Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tales from Firefly Cathedral

"So what service do you need? What bounty can Enlil bestow upon you?" asked the extravagant priest.

"Did you over hear the dragon men?" asked the cloaked creature.

"Why yes, strange creatures, first ones interested in that genie fellow who was always out of work."

"Did you know him well?" the raspy voiced cloaked man asked. 

"What is all this about?" asked the priest. 

"200 gold for what you overheard and if you can get friendly with any of them, there's more in it for you." the green cloak growled.

"Oh well if its BUSINESS, very well, it seems they were looking for some sort of divine aid, a more permenant follower.  Wanted help discerning lies as well as the usual divine aids."  The priest liked the sound of his own voice and made sure the green cloak heard it loud and clear for the next hour. 

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