulae and began to set ink to page with notes for his next creation. He begins with scaling the dimensions of one of the barrels, its weight, and displacement. Auge then began to compare its weight and size etc. against other similar wooden constructions: he sales in detail a row boat, common in Stormhaven as well as watertight; a chariot, although more complex in its construction; and the dimensions of the gaming table he and his brothers knew at the Dragon’s Nest, similar to the barrels with its many cubbies, compartments, and drawers. On the opposite page Auge began to list magics and components consistent with extra dimensional spaces, conjuring, and transmutation; things Auge would need help with. Auge’s vision was to create a wondrous item from the impressive barrels allowing him to transport exotic components from Darkell and other rarities from Nimbus to Stormhaven for profit and to be able to transport it on his own so not to burden his brothers of resources.

Auge knew there would be fallout from their victory at the VanFleets, and likely some delegation to be had but as Auge’s greed surged in intensity; he thought again of how he could scarcely wait for the return to Stormhaven