Friday, February 11, 2011

Adalwin Joscelin

I was ushered to a classroom not far away, shortly after I asked to call upon Adalwin. He was preparing for a lesson, it seemed, with scrolls and parchment sheaves laid upon the table. My first impression was that he presented himself very much the same way as he did at the mixer. Our discussion was conducted over a chess game, a strength and favorite test of Adalwin's. He explained the intent and purpose and legality of the ban against organized mage guilds. He further spoke quite admiringly of the Crown's commitment to maintaining not just the letter but also the spirit of the ban. One of their main goals is to further the availability of magic to the population of Stormhaven. He also explained the terms of service time to the Crown, and the many different ways it could be fulfilled. His final lesson he taught over a 4- move chase. He spoke of the rivalry and political influence within the guild. He warned that too much movement, or a splashy entrance, might attract the attention of some the big fish in the pond. He warned that some of those big fish were sharks. Checkmate.

He struck me as very honest, and professorial. I believed him when he said he looked forward to me teaching my new ideas at the Crown regardless of whose sponsorship I sought. I sent message by personal letter the morning after making my decision with Nefertiti, and at least count him as amicable toward future meetings. One final impression left me with the sense that he was strongly civic minded and thought of long term solutions to the challenges of Stormhaven's isolation.