Sunday, September 5, 2010

First Group Challenge

Someone in Twilight House has been manipulating trade deals from the driftdown and embezzling a poison known as Exquisite Kiss. Find out where this poison is being sold or distributed.  See what can be accomplished with this situation.  If you want to be the gather team, show ingenuity.  The team you are competing against has a different challenge, yet one that should force you to cross paths.  Remember that all of you are assets of Twilight house and should any deaths occur, replacement or equivalent value in return to the house is required.

The opposing team is a strange group made up of two half elven sorcerer's said to have fiendish blood, a elven ranger, and a tiefling thief.

Claret Pauchard: 1/2 elven sorcerer has a birthmark that looks like a skull above his left eyebrow.

Larratia Pauchard: 1/2 elven sorcerer sister of Claret, has a similar birthmark above left eyebrow but doesn't look as skull like. Her spells are said to be very unique.

Waymar: elven ranger known as a sniper for his skill with ranged weapons

Raice: Tiefling, red and blue skinned tiefling

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