Monday, February 21, 2011

A Conversation overhead at Fentster and Sons, Cobblers

"Oh, yes, milady. Do come in. I have those shoes you ordered right here. Ah? You wish to peruse my stock, excellant!"
"Why yes, the street IS more orderly today. It's those... "dandies", "bravos" we called them in my day. They're no longer skulking about the street, looking for duels. Why yes, I know. The city guard never did a thing to drive them away. Oh yes, milady, the buckles on these do look hideous, you'll not want those. Now what had happened outside was one day last week, there were about 10 of the sword dandies out in the middle of the street, shouting about honor and challenging each other to duels. Out of the sky, like a bolt of crimson lightening, struck a huge, menacing form. It was one of those, those dragonmen! He landed right in the midst of them, enveloped in his wings. They folded back, revealing him for the first time. These are too tight, you say? Very well, let's try these. Anyway, I've seen larger creatures, even men, than him... but it was his presence that filled that street. And unarmed he was, his axe was still stuck through his belt. He looked around at the group of dandies, which seems to have shrunken to about six and in a low, rumbling voice announced ' You will stop this fighting in the streets. Any dueling that's to be done will happen either in your schools, Rockhammer Square... or if you truly want to test your mettle, you may fight at Neutral Grounds, in the Cinderblock. ' Well, one of the dandies actually stepped forward and told him that they don't have to take orders from any beastmen, and slapped the dragonman's face with a glove! The dragonman, the one with the axe, Durg I believe his name is, didn't even try to avoid the blow. He asked the group who was the best of them and they all pointed to the youth who'd stepped forward. I must say he did put on a great show, looking down his nose at the dragonman. Durg announced in that quiet voice of his that he and the young man would duel, until one of them could not duel anymore. If the youth won, they could duel anywhere they wished. If Durg won, they would never duel in the streets again, and the youth in particular would never duel in the streets again. Yes, odd phrasing that was. Well, the fight started. Durg with his axe, the youth with one of those thin bladed swords, a ra-peer? The youth made several, blinding strikes to the chest and arms of Durg, while the dragonman would only push the dandy away with the flat of his axe. Then, at some point, Durg decided it was done, and again, with the flat of his axe, he knocked the sword from the boy's hand, and with a claw and a kick to the boy's legs, Durg pushed the dandy down to the street. He looked at the others, who were all gaping at the display, and then kneeled down across the dandy's chest. And this is the strangest thing... his axe, the head fattened and blunted and became a hammer! Yes, there in his hands. Durg looked down at the dandy and said, 'And now you will no longer duel' and smashed the dandy's knees!! Oh by the gods, I have never heard a man scream like that. Durg only stood, took a small pouch from his belt and tossed it to one of the other dandies, saying 'Have him seen to by a priest. This will cover the cost. He'll be able to walk again, if the priest is competent, but his duelling days are over.' And with that, he flew straight up and out of sight. And since then, the only noises that ring out in the street is that of good business. "
"Ah yes, the ruby slippers. Milady has an excellant eye!"

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