Thursday, October 21, 2010

10/20/10 Review

Shortly after 3pm, Jaren, Auge and Vescer regrouped and followed 3 of the ambush party through a relatively unexplored area of our city-block sized building. After a brief chase, our quarry split up upon reaching the ground through a window. We picked one to follow, chased him and beat him down. Gathering his equipment, the three of us hurried him back to the vault to question our attacker.

Deciding to take a “we’re all friends here” approach, our prisoner was at first confused but came around to telling us that they were sent to discover what happened to their contact in necromantic components. He also alluded to a master, but didn’t- even under extreme duress- admit to his master’s house or his name. We elected to kill him, after which he transformed into an undead thrall causing battle to ensue. When the killing strike was at last landed, the thrall pulsed with dark energy leaving bones that contain meta-magic properties.

Then we rested.

9 am. Unable to arouse Durg from his deep slumber we went on about our day and returned to the scene of yesterday’s ambush. On the roof top, we discovered an unfinished circle of chalk, magic components and foci. Featured prominently was ‘the Chaos Star’, also a divine symbol of Jubb.

Later we went to Twilight House so that Jaren could obtain a couple of armor crystals. There, we met a human by the name of Kelvan (Item Trade Accountant) who was very enthusiastic about doing business with us.

Noon. We decided it would be a good idea to test the drafts near and around the fingers. Upon arrival we find Malar training dire bats to fly under harsh conditions. Palaver with Mahlar revealed his hopes in impressing Memnon with a formation of a Jr membership level in the flyers club. This body would be populated and primed to enter Stormhaven’s guild structure, with his blessing of course.

1 pm. Following Mahlar, we ascend until Stormhaven could no longer be seen and we found ourselves within the clouds. Mahlar stopped short when we were confronted by a giant blue-skinned genie named Savoy, who eventually let us into a portal in the sky.

Once through, we followed a passage to an immense castle courtyard what was filled ground to sky will all manner of flying creatures. We were on a grand flying citadel. Using our draconic heritage to our advantage we were given Jr. membership status (as Mahlar as our sponsor) as well as a tour of the citadel.

During our stay we met and exchanged ‘niceties’ with the genie Memnon as well as Buran Risenfier (attendant and military figure- also a genie), a female black dragon (sloth) named Somille; a manticore named Sharptale; Kirtidore, a pasha of an air realm; Mako’s brother Hammer; a dwarf named Hop Gorenstone (has an Imp companion he calls "poof"); Mogary a vampire, and a Somille’s elvan servant Carosto.

We were given dinner unlike any we have experienced before. In the process we learned that the fruit from the trees of this place had beneficial effects for flyers; one improves your fly speed by 10’, another improves your maneuverability, one that add +5 to your fly skill and yet another grants a +2 to your saving throws when flying- lasting an hour each. It is believed that a wish is responsible for these properties.

When we spoke with Hammer, he was unawares of Mako’s death. We shared with him our findings and that the Sevens and Buki was responsible! He has pledged his help when we go to the driftdowns Friday to intercept Mako’s anticipated shipment of Black root.

Jaren met with politicos of the flyers club; Carpaletti (who expressed interest in drugs and poisons) and Brunderson (a necromancer and natural flyer) in the hopes of creating interest in a meta-magic trade with Twilight House. Negotiations took place and we were eventually informed about an individual by the moniker Nightstalker. He is a ritual murderer, has devils in his employ, traffics in truenames and has a modest cult following. His sigil matches a symbol found just inside the lab.

6 pm. Returned to Stormhaven. End of session.

BTW- Rob, add 506 gp in miscellaneous divine scrolls to your hoard.


Gordzilla said...

Great Review! Note I corrected spellings on names.

James said...

Cool, thanks.

Also- I had a phone call around the time that information on Nightstalker was explained, so I don't how or why this individual was brought up.

robm1171 said...

Adding 506 gp in divine scrolls to hoard. Thanks.

James said...

np. Hope Chris is doing well!

Gordzilla said...

Nightstalker was introduced because Brunderson identified him as a necromancer with followers etc. Others should comment on that interaction

James said...

Yea, sorry about that one. I had a phone call when RPing was all going down about nightstalker. :)

Russ said...

My Character was outside playing Air ball for that discussion. That said I personally got the feeling that Nightstalker is the head of the necromancers (in some form of cult) that used to own our vault. His symbol along with others are inscribed in the door frame of the lab. We were told that right now he is well above our pay grade as he has a few devils under his employ. I would guess he probably created our Ghoul guardian as well but we haven't proven that. We have run across two unholy symbols jubb & The black skull ( i don't remember the deity)used by his followers. So I guess this cult might be pretty diverse.

robm1171 said...

I will say that my axe did not react to being around the spellcasters on the roof. This leads me to believe that they were divine, as opposed to arcane, casters.

James said...

The misc divine scrolls you got were booty off the guy we captured. We figured some were divine casters but this confirms they all were.

James Caruso said...

"a female black dragon (sloth) named Somille"