Sunday, September 5, 2010


These small leather badges allow citizens to pass through the Grand Stair’s gates after sunset as well as full access to magic. About the size of a human hand, a watermark is made of black leather, with Stormhaven’s coat of arms engraved with special copper filigree that shines blue under torchlight. A lifetime watermark costs 250gp and has the name of its owner engraved on a the other side of the badge, while temporary watermarks cost 0gp but the person must leave a deposit of 30gp at Staircase Keep, refundable when returning the badge. Watermarks are very valuable on the black market and criminals will not think twice about killing for the privilege of owning one.  The blue image with Latin is a temporary watermark. The badge with an eye is a lifetime watermark.  Some watermarks have additional enchantments. Both badges are said to be counterfeit proof.  Durg overheard two of the masked earth monks discussing a rumor that the Sevens have succeeded where so many others have failed.

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