Thursday, February 10, 2011

The First Customer

Nestled at the end of a dark cloaked, unmoving alleyway sits a souk that glows with a faint inner pale crimson light. As the swordswoman enters the alleyway, she passes three large sturdy doors on the right. Each one giving no hint as to what dangers lay within. On the left, a single door with a red guild mark of a proud tavern. Progressing further down the shadowy alley, the woman detects the faintest of chimes and soon, she sees the source of these gentle notes; delicate silver wind chimes hang beneath a dark-red sign that reads: The Vial and Flask, and beneath that; icons for a magic, alchemy, apothecary and lastly a symbol for elemental fire that completes the signage. A smile creeps onto her gentle but stern features, the directions she was given were correct. The warrior-woman gathered her courage, draws a deep breath and looks around to see if she was followed. Stillness continues to pervade her surroundings.

Peering into one of two large multi-paned opaque windows, she sees that the souk is dimly lit on the inside, further adding to what mysteries that lay within. Standing in the dry stillness of the alleyway, she reaches for the door and pulls the horn on the dragon-head shaped knob and opens the shop’s sturdy entrance. Immediately upon opening, sweet smells of cigar smoke and incense waft into the alleyway. Lingering a bit to savor the aroma, she enters the souk and allows the door to close behind her. The door makes not a sound. Within, the red glow that hinted the alleyway with pale light radiates from dozens of red tapers sculpted into the shape of dragons, their flame- like long dancing tongues.

Within her new surroundings, handsome wooden shelves, stout round tables and clear glass cases contain a multitude of items of interest to her; from oils, elixirs and dusts to magic wands, small ornate weaponry and scrolls. Time seems to stand still. Suddenly, from all round her the candle flames flare, dazzling her for just a moment. When she recovers, she sees a red, terrible figure had materializes silently from the rear of the souk. Or was he always there and just escaped her notice? The woman steeled herself at the appearance of such an unsettling and unexpected arrival.

“Welcome,” It said in a deep other-worldly but very draconic voice, flames licking the corners of his wide jaws while smoke wafts from his nostrils. “How can I be of service?”

“I was told this is where I could get some ink…”


harrygoblin said...

Hey James, I didn't get a chance to go over this, but I included an add-on to your shop. A door on the back wall of your 20 X 20 shop leads to a alchemy lab, also 20 X 20 feet, complete with a fireplace and chimney. It is a basic lab as described in the hand book we've been using, but it gives a +2 bonus to alchemy checks to any single user of the shop. Any one can use this bonus, as long as they are the only one using the lab at that time. Upgrades can allow for multiple users all at once.

James said...

Awesome! This secondary lab will enable Tamros and Pilini to exercise their skills and not intrude upon our Lair.

Gordzilla said...