Monday, February 21, 2011

Review 2/16/11

We picked up Thursday morning, the second day of construction on the Vial and Flask. Auge is unusually busy with the souk construction, so we pulled away a somewhat meddlesome Tamros for palaver and presentation of the Rod of blood. A rather long meeting ensued:
It would take a while to call a council, but he presented the rod back to me as a key of office, so to speak. He asked that I carry it publicly.

Durg asked for more permanent work. First, Tamros suggested scanning the area for free agents, and when he catches them red-handed, recruit them into the commission. Durg asked about likely establishments to lean on, but Tamros seemed reluctant. Perhaps he thinks we need more soldiers to operate a territory before we start offering such services. Third, terms were discussed over a new target. An elven wizard named Carastro has been selling services transporting goods and cargo from ships waiting at sea to dock. We met this wizard before at the Flyers Club meeting. He was friendly with a black dragon named Sameel, the dragon of Sloth.

Tamros opened a discussion of recruiting members of the 777s as we reclaimed territories. A lot of mixed emotions were expressed. Tamros said what he always thought was strange about the Guild War was that the 777s never tried to take his people or his businesses or territories.

That began a line of theory questioning the 777s motives and goals. Tamros thinks his flaw came in thinking the war was personal. He now thinks they needed to strangle all the Guild activity to transfer their power into a legitimate guild. Versel immediately concluded the Money changers as the only sensible answer, and we all agreed. We thought to attempt to research this by checking up on their legal documents and the like. Perhaps one of the most corroborating circumstances is the fact that the 777s strength(the control of commerce in the driftdowns) could be big enough to bankroll a guild such as the off-shoot Moneychangers. Tamros said he has found historical records mentioning the 777s up to 600 years ago. This marks either a long lived, long term goal-oriented leader; or a change in leadership in the office, but adhering to the same long term plan. The latter most easily explains the occasional shift in tactics while pursuing a consistent goal. As a note from Butch, that is 100 years before the age of dragons was hatched.

Despite our conclusions and suspicions regarding the Moneychangers, Tamros concurred that we had little choice but to utilize their function to operate the gambling at the fight club. In fact, he suggested the name recognition of the guild was so great, he doubted many patrons would gamble there without them.

Finally, we spoke of my goal to include training centers within the Cinder Block, including a wizard school, and a secret rogues hall. He seemed interested, but wary and skeptical. He wryly asked "how do you intend to attract students for a secret school?". Of course, he has no idea how I intend to fill the Cinder Block with loyal employees through Leadership, all devoted to the concept of building 2 hoards- their own and ours, brothers.

After this detailed discussion, we went to the Cathedral to see what kind of devotees we could find. We quickly found Sarosh, a janni druid. We all got along very well, and it was agreed between the two of us to undertake a 1 week trial, and then discuss terms from there. More on him in his own post to come a little later.

He returned to the Block with us, where we found an urgent message from the dock master. Our ship is gone, and hes no idea what happened to it. Exchanging quick glances, Sarosh agreed to accompany us, and that is where we pick up - still at the bar, note in hand.

One more quick note.Versel now has a small office at Sunbow Mansion. He has also started a new habit of checking in at the mansion daily, usually when the spellcasters are preparing, or before his shift at the lifts. Please correct any errant details Russ.

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