Friday, September 3, 2010

The Flyers Club

The Flyers Club is an elite group of creatures both native and extra-planar who can freely travel from the Upside to the Driftdowns- just as one would cross the street. All members of the Flyers Club possess wings and can therefore fly. It does not entertain applicants who rely on spells, items or flying mounts (although intelligent mounts may apply) - only those who possess the innate talent of flight. It is as close as Stormhaven gets to a formal Wizard guild.

The only leadership the Flyers Club recognizes is a half genie-devil by the name of Memnon. He is known to have a crewel sense of humor, fluent in many languages and has expensive tastes. The actual total members of the Club hovers around one-hundred and at of the time of this writing The Flyers Club is the only group who can freely travel from the Upside to the Driftdowns without harassment.

As your elder I, Auge Von Bulle will lead us to greatness; our hoards will be plentiful and our adversaries’ be meager. We four possess the magic and the might to become a viable power in Stormhaven. I propose that we infiltrate or “join” this Flyers Club as a start and then “spread our wings” into larger more profitable ambitions. Yours, in the blood of our enemies... Auge.


harrygoblin said...

Depending upon the cost I would be interested. It would be worthwhile to see if they monitor the skies between the cities. If they dont, well then I guess we may have our club. But even if they dont, it may be worth the money to build political ties. We must be cautious of others, however, who wish to cash in on our nobility. If we find out there are wizards in their mix, or even sorcerers who use meta magic components, then I'm definately in.

Gordzilla said...

I am going to hold off awarding an action die on this post until a major interaction occurs with the club or you achieve your stated goal James.

Action die awarded for posts are one session use only. Not a permanent reward, although with the way we like to post it will be an easy way to gain an action die.