Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Tale of Imports

"Unless we are able to recover all of the skullspawn I doubt we will succeed at breaking down the barrier that prevent me from creating, what I think is the greatest form of undead, the greatest realization of necromancy.  These "children" are becoming a bigger problem then I thought they would be.  My mistake was not considering that they could actually be his children! Not just another suddenly rich Driftdowner with a scheme to take over the Upside.  This is the problem with Nissian, he sometimes crosses your path but you never know what his game is, what he wants or is truly after."

The raspy voice echoed in their heads, their master extolling them to capture the last six skullspawn.

"I have returned, I am going to use my enemies tactics against him.  While it may not yet be possible to call forth or create these masters of night, there is nothing that prevents me from travelling to places where they do exist.  Unfortunately for our enemies, I have succeeded in bringing a few back with me. Should any of you fail me, I shall provide you as cattle for my new allies."

At that two images appeared in the acolyte's mind's eye, a book and a creature.  Sharing their master's thoughts they know the book is in the city and they are to recover it while also capturing the remaining skullspawn.  All are now sufficiently motivated.

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