Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tales from....? Clatu Veratae Nictu!

The ceremony complete the Demon stepped through the portal, which in this case was the still bleeding heart of the cabal’s sacrifice.  The Demon’s form adjusted itself to its new existence, examining its flesh form in this world while ignoring the pleas and demands of the circle of wizards whose calling had pulled him through the abyss.  The Demon’s flesh festers with open sores.  It’s tall, gaunt frame is festooned with patches of short bristles.  It has the head of a large, sickly ram with massive curved horns, rheumy eyes and froth caked lips stretched over thin, needle like fangs.  Its snakelike tail writhes, the tip a twisted tangle of metallic spines.  The Demon stood too its full height, just over eight feet. Despite its emaciated form, the beast wields a great ranseur too large for its size with unnerving grace.   The creature stretched its senses, enjoying the cool fresh air and pleasant scents that wafted into the chamber.  The Demon’s enjoyment of the moment was interrupted by the constant braying of commands from one of the idiot mortals who had brought him here.  Turning his attention to the shrill voiced conjurer, the ranseur swung forth, decapitating the wizard and shocking all the other inhabitants of the chamber.  The creature spoke his victim’s true name and entered into a hideous frenzy and when it had finished all but three of his callers lay dead, their souls harvested.  The demon turned his gaze to them, telling them how they would now serve its will, explaining that the other magicians erred in their pronunciations of the true tongue.  The wizard’s bowed their heads and learned to call their new master by a title it bequeathed itself, the General.  The Demon concentrated on the bleeding heart and sent out a calling of his own.  Soon the chamber was filled with a half dozen new arrivals, fleshy gangly demons that the remaining wizards soon learned were very resistant to arcane magic.  “Now,” the General yelled, “explain to me where I have arrived so I may make plans to conquer it!”

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