Sunday, January 9, 2011

01/05/11 Review

Saturday morning we arrive to the Dragon’s Lair and Vinco, the manager of the Sunbow Mansion. Our perceptions reveal that his disposition was different and he was eager, greedily so, to make arrangement that if we did go into Sunbow, somehow eliminate Buki and if something were to befall the Madame Daphnie… that would improve Vinco’s status; so much so that it would annex the Sunbow Mansion into our territory. We would provide guild standing and he gets a stipend from us.

Noon. We acquire anti-toxins. When we arrive to the Sunbow on foot we encounter a Stormwave member on the lookout for us as well as street urchins paid to run information between said members when we show up. Auge and Durg intercept once such youngin and he gets paid to divert his quarry to the Edana estate. We are not the dragons you are looking for.

Jaren and Vercil confront and defeat the first Stormwave member and when Auge and Durg return we find Rothwell and a ranger have joined the fray, but they were ultimately defeated and looted. We left their bodies on the roof they were watching from to be discovered by their comrades.

Once in side the Sunbow, we met up with Vinco who suggests venturing into the underlevels where dangerous creatures and activities take place. Different pleasures are different treasures. We pass two magical wards- purge invisibility and dimensional anchor before we encounter a vault door that required a combination and a phrase. “Take us to the Madame of the house.” Took us to a gothic chamber where wolf-men were waiting for us and attacked. After destroying them we further explored the area and found Buki and others in gimp outfits all suspended in a trapeze-like contraption, complete with a net. Buki threatens to harm Daphnie, but we paid no heed and set the entire trapeze ablaze with our combined breath in a surprising opening move. Buki didn’t even get to his feet before he was killed.

We split the loot, was awarded XP. We begin next session returning to Vinco’s office.


harrygoblin said...

Excellent review James.The extra effort of getting names really pays off in theses reviews.

James said...

thank you sir