Saturday, September 4, 2010

For the Record

Stormhaven Metropolis 93,000

Human 40% Orc 15%, Dwarf 15%, Elf 10%, Gnome 5%, Other 15%

Stormhaven is a free-floating, artificial island of white stone held three hundred feet above the sea by four great pillars, each a quarter mile in circumference and covered with ancient runes, known collectively as the Fingers of God. Each pillar also ahas a dwarven name: Vachan (Destiny), Dastos (Strength), Vespius (Freedom), and Olmak (Prosperity). The lands above the pillars are known as Upside, a vast expanse of rolling hills, cultivated gardens, and lavish estates. Below, a hive of warehouses and docks, the Driftdowns, spreads like a web between the pillars. The two are linked by the Great Lifts running up the side of Olmak and the Grand Stair that spirals around Dastons.

Law in Stormhaven:
Stormhaven Credo written on all flags: Free Trade Knows No Borders

In the Driftdowns its common to see graffiti on the flags that says: Nor Does Greed

The Law of Trust:  Fraud perpetrated against small business and especially guilds is punishable by death

The Law of Sanctity of Wealth: For robbery committed against small businesses, the sentence is hard labor for a period dependant on the value of stolen goods. For theft of guild property, the punishment is death.

The Law of Flame: Arson and the use of fire magic in the Driftdowns is heavily fined, and also carries a year of hard labor.

The Law of Forbidden Assembly: A death sentence hangs over anyone who attempts to establish a Wizards’s Guild

When a death sentence is required, the guardsmen who responded to the crime carry it out on the spot. If guardsmen do not have the means to administer the punishment, for example when encountering resistance from experienced adventurers, the city’s government has standing agreements with numerous skilled and ruthless bounty hunters, some of non-humanoid origin with better chances to bring justice to the perpetrators. Of course, there are other laws in the books, including those outlawing the slave trade and drug trafficking, but no one takes them seriously. The city guard has not arrested anyone under charges of slavery or drug related crimes in over a century.

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