Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Letter to...

Letter to friendly contacts prospective clients: Kiara, Marius at the Paper Door, Rockenblow Orcanstein, Brazier, Larrimor, Obadai Dragonbane, Atavah Sunthrower at The Dragon's Breath, Tamros, Lindyl Thinskin, Vesper, Malar and Memnon of the Flyers Club, Egil, Yellow-Eye, The Habib merchants, Pipin Toma and Vibiana Cressida from the Black Crown Mixer, Captain Pryor from the Black Kracken, The Volcano Dwarfs, Vinco, and lastly Worem

Letter is written in draconic script in an red ink that feels warm to the touch, furthermore the missive can be ground into a fine dust when it then it becomes alchemical flash powder.

Greetings and well met.

Behold colleagues. I am Auge Von Bulle, master alchemist and expert of no small renown. Mayhap you remember our previous encounter together when last our paths crossed. Such chance meeting did not go forgotten. It is my intention to impart to you great words of my recent achievements and wish to offer you a rare and amicable opportunity. My labors have bore fruit and I have created a mercantile outlet as a resource to you toward elevating you of your burdensome and non-useful magical tools and offer in exchange, more practical items. I would strongly persuade you to exercise this resource to your own advantage and visit my souk.

I personally invite you to The Vial and Flask- alchemy, apothecary souk; magical curio and tattoo emporium’s grand opening next Saturday on the Winter Solstice. Let this day not mark the period of longest night, but the beginning it’s waning and the lengthening of days and warmer climes.

Auge Von Bulle

Present this letter to me on this day and receive a special gift.


robm1171 said...

Exactly how we should look at the Solstice, the death of winter.

harrygoblin said...

Great idea, fantastic advertising. I have a question- what are the usual hours of business of your souk? We had talked before of leaving the day of the solstice with no additional plans so we could focus on ruining the day for the flunkies of Invidia and their associates. It was also revealed last week that Father is expected at the pillar to witness which rune lights with this solstice-an event I am most eager to witness and introduce myself at. One other note, regarding further construction of the cinder block. We will be getting the first payment from the volcano dwarf brothers on friday, welcome news indeed because we will have already spent our investment money after this week of construction. Some thoughts on where to build on next would be appreciated. Also, dont forget, we have Bard auditions come friday as well. For The Hoard!!!

James said...

Thanks guys.

My regular business hours will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. This is during our 'block days', my time will be crafting and manning the shop. Magical tattoos anytime but by appointment.

The solstice... I too am looking forward to the sigil event! Depending on when the sigil lighting is expected to occur- I don't believe that I'll see much custom during the event and folks who will want to witness and be witnessed will be there early, so the 'grand opening will be at night. Good question.

Hopefully I can get the Dragons Breath as a business sponsor for that night, but I haven't brought that out in RP.

Gordzilla said...

Great post, extra credit for the links.

James said...

Yea that took a while. Re-reading every post.

James Caruso said...

Bookmark for the easy links.