Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bard Audition 2: Dalia Toma Halfling Female

Dalia is a tour de force of energy and movement. Beyond a performance, she has a long term plan. She assures you her multiple talents will not only provide entertainment but even better fights in your battle club as the warriors battling will be inspired to greater heights. She also claims to be an oracle, capable of spontaneous poems that hint at the future or provide insight into recent events. As if on cue her voice subtly changes and she says:

Tick Tock! What A Clock? Secrets lost on mortal time

One, two, three, four, study up on your dragon lore

The hunter screams when it comes through, what’s a misspoken wizard to do?

Hidden flight sky high, infinite layers unseen eye

A cycle within a cycle unknown, the plans of many belong to some

Wish upon wish the parents might, the aegis of the ages comes to light

When she finishes for the first time she seems unsteady on her feet and pauses. She peers about the room and innocently asks, “Did I do it again?”

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