Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Session 1 review 9-8-2010

This portion has been previously posted: Someone in Twilight House has been manipulating trade deals from the driftdown and embezzling a poison known as Exquisite Kiss. Find out where this poison is being sold or distributed. See what can be accomplished with this situation. If you want to be the gather team, show ingenuity. The team you are competing against has a different challenge, yet one that should force you to cross paths. Remember that all of you are assets of Twilight house and should any deaths occur, replacement or equivalent value in return to the house is required.
This part hasn't:
Ok here is what we know:
Two weeks ago several of our shipments were delayed on the Grand Stair overnight due to humanoid error. The freight man didn’t have his water mark and the stair guard on duty wasn’t in a forgiving mood. As normal the freight man took inventory and passed along a message to us at Twilight House in case anyone had to be notified of a delay. The majority of things in the shipment were perishable, either food or alchemical base items going to one merchant, Rockenblow Orcanstein, a ½ gnome ½ orc. He made his mark by turning junk into valuable, useful items. He has made a lot of money by selling to the orc population. When Twilight House contacted Rockenblow about the delay he was very surprised and claimed that he had received all his orders and that there wasn’t anything we listed that he had ordered or was interested in. This was especially interesting because normally had there been anything even slightly useful to Rockenblow he would have taken it even if he hadn’t ordered it. It was clear to us from his refusal that he didn’t recognize some of the base components. After researching our records we show that for the last two years, similar shipments have been coming from the Downs earmarked for Rockenblow. Those shipments common factor was the base components for the poison Exquisite Kiss. The quantity is enough over two years to have built up quite the storehouse of the stuff. We have yet to hear of any deaths associated with this poison during these two years and while in the Downs it wouldn’t cause a ripple, on the Upside it would surely be noticed, as most poison related deaths are investigated, usually by those affected or in the poison business.
The opposing team is a strange group made up of two half elven sorcerer's said to have fiendish blood, a elven ranger, and a tiefling thief.
Claret Pauchard: 1/2 elven sorcerer has a birthmark that looks like a skull above his left eyebrow.
Larratia Pauchard: 1/2 elven sorcerer sister of Claret, has a similar birthmark above left eyebrow but doesn't look as skull like. Her spells are said to be very unique.
Waymar: elven ranger known as a sniper for his skill with ranged weapons
Raice: Tiefling, red and blue skinned tiefling
Poison: Exquisite Kiss Type: Contact Save DC: ?
Initial Damage: ? Con Secondary Damage: ? Con, ? Wis (over a four-day period)
Price: 300gp per dose
Our first game opened with a feast the likes of which none of us had experienced before. Arkiell, our mentor, hosted us in our own dining chamber, and we noticed he also hosted another group in a seperate chamber, At this brunch, Arkiell gave us details of our selection as the gather team, and briefed us on our first mission for Twilight House. After a brief Q&A, he had given us two important names.The first, Flack Mader, a secretary here at Twilight House in charge of shipping orders and commodity trades. The 2nd name was Larrimor, a guard friendly to the house. Arkiell revealed to us that it was believed Larrimor was something other than human, despite his appearance.
With that auspicious beginning, we were set free to start as we saw fit, and we did so with a team fly-over the disc. We discovered our breath weapon could be 1 die more powerful when used in unison, which quickly drew the attention of the bat mounted spellgaurd. After an impressive show from Durg and a brief talk, the Gaurd quickly drew the obvious conclusion that we were not trouble and returned to their roost.

We then sought Larrimor, and found him quickly at the keep around the grand stair. As we approached, we couldn't help but notice the many ballistae and weapons of war meant to kill threats such as us might represent. He was very co-operative, and as he searched the records for information about what happened the night of the mysterious delay, we found a halfling merchant, middle aged, named Brazier who claimed to be one of the few that could be found here every day. We hit off quite well, and he gave us a name, Karmouth, of someone we could talk to about the poison Exquisite Kiss. Karmouth operates a booth near Brazier on most days. He asked to commission us for a side job that we all agreed to. A nightclub owner, named Wensler, who also was a summoner, owed for 5 pounds of narcotics he never paid for. Each time Brazier tries to collect, he is attacked by progressively more fierce summoned creatures. He wants us to collect 2000 gold, or the 5 pounds of narcotics. We agreed, and investigated the market further as we waited for Larrimors report.

While doing so, we spotted and got the drop on a 7s gang member as he assassinated a merchant. He tried to use magic and rogue skills to escape, but the 4 of us quickly surrounded him and forced his surrender in less than 20 seconds. He tried to throw away his poison and weapon, but Auge found it and kept them. We turned him over to the gaurd, after asking him some questions. Sorry, I really dont remember what we asked him, but I have notes on the poison we confiscated. It is made from a leaf residue, and is usually not lethal. Only persons particularly allergic to this toxin die from it, which suggests a lot of inside knowledge.{ this is butch talking, not facts from notes, but it seems to me that if this poison is made from pulp or residue from a leaf, that leaf must be pretty fresh, not dried. That probably means this poison is made Upside, where there is an abundance of such leaves} The citizenry was so impressed by our fast action, they passed a hat and we each earned a 50 gold piece reward.

About this time Larrimor found us and told us what happened. He was the stairgaurd that night, and he remembers the courier was Maco, an ogre mage who holds membership with The Black Crown. Being so well known, Larrimor tried to pass him through, but Maco wanted to be held in, mumbling about how 'they wouldnt be able to get him in here'. Larrimor took his inventory order and sent the necessary delay notice to the House, and Maco went on when the stair opened the next day. Larrimor says he hasnt seen Maco since that night.
Knowing the nightclub was in the Rats Nest, not far from home, we set out to finish our collection job. The place was easy to find, but closed for the afternoon (it was early). We noticed a pair of windows on the second floor that was covered by bars, but opted to search through an out of place garbage heap. We found a secret door it was hiding, and stairs that led to a cellar for the club, and beyond. Deeper we found an opulent drug den, with copious amounts of narcotics splayed about on a number of serving trays. Farther in the back of the den, at the bottom of another short staircase, we discovered a grisly sight. A long room choked with corpses, cut open and pinned aside to reveal their cavities where their organs had been dissected and removed. At the end of the room a surprised looking human man stood amidst it all clutching a wand in one hand.

Also, we were all given a potion of cure light wound, but I don't have its origin written down. I believe it was from our House, at the beginning of the night, but I'm not sure.


harrygoblin said...

the first part of this post is information from troy, including the information about the other team, and stats for the poison.

Gordzilla said...

The Cure Light wounds potion was from the merchants who passed the hat.