Wednesday, February 9, 2011

" A Traveller's Handbook "

These are the spells in the book gifted me by Nefertiti, pending DM approval.
0- amanuensis (SC)
1- stumble gap (APG) , crafter's fortune (APG) , protection from evil,etc , monster summoning 1 , comprehend languages , resist planar alignment (SC) , unseen servant , mount
2- create pit (APG) , share language (APG) , locate object , summon monster 2 , ethereal chamber (SC)
3- spiked pit (APG) , magic circle vs. evil,etc , nondetection , summon monster 3 , anticipate teleportation (SC) , avoid planar effects (SC) , servant horde (SC) , analyze portal (SC) , shadow cache (SC)
4- dimension door

These spells take the last fifty pages of the book. The first 50 are filled with theory and formulae regarding planar travel and magic. This results in a +2 bonus to knowledge planes checks.

All 100 pages of the book are fine vellum sheets. The ink is mixed with alchemical silver, and its bond to the page is exceptional. The book covers are made of mahogany planks covered with a pliant leather skin that when closed and secured is water tight to 50 feet deep. It is written in a flowing hand that switches to and from different planar languages, almost as if the author was unaware she was doing it.

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