Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Crown Mixer

Arriving at the noble district home of Mihaela Leonia you both were overwhelmed by the abundance of magic. It soon became apparent that the senses would not serve you as well here. While you met many interesting people you both were soon overwhelmed by a variety of theorems, algorithms, equations, and arcane philosophies you were presented with, this day was not your own, the party, too well planned. You passed your time moving from room to room sharing in a variety of literal arcane cocktails and magically created foods. It was here in this forum that you first learned the greatest source of the black crown’s power and political relevance and it was in great presence and quantity at the party. Food and drink, the ability to create something from nothing or to bring something far away here was revealed as the primary source of income for Black Crown. Part of the service time requested of new membership is involved with serving this function and can include negotiating trade agreements in far off places.

Mihaela Leonia human female, regal looking host resplendent in a purple gown with high black shoulders and head piece. A master of riddles, when she presents you with a riddle, the answer usually reveal a personal flaw or short-coming.

Tycho Nikias Elf Male, Want to blow something up but not hit unintended targets? Tycho is your man, a teacher of arcane feats, Tycho is also a master chessman.

Isidora Margareta Celestial? Female, You don’t remember what she talked about, it had to be magical, I mean that’s the only way its even possible. The most beautiful woman you have ever seen or dreamt of. After twenty minutes in her presence you left and experienced the worst headaches of your lives.

Evaristus Phocas Heresy Devil male, not surprisingly an expert on magical contracts, seals, and power words. Current passion is studying gates and magical doorways.

Description of Evaristus: Seemingly fused with a monstrous throne of iron skulls, this impossibly corpulent being floats several feet off the ground. Trappings cut in mockery of holy vestments do little to cover the thing’s pallid, leaking rolls of blister-pocked girth. Worthless, club like hands waggle like maggots, directing a cloud of weathered scrolls and blasphemous tomes that orbit its bulk. Barely distinguishable amid its mound of chins squints a pair of glassy black eyes, riding above a disproportionately wide mouth curled into a perpetually lecherous grin.

Melissa Izanami Half Dragon female, the most hateful woman you’ve ever encountered and your time with her was directly after your time with Isidora. Through the entire session with Melissa you had your intense headache. It was only when allowed to leave Melissa did you both realize how much you had just learned about Concentration.

Iosif Olympiodoros Half Dragon, devil blooded, male, challenges you to the idea that there is a hierarchy to magic and you are its lowest rung.

Lucretia Lalita Human female, Isidora was painfully beautiful, Lucretia is the girl next door (Mary Ann Giligan’s Island) Her specialty is arcane inflection, proper vocalizations. She is in high demand by Summoners and Pact Magician’s.

Ulfr Grigore Human male, expert on magical diseases and curses. You expect to see this fellow on top of a mountain enjoying cold crisp air. He also claims to be able to hide his own spellcasting while spotting others.

Chryseis Salima Elf female, She is an abjuration specialist whose specialty is converting an opponent’s magic into arcane protections for herself while robbing them of the original spells benefits.

Leofric Vilho Tiefling male, Steals magic. Believes that arcanists should rule the world.

Sanda Leocadia ½ elf female Her discussions were on morality in magic. She is in charge of the spellguard.

Eustathios Kjetil Gnome male Arcane Philosopher, Diviner and all around pain in the ass.

Nefertiti Xanthippe planar female, Her session involved a diorama of the planes and a short dissertation on the politics of some planes and the effects of our magic upon them.

Govannon Gennadiy Changeling Male, Expert on magical fusion, as well as constructs.

Brita Francisca Dwarf Female, She is an expert on runes and sigils.

Pipin Toma Halfling male, a wizard alchemist, also a well known creator of magical rings. Some claim he can be in two places at once, others swear he has a twin brother.

Luned Octavia Drow female, Her magic was strange to you but her expertise is mathematics and numerology. She claimed to be working on numerical formula for true names and pacts.

Kapila Meginfrid Janni, male, master of elemental magic now seeks to identify new and heretofore unknown elements.

Jamila Christine Human Female, she spoke to you about the generally accepted edges of magical discovery and seemed quite high on the knowledge.

Adalwin Joscelin Human male, Magical strategy, control and domination of enemies.

Kallistrate Edana Spellscale Female, Her specialty is Transmutation and she discussed how an expert can be a beautiful army of skills and magic to overcome any foe

Vibiana Cressida ½ Elf Female, She studies what she refers to as fringe magic, not limited to but including alchemy, meta-magic components, bards, warlocks, and witches.


James said...

I printed this out to have at the table. Great Job. I really like the description of Evaristus- great imagery.

Gordzilla said...

Thank you:)