Thursday, September 9, 2010

Poison Components

Blackwater: A naturally occurring toxin found in shallow pools of water near active volcanoes. A single vial of blackwater rapidly affects a 10-foot area of water. Any aquatic creature that breathes blackwater must hold its breath to resist its effects or begin to drown; each moment being harder to resist than the last. Blackwater also affects creatures that can breathe water due to a spell or effect, but it has no effect on creatures that can only breathe air. Blackwater also serves as a base liquid is some exotic poison mixtures.

Burning Dust: When used as a weapon, this white ashen dust hampers vision and breathing causing blindness and sickening effects. It is essentially the ashes left behind from searing breath weapon fires- presumably dragon breath but it doesn’t have to be. Creatures resistant to fire are also resistant to the dust’s blinding and chocking effects. Burning Dust is a commonly used ingredient when elemental fire is called for as a component in an elixir or extract.

Spellshield Spores: These spores are created when two or more magical or exotic flowers are brought into the same garden and allowed to grow. After one year, when springtime spores are released to fertilize the buds of the neighboring flowers, these special spores can be harvested to create an essence that grants some measure of resistance to spells and spell-like effects. However, if the garden soil is defiled, polluted or is unholy ground; the nectar that is produced will maximize the effects of any poison it is added to.


James said...

Butch, somehow a 4-element theme developed here- with you detailing the exotic root, I took that as the earth component.

Gordzilla said...

This is very cool.