Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Versel speaks up

My Brothers I have a vision. This Dragon heart has shown me the path of what could be. If one lone Dragon could carve the world disc imagine what the four of us can achieve together. Our bodies grow stronger every day and while we might have to wait for our physical primes our minds are already keen. Lets us use the tools and talents we have now to take hold of this city and begin our new empire. I am not so foolish to think this task will be completed overnight. However I see our path as clearly as the cobblestone streets of Rat’s nest. How you ask, let’s look at our experiences in the last couple days.

If we learned anything about the common citizen in the last few days it’s how eager they are to please us. A few “good” deeds and we take control of this city with little resistance as they appoint us their “protectors”. They envy our strength and fear our power, look at the meat sacks (humans) in the stair market. Tithing food to appease us shows their willingness to serve. I think the commoner will relish every opportunity to prove why they shouldn’t be our next meal. The Spell guards, defenders of the city were noticeably shaken when Durg turned his attention their way after interrupting our morning exercise. Their fear makes them susceptible to our will. Even the Twilight house has expressed their desire to keep us as members. No doubt hoping to profit from our endeavors.

Our victims beg for their lives and offer up service why? Because they know the death we deliver will be more horrific then anything they can imagine. The jobs and services we have performed for Brazier & the major-domo of the Van Fleet house have given us more financial gain than the original agreement or expectation, again I ask why? Because each of them sees the benefit in us as allies. They purposefully lose money on initial “investment” hoping the opportunity will arise for a bigger return in the future. Even the draconic creature of the flyers club sees us as an opportunity and he only watched us walk down the street.

Everyone wants us on their side and that is our greatest asset now. I guarantee the Nobel houses of Stormhaven will be no different. We can make ourselves available and they will try and buy our loyalties. None of them would want to risk us joining an opposing house. We keep our eyes and ears open and we will find their weakness’. Weakness that we can choose to exploit ourselves or sell to their enemies. Not only will we grow financially but politically as we play the noble houses against each other like an afternoon chess match.

A quick warning, and a word of advice my brothers. The Nobel houses have made a living off of telling lies. They will try and fill your head with tales of false riches to manipulate you to their own ends. That is our game! Do not get caught up chasing a tale where the risk outweighs the reward. Make sure there is always a way to gain adequate compensation for services rendered. Even if that compensation is in blood.

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Gordzilla said...

Great post Russ. You gain a free skill point in Knowledge Strategy/Tactis.