Thursday, February 24, 2011

2/24/11 Review

Thrusday 8pm. We began the session with a decent to the Driftdowns. The air was brisk and cold to us. Our visibility was very poor and, with the certain coming of the three storms- even from so far out, was causing surges in the ocean waters caused most the docks and piers to be covered in ice.

Expecting to also rally with Arkeil we advance to the Dockward’s office and the individual who sent us the letter informing us of the disappearance of our ship, the Black Kraken. After a casual inspection of the structure and seeing nothing that would derail our purpose; we entered the office. When we encountered the wardsman he was dumfounded as to what our inquiry was. What disappearance? What note? IT’S A TRAP! With little warning cannon balls descended upon us and the Dockward’s office destroying the building, scattering us and killing the wardsman. Immediately after, more cannon fire- this time the target was the Black Kraken. After regaining some- not all of our senses we separated. Jaren and Durg ran to where the Black Kraken was while Auge and Vercel ventured to find the source of the attack.

Following the scent of gunpowder Auge comes across a duplicate Black Kraken where several original Black Kraken crewmembers were seen bound and dead. Amongst them: Godin and a green cloaked Deathskull Cultist. Godin escaped from our attack, but the cultist did not; however, not before he boasts “we got her”. Further search of the ship yielded a dead Raice and that the Black Kraken II rigged to eventually explode (with the help of the turbulent waters). After several futile attempts to disable the explosives we abandoned the ship as well as any hopes to its seizure.

Meanwhile Jaren and Durg find Arkeil and two other seriously wounded among and around the many dead and the Black Kraken I debris: Gatka Burtannon a dwarf male and Wenstafani a female bard whom we had met before. Taking them to a nearby drinking establishment the three survivors regained consciousness. The bartender was eager not to agitate our ire more than it already was and entertained some questions before we allowed him leave. Where was Godin? His best guess would be Hag’s Britches, Sea Nymphs or with Mothrow (Red Quill Inks- a known Seven agent) or with an elf named contact Darsoon. Gatka and Wen were guarding a neighboring ship that suffered significant damage in the ambush we discover. Arkeil surmised that they used summoned creatures to set up the ambush. There is no word on the condition of Captain Pryor.

11 pm. Relinquishing the tavern to Gatka and Wen we decided it would be prime time to visit the Hag’s Britches. The Britches turned out to be a bar that primarily service to the Driftdown guards, complete with the necessary libations and basement gambling area. It is here, among the swordsmen that Vercel speaks…

“I am Vercel of Son’s Commodities and the Cinder Block of the Upside. There is full-time employment on the Upside for the right man… a bounty reward and a watermark for whoever brings me Godin.” The bar empties of many patrons, then suddenly a single attack from a mirror image individual however its attack fell short of its intent.

Eight pints and ten meat-pies later, two men (part of a four-man team- future DM post) present to us two Sevens members: Fixer the half elf and a human Lieutenant with a fake money-changer watermark.

Taking them back to our interrogation area, lieutenant money-faker pleads for his life and offers that Godin would likely be on the Upside busying himself with extortions as well as insight into a little Sevens politics. Vercel’s taste for blood would not be sated- with the death of these meager two agents and suggests to his brothers of going to Sunbow mansion, and following up on Godin having a penchant for female company. Great idea, however no Godin- we give a description and warn of his possible arrival to Sunbow attendees and a way to contact us.

From there we follow up on a money changers building in the Rats nest (you know the one… on the corner of Mastermind road and Overlord) and agree that after a night’s recovery we would see if Godin lies within. Sarosh stands watch over it in the meantime.

When we begin our next session it will be Friday morning. The calendar has Jaren beginning construction on the Volcano Dwarf’s fire pit and Auge’s second day on the Eternal Wand. Bard auditions begin Friday day as well as the early morning assault/investigation of the Money-changers.

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