Monday, September 20, 2010


“Be careful with this stuff for your father’s sake! Most of these urgents will melt the scales off your bones.” Auge warned his younger brethren and recalled himself the recent torment at the hands of the monks. Torment that in fact disfigure his own scales and the reason he wears his armor like wrappings.

Auge was apprehensive about allowing his brothers to help, preferring instead to hire someone to move his delicate laboratory. Auge decided to not needlessly spend the gold; he has a hoard to build after all. Auge would watch Versel and Durg closely; mayhap have them carry the heavy equipment while Jaren and he would transport the more fragile items.

“How many trips will this take?” asked one of his brothers. Ignoring the question, Auge plotted on. “We have wings, I despise this walking,” They continued.

“Just two trips my brothers and we can solidify our independence from Twilight House.” Auge replied followed by a deep, gravel laugh that quickly caught on among the dragon-kin brothers.

Then just as the LC Brewery came into view, a crash was herd followed by a Ignan curse. Aggravated, Auge turned in time to see Durg toppled over with his cargo scattered along the thoroughfare. Durg had tripped over a quick and grime covered Halfling! Sniffing the air, Auge could tell that he had just come from the LC Brewery; but before weapons could come to bear, and the Halfling deal with, he was gone.

“Are you kidding me?!” Auge exclaimed, noticing there were chemical agents mixing in the streets! “Take the rest of the lab to the Lair if you would my brothers, I will clean this up.”

Tired and aggravated, Auge began gathering the spilled items and made a discovery! As it turns out the run-in with the Halfling was not as disastrous as he first thought.

TRAVELER’S SOLACE (Alchemical Discovery): This fiery, unpleasant liquid allows the user to temporarily circumvent the effects of fatigue and exhaustion for a short time. Fatigued or exhausted characters that drink a vial of traveler’s solace can run and charge normally. Fatigued characters under the effects of traveler’s solace suffer no penalties to their Strength or Dexterity ability scores. The beneficial effects of traveler’s solace last for 1d4 hours, but the aftereffects last much longer. Exhausted characters that use traveler’s solace to lessen the effects of exhaustion require a full 8 hours of rest before they become fatigued. Fatigued characters that have used traveler’s solace require at least 8 hours of bed rest before they become fully rested. A vial of traveler’s solace has no effect if another has been taken within 8 hours.


harrygoblin said...

James, that is excellent. Is that all you, or are you dropping in an item from a scourcebook? Either way, great post.

James said...

Thanks man!! I resurrected an old hand out and revised it.

Gordzilla said...

Very nice! Is Traveler's Solace in the same 50gp range as a tanglefoot bag? Just curious as to general cost. I like the idea.

James said...

Yes Troy, 50g is the cost exactly.