Friday, November 12, 2010

11/10/10 Review

Early Sunday we visited Obadiah at the House of the Four winds to tour his library in earnest. We came with a gift for the butler and were treated to ample quantities of smoke and herbs as well as a colorful story by Obadiah that accompanied each one. Jaren, familiarized himself with many books- one in particular originated from one of the Founders, a Seawillow Noble son. Auge greedily researched the methods, classifications and theorems of poison making. We were also able to unlock access into the truespeak skill.

While Jaren and Auge busied themselves with certain selections, Vercer found interest in books of dictators and rulers to better understand his would-be role in this Age of Dragons. While perusing he found a note: “Whisper fits the bill 777” Vercer also occupied himself with one of three prized tomes incased in glass housings. There was a comedy, a tragedy but it was the love story that interested Vercer. The narrative told a story of a love in sin that was their fateful downfall. More importantly it contained information of the correlation of magic and sin:
All are associated with Divination magic.

5 pm. We were then served dinner with Obadiah and his scribe where conversation and theories were exchanged about who would want Obadiah killed, who would stand to benefit, why Buki was hired as well as a revelation into Obadiah’s family. Obadiah as a nephew that is soon to return before the solstice from afar, with the hopes of discovering the fate of his dead son now twenty years past.

We then went by the Van Fleet’s to collect our 1000 gold, in from of a promissory sealed note and then home. Once there Jaren finished the wondrous amulet for Vercer and helped Auge with his magical glove creation. After that some potion brewing and poison making (exquisite kiss) and we rested.

8 am. The next morning Durg stated his plans to visit the Driftdowns and after some group discussion it was agreed that we would all go together. It only took 5 gold and 20 minutes on the lifts when Durg the Toll Payer and his brethren were at last in the Driftdowns. Choked with shadows, the odor of flotsam and the sea we discover the buildings of Driftdowns where mostly shanties built upon each other like barnacles on the side of a sea vessel.

Our first destination was to be the Red Quill. Passing various foamcallers and locations like: the Dawn Sea (Inn), Up from the Depths (Fortune Teller and Finder of Lost Things), Sundered Anvil (weapon merchant), Crumpled Blaybill (Theater), The Ballroom (Battle ground/ Gang warfare), and The Siren’s Call (Feasthall).

The Red Quill was a small dilapidated series of fisherman’s cabins that featured a sign “closed due to illness” and a sigil upon the door that encompassed many layers of independent symbols that created the one now adorned on the front door of the tattoo parlor. Helping ourselves inside Jaren and Ague discovered who we believed to be a sick and dying Mothlo Tu Ervan. After attempting to kill him, (an action that damaged evil creatures) Auge gathered up 200 gold in inks and tattoo equipment then departed, having discovered nothing else of consequence or importance.

Our next destination was the Horned Crown and Yellow-Eye the Minotaur sage. Aged and disheveled his custom proclaimed “sage for the common man and the budget conscious adventurer!” After some debate as to our exchange of information and the questions we would pose to him, we imbibed a genie Ambrosia that would ensure the source of all information traded in this palaver would remain secret.

*** The green-cloak SS cultists are sometimes called Minions of the Skull, they worship undeath and mark this coming solstice and the beginning of the year of the dead/ the winter of the dead. Nightstalker is an individual and not a title, but who ever the Nightstalker is he is truly a long-lived creature. It is unknown if Nightstalker has a lieutenant but mayhap a former lover Madame Octavia.
***The Sevens have no permanent base of operations but it is rumored that their leader lives in the Rat’s Nest.

Old Yellow-Eye had some questions of his own he presented us with:
Does the Nightstalker know we are Nissian’s children? (A: Many ask us that.)
Are we loyal to the current leadership of Twilight House? The house itself? (A: No/ we are aligned with financial gain.)
Furthermore to offset the cost of the Ambrosia we volunteer information that there is a marked increase in flying creature activity the closer to the solstice we get (example Mako/Hammer).

Coming out of the magic brought on by the Ambrosia, we discover that our information exchange was some kind of shared dream and that there is no way anyone could have eavesdropped upon us.

We are awarded 1000 xp. We start next session leaving the Horned Crown 10 am.

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