Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bard Audition 1: Karazale Montough Human Male

A sailor’s tale, Karazale accentuates the tale with excellent sound effects that hint at his musical talents. His tale is titled “The Abscess”.

A good day’s sailing to the east of Stormhaven is the Abscess, an all consuming whirlpool connected to both the Elemental Plane of Water and the lower planes. The Abscess is a blot of corruption on the world, the air ripped by screams and heavy with sulphur, the boiling water wreathed in flames and thick with clots of pus belched up from the stygian pits. The Abscess is home to a wide variety of monsters, most of them twisted by its foul waters. Sharks and undead infest the Abscess, and fiendish water and fire elementals are all too common. It is rumored that the Abscess is home to a demon blooded Kraken. The captain of the only vessel to survive an encounter with the beast described it as “Midnight given form…the hand of the devil himself!”

His suggestion for the Cinder Block: Acrobats! It just so happens that he knows a family of four acrobats.

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