Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tales from the liquor commission

The halfling carefully pulled himself up through the garbage.  Peering over the edge of the iron dumpster, Myles watched as the last of the oversized flyers entered the secret entrance to Wenzler's drug den.  Myles was curious as to what was behind the iron wheeled door down past the outer den.

Myles ducked his head down quickly as he heard a noise returning to the alley.  The halfling couldn't see anything but he could feel a presence there.  Then just as suddenly the presence was gone.  Lifting his head back up he carefully pulled himself from the garbage and hurried away down the alley.  Myles moved as quickly as his halfling legs would carry him, hurrying over to LC Brewery.  If he could just make it to the service ladder, Myles could bypass the morons Kartos has guarding LC's. As he neared the brewery a spot of luck went Myles way, as he boarded a barrel wagon that eventually entered a service bay. 

Myles snuck off the wagon, grabbed some papers off a nearby desk and prayed no one smelled him before he made it over to the dwarf's office.  Myles headed up the stairs, entering Hogar's office in the general flow of work traffic.  "You were right, someone came for Wenzler." Myles excitedly said to the scowling dwarf as he shut the door.  "I don't know who or even what they were but they were large and seemed to be looking for something specific.  Hogar stood up from behind his desk, went to the door and looked out to be sure no one had followed the excitable halfling.  Assured of their security the dwarf shut and locked the door and began questioning Myles.  After ten minutes, he was sure the event he had counted on was underway at this moment.  "I know when I gave you this assignment you viewed it as punishment and mayhap it was, but I also hope you now realize that I also presented you a path to redemption with the commission, a path you have succeeded in taking." 

The halfling felt his breath rush from him as he realized his days of slumming in that alley were finally at end and he would begin to once again profit from his commission membership, his previous transgressions forgotten.  "May I ask you something Hogar?  How did you know?" 

The dwarf gave a truly chilling grin, "someone as dangerous and crazy as Wenzler was sure to attract more than our attention.  We just needed to allow serendipity to occur and reap its rewards."  Hogar walked back over to his desk and removed a small pouch. "Here is some walking around money and your badge back Myles, I'm proud to see how you've come through for the commission.  For Moradin's sake Myles get a bath!"

Myles took the pouch, thanked Hogar, and left the office.  As he made his way to Sunbow Mansion to enjoy to clean up and enjoy his sudden return to wealth, he couldn't help but wonder how Hogar was sure that those that came to deal with Wenzler would be better than Wenzler.  As he entered the house of pleasure he decided it was not his worry any longer. 

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