Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wall of Prestige

Try the fiery boldness of the spicy-hot Dragon Pepper Firechilli
Experience its legendary venerable flavor from our popular selections and gain fame and prestige in the process. 
No where else but the Cinder Block!

The Dragon Draught- A blazing vudka (aka voldka) martini, slowly heated to 104 degrees. This daring cocktail is served very dirty with a generous Dragon Pepper slice. "Stand daring and bold with The Dragon Draught!"
Mono a mono: Single Cocktail (Red) 3 gp. *Extra pepper double-shot 2 gp.
The Two-Headed Dragon: Two- Single Cocktails (Any same color) 5 gp. * Extra pepper double-shot 2 gp
The Dragon Slayer: 10 gp. Five double-shot cocktails: Black, Blue, Green, Red and Clear. "Nicknamed The Tiamat- drink them and eat the peppers; complete her test of mettle and gain your handle on the Wall of Prestige!"

(Average income 20 gp to 100 gp a night.)

Adventurers Gruel- A bland, red, thick and pasty-wet “gruel”. The Adventurers Gruel contains everything necessary to sustain oneself, however the Cinder Block adds the flare of the Dragon Pepper. "Join the adventurous few before you and add your handle to the Wall of Prestige!" * Reservations are recommended- limited availability.
The Solo Adventure: A single serving of the “Gruel” with one Dragon Pepper. 15 gp
Outnumbered!: A single serving of the “Gruel” with two Dragon Peppers. 20 gp
The Heroes Feast- A single gruel serving with five of the plumpest Dragon Peppers on hand. 50 gp. Also called Gladiator by some adventurers; the first individual to ever complete a Heroes Feast was a renowned former gladiator.\

(Possible 60 gp to 200 gp a night.)

(Auge) Brothers, whom ever has the Sustaining Spoon, I would like to offer my services to craft an item for you as trade- I will then donate it back to the Cinder Block adding to its property value.


harrygoblin said...

The house specialty drinks are awesome! This should be a very unique draw to the Dragon Hoard. The wall of prestige will become as popular as the Den Chili Parlor's wall.

harrygoblin said...

LOL I just noticed the 5th drink is "clear" instead of white. Good Work, sir!!

James said...

That's what I was thinking. :) And thanks, glad you appreciated the "clear" one. Lol

James Caruso said...

Ah who could forget this oldie but goodie post. lol