Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tales from the cauldron

“The Vial and Flask coming along nicely master.” Auge turned and looked down on the approaching Pilini. As the gnome servant drew near, Auge observed Pilini’s apparel. The Gnome was clad in fine red boots, scarlet colored breeches to the waist with a rich belt and a plain worn brown vest about his chest.

“I thought I ordered you some suitable attire?” Auge asked the gnome who then produced a silver tray holding five generous cocktail glasses. Grateful, Auge closely examined the drinks. There was a red beverage, a black, blue, green and lastly a clear and odorless one.

“Less is more.” Pilini replied. “A simple vest does not detract from my physical looks.” Pilini said with all seriousness, flexing his abdominals showing off their definition. With a grin, Auge concedes identifying Pilini’s sin of pride.

“Is this your latest brew?” Auge asks, referring to the contents of the liquor glasses. Pilini nodded. Auge took the drinks, methodically sniffs, tests and tastes all but one which he then places in the center of the row.

“Excellent! You have outdone yourself. I regret however that the Tiamat will be shy one vudka,” Indicating the clear center cocktail. “By the time anyone gets to imbibe this final drink, they won’t detect that it’s not vudka." Pilini’s face lit with understanding.

“Come with me, I have a reward for you.” Auge said, Pilini’s look immediately went from pride to terror.

Auge led Pilini to the attached laboratory and The Cauldron. “Relax.” From his pack, Auge produced a tiny chunk of ivory that resembles a fang. “This is called the snakeblood tooth. When worn it will help you resist the effects of any ingested poison.”

“Thank you master”

“Just protecting my investment.”

Pilini took the magical tooth as Auge is struck with inspiration: a capsule retainer, a perfect exclusive for the Liquor Commission!

“You plan to poison the white…er clear drink of the Tiamat.” Pilini stated more than asked.

“Yes observant one. I surmise that anyone keen to this drink and the white it represents, is worth an attempt to disable with a poison.”

“Another thing,” Auge continued. “I want you to become familiar with this area. You will attend the souk in my absence during the day; you can use this cauldron to brew your dwarven ale and vudka and then work Neutral Grounds at night.”

“As you command master Auge.”


harrygoblin said...

Straight outta Compton? I'm straight out the TRAILER!!! Pellini caught a 187, but now he keeps it real on the Block.

James said...

Keepin it real like a Happy Meal.

robm1171 said...

i'm not even gonna act like i know what's being said...