Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Neighborhoods: Staircase District

The area encompassing Staircase Keep, Flotsam Harbour, and the Grand Stair is the Staircase District, where the affluent of the Upside mingle freely with the teeming masses of the Driftdowns under the watchful, protective eye of the Staircase Guard. During the Day, the Staircase District is Upside’s busiest area, flooded with merchants, low-ranking guildsmen, nobles and the servants who attend them. At night, the district is empty, save for the presence of the Staircase Guard and the slow trickle of Rat’s Nesters bound for the pubs and whorehouses of the Driftdowns. The Staircase District is the safest in Stormhaven, more so even than the noble estates, owing to the presence of Staircase Keep. Still, a few daring cutpurses and muggers haunt the area during the day, striking fast and fading into the crowd. Aside from Staircase Keep, the district has very few permanent structures, all of them single storey wooden buildings scattered about Flotsam Harbour. The Staircase District is abutted to the north and east by the Rat’s Nest, and to the west by the various noble estates. The high walls of Staircase Keep, atop the pillar Dastos, encircle the entire district and mark its southern border. There are no streets here, just the serpentine Grand Stair and the wide, flat cobblestones of Flotsam Harbour. By night, torches light the area and watch fires are set about Staircase Keep.

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James said...

(Auge) This is where I could prey upon the cut-purses and muggers- after they have had their fill of a nights thievery.