Wednesday, September 1, 2010

House Rules Part 3 Pathfinder Magic Item Body Slots Part 2 Confused yet?

Body slots in this game are going to be very important. At low levels this will not have much effect, at higher levels it should weigh heavily in strategic thinking. There are some changes now that we are in the age of dragons and most involve magic. Since our focus currently is on body slots I will explain in relation to these.

To begin with, spells now take up empty body slots. A spell doesn’t have to fit any category, there just has to be an empty body slot or Chakra available for a spell of any duration longer than instantaneous to take hold on a given character. While this can be limiting at higher levels, it also can provide a defense, should all your slots be full and an enemy caster tries to hit you with a Ray of Enfeeblement. This will lead to an increased importance for spells and effects that remove magical effects or suppress them. Just because I know you are wondering, if you cast a spell of duration against an enemy that is full up on slots, it is resolved with a caster level check against the slot/item with the lowest available caster level. If you win the check, then that item is suppressed for the duration of your spell as if you were wearing two items in the same slot. If you lose your spell is unsuccessful.

Future posts will detail other changes that will impact the game in relation to magic. A teaser of what is to come: Magic items and spells now draw more heavily on the host, increasing aging, and creating side effects that players will deal with. If you are wearing a magic item or have a spell cast on you, you begin to appear in sharper contrast than others without. The more magic items and effects you have on you, the more you stand out. Think of it as those wearing magic are in high definition, were those without are analog. The Illusion school of magic is an exception, its side effects occur after the spells duration. Permanent illusionary magic items usually have some steep side effects to deal with. As a result many people only wear items during the time of need, taking them off and keeping them in safe storage.


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