Sunday, September 5, 2010

Twilight House

Twilight House is a sprawling compound of seven multi-level, windowless stone bunkers, surrounded by a high wall that is, following Stormhaven security standards, topped with spear points. A full dozen half-orc men at arms compose the House’s guard. Twilight House is the headquarters of the Esteemed Brotherhood of the Unknown Sun, a motley collection of Underdark merchants. The Brotherhood was created in direct response to the hostility and racism faced by Underdark merchants when attempting to buy or sell products on the open market. Though the Underdark races are normally as hostile to one another as they are surface dwellers, merchants are a pragmatic bunch, so the founding members of the Brotherhood put aside their differences in the name of profit. By pooling their resources and putting forth a united front, the Brotherhood is able to overcome hatred by appealing to an even stronger emotion: GREED. Twilight House holds one seat in Stormhaven’s parliament.


Russ said...

Is the Brotherhood of the unkown sun just the name of the underdark merchants? Or are they also the monks that have provided our training? I couldn't help but notice the listed monk races were typically found in the underdark as well.

Gordzilla said...

You aren't sure but it sure looks like there is a connection.