Monday, February 14, 2011

Winter's Heart Glossy Pamphlet

Winter's Heart Emporium announces open livestock auction! Two days after solstice outside the Tower of Beast's all of upside may come and bid on livestock of the mundane and exotic variety. Be there to witness the Heart's gift to the city of Stormhaven when they present to Hanan Al’Sharif six Grand Tuskers! Sure to increase the size and strength of Stormhaven's Griffins for years to come, these massive beasts not only provide stud for Griffon's but are excellent beasts of burden! Who knows what ingenious uses the leader of the Griffin Guard will come up with for the Mighty Tusker!

The Winter's Heart encourages all Nobel families to take advantage of this once in a generation opportunity! Managed correctly this massive delivery of livestock has the potential to provide Stormhaven with enough meat for the current population of Upside for twenty to thirty years!  With any stock purchase, experts in animal husbandry are on hand to provide you with the best advice for the care, well being, and breeding of your purchase.  Branding available upon request.

These fliers are seen about Updside this week.  They art of the flier radiates low level illusion and transmutation magic.

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