Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Journal Entry; Jaren

The overlapping energies was perplexing until I realized I was seeing the over lap of concurrent planes, especially strong here at the Black Crown's demesne. Even as I left and headed for the nearest restaurant ( at her messengers request) I was suddenly aware of the phantom overlays, though it certainly wasn't as strong as at the Crown. I then realized they had always been there, but now I knew it.I wasn't kept waiting long, but I was surprised to see the two stone constructs precede her. I could feel their scans, but also sensed they weren't scanning me. Nefertiti Xanthippe approached with a smile, and I could hardly keep from exclaiming my wonder at her creations. She smiled at the assumption and admitted they were her makings. My initial instincts were correct, and I was glad I had decided to save this visit for last. Her reasons for being interested in me as a protege seemed plausible and genuine. It was when we began to speak of physical laws of time on other planes that I made up my mind to ask her to sponsor my entry into the Crown. She quickly agreed, and cast a magic screen around us, assuring me there was no way any one or thing could hear or sense what we discussed. Brief and intense, it lasted no longer than five minutes. We discussed expectations, goals, enemies, and destinies. I divulged all of my new concepts, and she seemed impressed and excited to present them, but after my initiation period. It is my hope to be officially presented early next week, before the Solstice.

Walking back to the Cinder Block, I mulled over how happy I was to have heard that she, too, was quite willing to take on and destroy the 777s with me. And despite her warnings and dislike of the halfling, I merrily imagined my next glass of beer with Pippen Toma, perhaps as we watched a duel at Neutral Grounds, or laughed at every one for how stupid they were. The thought turned to a frown, though, as I struggled to remember a story of a dragon tricked by a strange halfling and a band of dwarves.....

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