Friday, September 24, 2010

Auge’s Hoard: The Beginning

Feldraf’s Table is an ancient roll-top desk of exotic wood and exquisite quality and prestige. Crafted from iron-wood so that it would not burn, it bears fine scroll work along its edges and frescos decorate drawers. Four main drawers can easily be distinguished however there are also four hidden drawers and two small cabinets concealed by the scroll and art work; just the correct size for a spell book, scrolls and a wand, rod or two. The desk was crafted over 250 years ago for the great sage Feldraf, who was an expert in dragons and their arcane arts- before his disappearance. Upon his disappearance, Feldraf’s personal affects were stored in a warehouse until fifty years ago when it was plundered during the thieves’ war. Hoard Value: 250 gp.

The Nine Braziers of Al-Gyeeb- crafted from nine separate volcanic gold deposits from around the known world. Carved into each brazier are repeated draconic images that darken to jet when the brazier is lit. The effect is breath taking as it appears that the dragons are breathing the fire. Hoard Value: 1,800 gp.

Three 100 gp red garnets and three 50 gp bloodstones.

Auge’s Laboratory: Nickel Tour

Auge’s Laboratory is set up in different stations surrounding Feldraf’s Table where he does most of his research. Each station contains the necessary components, set up and equipment for what each station yields. Consisting of various alchemist’s lens and prisms, alembic, apothecary jars, balance & weights, bandolier belt, bellows, blow-tube, braziers, cauldrons, crucible, cruet, funnel, glass-working tools, jeweler’s tools, mortar & pestle, set of opticals, parchments, quill/ink, retort, test kits, tongs, a copper vat, glass, porcelain and steel vials. The total value of Auge’s Alchemy Lab is 750 gold.

Six stations in all:
Extract Station- 150 gp value- Extracts are the most varied of Auge’s field of study. In many ways, they behave like spells in potion form. Unlike potions, though, extracts can have powerful effects and duplicate spells that a potion normally could not.

Bomb Station- 150 gp value- In addition to magical extracts, Auge is adept at swiftly mixing various volatile chemicals and infusing them with their magical reserves to create powerful bombs that he hurls at enemies.

Mutagen Station- 150 gp value- A mutagen is imbibed in order to heighten physical prowess at the cost of his mental faculties.

The alchemy, potion brewing and research stations (save for the desk) each have a value of 100 gold.


James said...

(Auge) And all nine braziers are ablaze in glorious fire around the vault.

robm1171 said...

Durg: Impressive, brother. The pretty lights twinkling through all that glass amuses me.

Gordzilla said...

Note to Auge:
The Nine Braziers of Al-Gyeeb, beyond it's value it holds Great value to you, there is something about the desk that tickles unrealized memories about your heritage, possibly all four of your heritages.