Monday, February 21, 2011

Thursday before Solstice

When you look beyond Stormhaven to the east, north, and west a wall of storms seems to be rushing towards Stormhaven. Sarosh estimates that they will be here in full force either the evening of the solstice or the next day.  He advises that it is extremely rare for 3 storms to converge in this manner and when they do, very dangerous. Flight is already being affected, until further notice there is a -2 Weather penalty on flight skill checks.  Until the storms are done, this penalty will only get worse.


James said...

Weather penalty! Now thats a new one. Lol.

Storms a coming! I personally can't wait for it. :)

Gordzilla said...

Cool, you think you're able to play Wednesday?

James said...

Yea- after class. :)