Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tales from Sunbow (guard post #1)

Tarken stood at attention in the cold morning air. The blooming yellow roses and gentle trickle of the fountain made for a very relaxing atmosphere. This was only his second day at Sunbow but he already loved it more than his old job. Guarding the stairs & dealing with the dregs from the Driftdowns never again. Not only was the pay better here but the fringe benefits weren’t bad either. Two guys outside the front door to a brothel seems unnecessary he whispered. There were more guards inside than any two shifts combined on the stairs.
This is where people come to let their guard down Ike replied, we want them feeling safe.
Speaking of safety Tarken responded, what happened to the last guards that opened up the new positions?
If you want to have a successful and long last career at Sunbow you need a few things Ike retorted, sharp eyes, tight lips, & a short memory. Tarken turned to face him as they stood flanking the entrance.
Oh c’mon were supposed to be, just then Tarken felt a flash heat. The kind one felt by standing to close to a large fire. Are you warm he asked Ike just as the sun briefly disappeared from view? Turning to the sky he stood petrified as the form of a large creature landed a mere 10’ away from him. It charged up the path heading right for him & Ike. As it snarled Tarken could see row after row of flame covered teeth as large as daggers. It thrust a clawed hand towards Ike intent on tearing him apart. Tarken tried to reach for his weapon but his muscles burned and even the slightest movement caused them to ache.
Ike, the creature hissed as they clasped hands, how are thing this morning?
All quiet sir, nothing unusual to report.
Good replied the beast, what is this gesturing towards Tarken.
We have taken on a few new guards. Vinco thought it a good public showing considering the incident with Daphine.
It doesn’t seem trustworthy, Ike do you think it will be useful?
Yes sir! He needs a bit of training but I think he will be a good addition to our “family”.
Tarken could feel the creatures glowing eyes burning through him, as if the creature was trying to size up his very soul. All at once the burning stopped; Tarken was free to move though at this point he was reluctant. Ike appeared to show no signs of stress and the creature terrifying to behold didn’t seem too hostile. As the creature moved past them and into the doors of Sunbow mansion Tarken couldn’t help notice the grin on Ike’s face. He waited a until the creature was inside before he spoke.
Who the hell was that he asked? I have never seen anything like that before.
Ike let out a chuckle, Versel he is our enforcer. Don’t worry things are much safer when he is here.
I bet whispered Tarken. Have you ever seen him in “action”?
Only once watched him tear a couple guys apart in the street right over there Ike gestured. A few wack jobs thought they would ambush them. The most gruesome thing I have ever seen. After he ripped them apart I watched his brother cut off their heads. You mind your tong when they are around and you might keep your head he sneered.
Wait…They, brother there is another one of those things around?
Yah, he has 3 brothers actually.
Shit, maybe leaving the stair guard was a bad idea.

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robm1171 said...

Wow, i think I crapped my pants when Versel came charging up...