Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pippen Toma

I remembered and recognized the halfling mage Pippen Toma instantly and welcomed him heartily, grabbing 2 beers for him. I led him to the table closest to the Son Stove and showed it off as we settled into a discussion. He beat me to my own line and held up his hand as I started to speak, expressing an interest in sparing any bullshit while we had our discussion of sponsorship. Nearly halfway through our banter of questions and stories, he admitted that he probably wasn't a good match for me. Apparently political prestige is not at all in his repertoire and it is one of my primary interests, at least inside the Black Crown. He spoke of Nefertiti's dislike for him, but he pretty much shrugged it off and said it kind of proved his particular shortcoming in the Crown. The conversation lasted about 2 hours, and at the end I earnestly invited to come any time to eat and drink(something he seemed quite skilled at) anytime. He spoke of seeing father speak when he was young.He recalled it was a lecture on 'magic in the new age'. He said he mostly remembered Nissian as a very eloquent speaker in that his pronunciation was always precise and crystal clear. He also said it was that lecture that fired his desire to master magic. He is also a master of magical rings. A devoted student to their lore, history, construction and cataloguing, he was confirmed as a master later by Nefertiti. He wasn't specific, but he said his nobility traced back to the Winters Heart (pg 18), an estate in the noble Quarter. When I mentioned our upcoming fight club, he indicated a strong interest, and he mentioned he had heard of our bard auditions. He said that he didn't want to name any names, to protect the integrity of the try outs, but a niece of his was planning on applying. I laughed and told him I appreciated his discretion. It certainly felt friendly as he departed, but he warned me that Nefertiti would most likely discourage that. We shall see.

If there was one quote I will always remember from our meeting, it was this quote, about him trying to follow the lessons of our father : " I never knew or figured his plan with his political moves and public orations, but I always paid attention".

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James said...

(Auge) More evidence that Father was a Truenamer... precise and crystal clear speech.