Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tales from Twilight House

"Of course I listened to everything.  You don't think I'm going to leave an agreement like this unsupervised do you?" cackled the Derro.  His voice was so rarely used, it always sounded tentative, broken, unsure.  Anyone who made the mistake of thinking Uvrok was any of those adjectives was making such a gross miscalculation as to cost them their lives. 
"I no longer try to guess or understand you Uvrok, I do what I'm told." responded Kiara.  She was of course lying but hoped her deference to his councillor position would feed his ego and not his curiosity. 
"We just have to hope that your skill as a teacher allowed us to hide our lessons within their education.  After all we agreed to follow Nissian's plan to the letter but we didn't agree not to also teach them other things now did we?" Uvrok mumbled, pausing at incorrect points and stumbling over words. Annoyed with his own failings he quit talking and reverted to his normal means of communication. 
Kiara's inner thoughts were suddenly pierced by an overwhelming presence, despite this happening before Kiara still shivered whenever Uvrok spoke to her this way.
"We agreed to a financial arrangement with the Wishmaster, we didn't agree not to take on other clients." gone was the shaky unsure sound, now a deep timber reverberated in her mind as Uvrok continued on, "we need to maximize our profit with them while he is away."

The Derro turned away from Kiara towards the door and on cue it opened, a kobold messenger scuttled in and handed Uvrok a gemstone.  A look Kiara had not seen before on Uvrok's face, one of surprise appeared as he grasped the stone, ignoring her, he quickly left the chamber. 

Pondering the telepath's sudden exit, Kiara suddenly realized something that she felt stupid for not noticing before.  He couldn't enter the 1/2 dragon's minds.  It wasn't until that very moment that Kiara ever seriously contemplated betraying the old Derro.  Yet when she had her realization, it also made her realize just how uniquely positioned she was.  Kiara left the meeting chamber and headed into town to plan and arrange. 


Russ said...

While Kiara looks a bit dangerous there is something about her I find attractive!!!

harrygoblin said...

Is it the severed elven head, or the mysterious skull cootchie gaurd?

Russ said...

coochie guard.... That's it, follow the skull to riches boys, it's Wednesday!