Saturday, February 5, 2011


The night was dire and uninviting. Cold rain came down in large, clear drops on the grey cobbled city streets, its sound drowned out all but the loudest ruckus from the Rats Nest. Dark shadows clung tenaciously to alcoves and alleyways. Thick wet air retarded all of the normal scents of Stormhaven this night.

Using the low rain clouds as cover, the four dragon-brothers flew in reconnaissance formation, taking special attention to the Worthy Gate. Several city guards, oblivious to the circling half-dragons, tried in vain to shelter themselves from the rare winter rain; their weapons hung limply from soaked scabbards, cigar smoke wafted lazily from the hoods of their drenched cloaks.

Just as the night was near at its end and the guard’s shift-change commenced; the troop that the dragons were looking for finally emerged and moved towards the Worthy Gate. Keeping in constant magical communication the brothers assembled in the air…

Jaren commenced with casting an armor-like magical protection on Vercel, while Vercel gripped his amulet and spoke the words that invoked the magics within. Ague produced a sachel filled with potions and urgents, as well as a wand to which he began uttering its activation to aid Durg in the coming fray. Durg helped himself to a potion and grasped his own amulet, calling upon its magic.

Next, Jaren then turned to Durg and repeated the process. Vercel quickly quaffed a potion and centered himself for battle. Auge turned and set wand to Vercel in similar form as before. Durg produced a fell weapon and applied oil to its blade.

Then Jaren saw to providing magical aid to his alchemist counterpart while Auge did the same for Jaren.  Vercel and Durg both produced similar magical supplements to aid them in the coming battle. Finally, Jaren produced some gum-arabic and disappeared from sight, Auge likewise disappeared. With the final words of activation from magical accouterments, both Vercel and Durg dived out of the storm clouds. It was only twenty-four seconds before the four brothers set upon their foes to rain their terrible consuming fire upon them.


James said...

Obviously the inspiration here was what we do in just four rounds prior to combat. While I feel that I know what Butch and I do, I don't know what Russ or Rob's characters do. If you guys want to add to this- as what your characters do- feel free.

robm1171 said...

I like it. Keeping the 2 of you out of sight may help keep the enemy off balance.

harrygoblin said...

You have studied me well brother. I think that is pretty much the way I would like to start most encounters.